Independiente beat Ceará in their heroic Copa Sudamericana debut

*Gastón Togni’s goal with which Independiente opened the scoring in Brazil

Despite having experienced an unstable present due to low productions in the national tournament, Independent debuted in South American Cup front Ceara from Brazil. in the crowded stadium Castellanothe King of Cups he arrived in the neighboring country with the mission of affirming its international history.

From the beginning, the effervescence of the public infects the protagonists. The pressure that the local team tried to impose was countered with long expeditions towards the offensive projections of Gaston Togniwho sought the surprise with medium-distance shots that generated a blanket of concern in Joao Ricardo.

However, At 11 minutes, Eduardo Domínguez’s side suffered a severe blow: the The expulsion of Ayrton Costa for a double reprimand conditioned the plans of the former coach of Colon. Alan Sonora he was the one who had to sacrifice himself to make room Patrick Ostachuk and strengthen the defensive line. Also, some physical drawbacks that appeared Sebastiano Sosa continued the negative trend for Red.

It was the heroic intervention of Andres Roa the one who gave birth to the Avellaneda team. The Colombian showed the beauty of him on the right side and was paired Leandro Benegaswhich he called his huge vision to enable Togni. In heads-up play, the Colonel Grenada solved with a cross shot that leaves a chance to the goalkeeper: the 1 to 0 was silent a 40,000 souls that populated the complex.

Independiente has the opportunity to widen the gap before the interval. Punishment taken by Luca Rodriguez found the head of Gioacchino Laso for the center to join Benega, even if the attacker was unable to give the ball to the desired destination. On that occasion, the axiom according to which two headers in the area ended up in the net was not respected.


Independent: Sebastian Sosa; Gonzalo Asís, Ayrton Costa, Joaquín Laso, Lucas Rodríguez; Domingo Blanco, Lucas Romero, Alan Sonora; Andrés Roa, Gastón Togni and Leandro Benegas. DT: Eduardo Dominguez.

Ceara: João Ricardo; Nino Paraíba, Messias, Luis Otávio, Bruno Pacheco; Rodrigo Lindoso, Fernando Sobral; Lima, Vinicio; Giovanni Mendoza; Richard. DT: Dorival Junior.

stage: Castelão Stadium of Fortaleza

Referee: Leodan Gonzalez (Uruguay)

television: ESPN


* Urzi’s goal with which Banfield takes the lead against Santos

With the illusion of starting his participation in the South America Cup, Banfield received in Fiorenzo alone to the Santos in the duel corresponding to first date of group C of the international tournament.

The presence of Juan Cruz seemed to be the most incisive tool of the Drill to move forward. The bomber managed to cause the riskiest actions that made it seem Joao Paolo. The clearest was after a defensive misinformation of Maiconthan him Jardinerito capitalizes with a violent shot that the goalkeeper deflects with a fabulous swipe over the crossbar.

The goal came before half-time. Forced the pressure of the young striker Maicon improvise a bad game that fell at the feet of Augustin Urzi. And the boy with a youth background surprised with a precise and violent first-class shot that made the audience delirious. With the 1 to 0The team of Diego Davove he smiles because the correctness of the scorer is linked to the progress of the first half.


banfield: Enrico Bologna; Luciano Abecasis, Alejandro Maciel, Luciano Lollo, Ian Escobar; Matías Romero, Nicolás Domingo, Giuliano Galoppo; Agustín Ursi, Juan Manuel Cruz and Amos Perales. DT: Diego Davove.

Santos: João Paulo; Kaiky, Maicon, Eduardo, Felipe Jonatan; Rodrigo Fernández, Willian Maranhão, Lucas Barbosa; Lucas Braga, Ricardo Goulart; and Marcos Guilherme. DT: Fabio Busto.

stage: Fiorenzo alone

Referee: Derlis Fabian Lopez Lopez (Paraguay)

television: ESPN2



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