It shone in Pelito, Treble clef and Montaña Rusa, but its light went out too soon: the tragedy of actress Paola Cocciaglia

Paola Cocciaglia
Paola Cocciaglia

We are referring to the youth series that marked an era in Argentine television Pelito (1983 to 1986), Violin key (from 1988 to 1991) e Roller coaster (from 1994 to 1995). All issued by The thirteen, they had a common plot: they told about the problems, loves and conflicts of a group of friends who shared a school or a club. And from the different cast great figures like Adriano Suar, Leo Sbaraglia, I drive the Duck, Giuliano Morbido, Florence Pena, Federico D’Elia, Gustavo Bermudez, Nancy Duplaa, Gaston Paul Y Diego Ramos, among others.

But there was an actress who participated in all three novels: Paola Cocciaglia. Born January 20, 1972 in Buenos Aires, she made her debut in Pelito when she was just 10, after her parents took her to study acting when they saw how she performed at school events and the characters she improvised at family reunions. She had a minor role there. But it would mean the first step.

Paola Cocciaglia (seated, left) in the cast of Clave de Sol
Paola Cocciaglia (seated, left) in the cast of Clave de Sol

When at the age of 18 he joined the second season of Violin key, by now his name already had another weight. For example, he was a few chapters: he was immediately called to do so Heavenlythe successful soap opera starring Andrea del Boca Y Gustavo Bermudez. then it would come Roller coaster: it took only one period on the screen. At 22 Paola understood that she had to find another place to work. What she was so passionate about as a girl had tired her out and her fame wasn’t something she liked so much.

Without the long hours that strip taping took, he devoted himself completely to university studies to graduate in foreign trade. With the title in his possession, began to venture into the world of politics: his first post was to hold a post in the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. Away from the media and adopting a very low profile, he started working in the political arena.

Paola Cocciaglia in a scene with Gastón Pauls in Pink Mountain (Video: YouTube)

In 1999 he made the big leap: she was deputy undersecretary during the presidency of Fernando de la Rúa. A year later she was appointed to a post in the Secretariat for the Promotion and Integration of Regional Economies of the Chief of Staff. The fall of the government, in the midst of the social unrest due to the 2001 crisis, also decreed the end of her functions. From that moment on, she, Cocciaglia, gradually moved away from politics. Little is known about her. In her political chronicles, her surname would have ceased to be written.

Far from the lights of the television that had not illuminated her for some time and from the corridors of the Casa Rosada that she no longer frequented, in the summer of 2005 Paola went with her family on vacation to Cariló. On 11 January, returning from Miramar – where she had gone to attend a birthday party with her small children, a two-year-old and a three-year-old girl, and a nanny-, the fatality crossed its path at kilometer 404 of route 11, around 1:30 in the morning.

It was in that stretch that Cocciaglia lost control of the vehicle. In an attempt to return to the asphalt belt, his Land Rover 4×4 ended up falling over and over again. According to reports from police sources at the time, the nanny was thrown out of the truck through one of the windows in one of the many bumps; he died instantly. Paola’s son was also fired and was eventually rushed to a nearby hospital with severe injuries and multiple fractures. Her daughter, on the other hand, wore a seat belt and this saved her life.

The actress was trapped in the van. Still stunned by the blows she received against the windshield and steering wheel, she managed to get out. Trying to find help, he got back on the road as best he could, groping about 15 meters. The darkness prevented her from spotting a journalist who was in a Renault Clio, who failed to stop in time and ended up overwhelming her.

Paola Cocciaglia died in an ambulance when she was taken to the Pinamar hospital. She was just 32 years old. Hours later, her son would be transferred to Buenos Aires where, after several months of convalescence, he would be discharged. Today the boys are 19 and 20 years old, but nothing is known about them.


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