“Is Boca all the way to the heart of beauty”

With its trajectory and all its experience, Alfio Basile as it is an authoritative and highly searched word to analyze the present of Argentine football and its Selection. Without hesitation, with the cinceridad -ya veces crudeza- that characterizes it, el Coco nunca decepciona y siempre deja frases para repasar. And this opportunity, luego de la brilliant actuation de la Selection in the Finalissima against Italy and the consolidation of Boca in the local torrent, no fire excited.

It is advisable to consider the performance of Xeneize in the Professional League Cup and about the work of Sebastián Battaglia to the front of the team, Coco sings: “Now it’s much better, because all the titles. Pero todavía le falta unququito de belze, as south of Selecion ayer. This is the only one that has to wait. Pero lo demás va a ir in crescendocada vez mejor “.

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In a different way, in a dialogue with Supermitre, Basile starts the work of the trainer: “It’s not that it’s going to play some important parts. Pero él tuvo la mala suerte, pobre Sebastián, que no jugaba ninguno los titulare. The title team of the era is what it is now, pero tenía suspended, lesionados. “Le lesionaron quatro centrales”.

In the misma line, aggregate: “No podía jugar bien nunca justante por la carencia de jugadores que el sabía que eran titulares. The team that plays now, the 11 titles that enter now in the game field, have the 11 titles that are only in the box. Pero no lo podía poner porque no lo tenía. And all this … more in Boca, which is always fun “.

Otro que se llevó las flora de Basile fue Juan Román Riquelme. If Coco does not know what she is talking about as a conductor, she will also record: “As a conductor who will vote for you. I do not think so as a crack. A barbaric juggernaut. As conductor who se yo. No me voy a fijar que compra a uno, trae al otro, eso lo juzga el hincha de Boca. I’m not a foreigner, I’m like an international class, “he said.

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“Por ahora lo lleva bien. Y si empiezan a ganar todo, m tos todavía. Va a ser Gardel. Lo adora todo el mundo en Boca. But it’s sure, or that the conozo, with this team is going to make sure you play better. Technically superior. “Secure lo piensa, pero boca cerrada siempre”, complete about Román.

El Coco and their examples in the Selection

Boca does not fit the unique theme that Basile’s note in the note with Supermitre. Click here to analyze the selection of the Selection in Italy 3-0: “From Argentina we can not decide against it. The South is falling in all directions. Individually and as a team. “It’s very superior to Italy.”

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He added: “When it comes to Italy against Italy, Italy does not have a single crack in the oil of the stars. It does not belong to Messi, it does not belong to the various stars. Pero Argentina south perfect. If you are a rival, or if you are currently not one of the most powerful. The teams that beat Inter, Milan, Juventus, but also all the international figures. “These teams are superior to this selection”.

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Y Bonucci y Chiellinithat you can not do more with the cruise and with a Messi extraordinarilyo. The Messi of time, but with more intelligence to search the spaces. “You play all the lines well, aiming at all the sectors”.

More phrases from Basile

Lionel Messi: “It’s always a phenomenon. It’s like it’s what Barcelona is like, it’s always like it. It’s like an impressive team. Argentina arrangement arrangement is necessary to be in the team. Porque todos descargan esperándolo a él. It’s important. “Pay a bit of cycling, goal, but as a member of the Selection team, now 10 months older than Messi, as you go”.

Selection of the Selection: “Ganaron falls and gives the title to a barbaric tranquility. And the inviting parties that lie. Inhibit the opposites. Fijate that the results of Argentina salieron in all the world. “I am now trying to win in Argentina as a serious candidate for the World Cup.”

“I do not like adelantarme nunca a los acontecimientos. Who do not give lesion nadie, which is a complete plant, but only a plant is natural, with the jugadores per puesto. One game, the other game, no seente nada. It’s all phenomenal. Pero tranquilo, that we are not agrandemos. Hay que seguir con humildad como trabajó Scaloni hasta ahora “.

Candidates: France, Germany, England have the best Premier, but with much more foreign players. Vamos a ver si juegan com se se juega en la Premier. A team with many young people from Spain. In Brazil. Ganan como ganan siempre, quatro, cinco goles como quieren “.

Boca y River en la Libertadores: “Les tengo fe. El más bravo es el Palmeiras. gol, pero yo creo que River y Boca pueden hacerle frente “.


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