Isabel II complete 96 years and confirms success – Opinion

Luis Eduardo Meglioli

It’s a very special celebration, complete second to none, the Felipe de Edinburgh principle, which fell on April 9, 2021 to 99 years old, and accumulated all its shadows and intentions. It is also known as the most common relative to the definitive decision of the reino’s sovereignty about its succession on the throne.

No estaba todo dicho hasta hace poco. The two descendants are the legitimate heirs of the reign of Isabel II, in the first place being his mayor, the principle Carlos, of 73 years, iba and sucederle, or the series his mayor, Guillermo, Duke of Cambridge, of 39 years, son of Carlos and Diana Spencer, proven by a variety of years, and the only discarded disco from the current expo of Camila Parker Bowles, both, “promethed” from adolescence, are 50 years old.

The point is, as it once formally took place, on April 9, 2005, when she was given the title of Princess Camila because it was now available from most of the crown of a series of rumor mounds that plague London. the furtive romance between Carlos and Camila and which circulates all over Europe, all the way to the castle with Lady Di, the princess of Gales. This camouflage cambium design traces the formal separation of the principal pair on August 28, 1996, when Diana definitively parted on the condition of the real family’s membrane, as if it were noble to her father, John Spencer, VIII by Spencer. Apenas un a despoés, on 31 August 1997, ella moria in tragic water and confused accident in Paris, shooting in the Point of Alma the car in the one that travels under its own promotions, the Arab Dodi Al-Fayed.

The reality is that the succession to the throne of the United Kingdom is regulated according to the Union Act of 1800, when the rules of primogeniture are available and applied, only personal indisposition is allowed, which is contraindicated (first) following the reign of King Eduardo VIII, December 11, 1936, before caste with a North American wife, divorce of several) or the negative determination of the monarch by false comets by hereditary.

The English, because they are advertised in a few words, but not with their own, the best friends between Carlos and Camila, and the majority of the people, because of the local media and the rest of Europe, Carlos’ classification is not acceptable but the mother-in-law, Isabel II, according to the Guillermo principle, follows the line of succession. At the same time, some English seminarians read the title, “Isabel II prefers his intention to succeed”. The relationship between Carlos and Camila is very similar to the rainbow, since all the rates are stable by the Windsor House or the Real House of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The British monarchy has only a million years of existence and only 11 years of republican interruption. Isabel Alejandra María Windsor, full name of soberana, joined the throne on February 6, 1952, with only 25 years, following the death of her father, Jorge VI. At this moment, the great age of the two gods, Carlos and Ana, and who converted to Isabel II, the second quadragésima person who is the crown of the United Kingdom, from Guillermo and Conquistador. I love you, Andres and Eduardo.

But the rain and the azures of the river are very much the color of the cast iron leaf. Hoy su color es el gris. It has a voz aguda y monotona y cuando habla en p mublico muestra an expression that nunca cambió and que hace parecer distante y difícil de abordar. Robert Massie, in “Dios guarde a la Reina” (Reader Digest Selections, July 1993) describes it as a fascinating place of azure blood and a well-known media class. Parece tan contenta charlando con cabotrenatren as both dukes y condes. Included more by musical comedies, North American jazz and the swing of the ’30s, and including many Beatles songs, such as “Submarino amarillo”, which by opera and ballet.

The day after the denomination series “Day D + 1”, the protocol and ceremonial of the Buckingham Palace, and the Reison Adhesion Council reunited in the palace of St. James para proclamar al principe Carlos como nuevo soberano.

To ensure that in these moments of the duel, the reaction of the opponents to the existence of the monarchy is suggested. The most periodic medium identified with this posture is “The Economist”, created in 1843, which is supported by the United Republic and a small percentage of United Kingdom citizens. It is a prestigious publication with a headline in a series, the finale of the passing sign, when the critics of the Carlos principle are multiplied, that the monarchy “is an idea that has passed time”, and in an editorial with the precedent of declaring partisanship , suggest suggestions to refer to for coronary permanence.

It is said that Isabel II did not want to fall asleep. And from April 21st the reina of the camina hacia su centenario.


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