“It’s a lot easier in Real Madrid than in the Prime Minister of Boca”

The controversy has been installed since Kylian Mbappé makes a difference between European and South American football. Varios the respondententre ellos César Luis Menottipero ahora el Flaco, director of national selections, gives a particular phrase: “It’s much easier to play in Real Madrid than in the Prime Minister of Boca.”

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“Qualquier to play at prime level of Argentina can play like to play at the first level of qualifying team in Europe. Because you can not play like qualifying to play at prime level in Italy or because I can play in southern Boca. Tengo more than two of them. Por eso dije lo de Mbappé, andá a jugar a la cancha de Argentinos, Central, Newell´s, andá a Córdoba. Argentinian football is not easy for nada. Playing in Argentina is very different. “It’s a lot easier to play in Real Madrid than in the Prime Minister of Boca, for the sake of it”, salt Menotti in charla with SuperMitre.

“The Primera jugadores play in a qualitative place. It’s not like you came from Madrid and played in the Prime Minister of Boca and replicated what you are, you are not right, you are not right. Ahora, hay jugadores que son del delo, Rea Madrid tiene volantes que pueden jugar acá, en la China, en el mundo … “Real Madrid is the best, but Real Madrid is also with the Spanish players not … Acá sí es difícil”, agregó el Flaco.

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Menotti habló de todo. From the Selection, Scaloni, Messi and more. “As Riquelme says, the team is happy. A very solid group, with a strong relationship between them, with the idea and with the technical body ”, revealed about the present of Argentina, which is the ginarle of Italy and the southern domingo otro amistoso, against Estonia.

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How can you win a World Cup without playing Boca? Sí, se puede. I was shocked that the best jugadores los tengamos acá, evidently that Boca had a good jugador and lo hay places that buscarlo afuera. Pero a mí me gustaría que a un Mundial vayan jugadores de Boca, de Rosario Central … Pero ne se puede por lugadores no eston, fijate la candidad de futbolistas que se van, de 15, o 16 agos “.


“What is the Argentina Selection? To not exaggerate the lads, be prudent. The Argentina Selection is the representation of the night of football, which functions as one of the south of the World Cup, is the most important objective, competing in the World Cup . Por lo tanto, uno se va organizando para eso, y eso ya lo hemos logrado. The hemos are locked with authority, the relation between Selection and the gent, a unified group, the best trainers, but the tanto, the objective of being in the World is logged. Hacer continuity of this, which is what it is, that we love Argentine football. “My country is like Argentina playing, winning or losing, like in Argentine football.”

“It’s a selection by me, it’s not technically that it’s a human being, and it’s a very small group. It’s a gentile representation with this team and with the forms.”

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“Tampoco creer que ya somos campeones del mundo. Do you want to insist that the objective first is in a World Cup and that all you have to do with authority. We go to the World Cup with authority, now that you are young, prepared to be young, but with different competencies, as the back and forth, there is a team and a barbarian goes … “.

“The other objective is the tenacious reconnaissance of the gent, which is represented by the fact that the tenge footballer is compromising and this is the case. Now he is competing.”


“There are no differences between Europeans and South Americans. This guy is a … Hay que ser respetuoso. Me gustaría que venga augar acá a la chancha de Chacarita, entrar por el molinete, ir a competir a la chancha de Boca, de River, de Independiente, de Racing, que bajás en el micro … There is no notion of what goes. Hoy es diferente. “Cualquier cosa dijo, no entendí lo que quiso decir”.

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“Nunca miré de reojo a Scaloni por lo no conocía. When the AFA president tells me to take the trainer, it’s almost the only compromise of three months. If you know that you can not get interns who sign for more than one year, a lot of time is needed. Lo conocí, nos reunimos. Have a relationship with Pablito Aimar, and demos no conosía, we are one of the reunions, knowing that before they can only sign a contract now the Eliminators and are classified as a World Cup, which is what is known in the year 74 about the technical selection “.


“All the World Cups go to Messi. Creo that is the World Cup can be part of the team that Messi’s game. sostenido con una idea “.


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