“It’s important to play, play and play music for diversification” | Nina Suárez Bléfari leads a power triad of adult singers who do not lose their ignorance

Nina Suárez Bléfari toca el tltimo chord de False ladridode Suárez, en Sala Sala del CCK y mira por un segundo a su mama, que canta la tltima palabra, se da vuelta y mira a su hija. It’s an instant in that the wonders of Nina and Rosario Bléfari are found in the back of the script. Enters the living room in applause, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles.

Esa fecha que compartimos ahí fue muy hermosa, because it has a montage of saxophone music; y el lugar, increíble. También era muy divertido todo, estar todo el día ahí, la preparación, el ensayo. All this siempre me gustó un montón “, says Nina, hija de Rosario Bléfari and Fabio Suárezas a result of this concert in Argentina in 2015, when she was a teenager.

Y “todo eso” fue la constante a lo largo de sus 21 años. Music, poetry, theater and cinema, friends and acquaintances, recitations and the halo that envue the energy, the Nina organizes the fuel to make the flight and dedicate it to the, acaso, inevitable. You are deprived of water concert, Nina is presenting her songs Quequén y Corrida al arcoproduced by Pipe Quintans and grabadas in the Resto del Mundo studio.

Durante ese timepo, también collaborate with Santiago Motorized (for the regression sonora band Occupations) and with Electro Reno, between other, and toca in different faeces in capital and La Plata. Take part in the writing of Cecilia Pavón y act in the work Olympic recitalwritten by Camila Fabbri and Eugenia Pérez Thomas. The world of art is what the hare dreamed of.

“I do not know if I have a moment in which I am particularly affected, in particular fire with which it cracks and always stays in place, as a way of relating to reality; the music and the basics, write something or make a song “, says.

Urs Excursions

At age 7, Nina has only one written song. “Y, si tocaba ella, mi mamá me invitaba. En algún momento decía: ‘Bueno, ahora va a tocar una cancón Nina’. Y yo iba y tocaba esa icanica cancón. From this moment you only have to sing the song, you have to play it because it sounds strange“, cuenta. Entonces, aunque tuviera dos caniones, “fecha party with mom”. Y después, cuando tuvo m ,s, the emperor invites acoustics or poetry readings. And create music, songs, poems, friends and friends of music.

Hoy Nina has a power triage, with his friend, on guitar, Chicho Guisolfi (Bestia Bebé) on the drum and Manolo Lamothe (Flute Cabeza) on drums. Do not follow divertiendos, as in the case of hogareña insurance. “It’s very important for me to do all this, as long as I have enough of the infant to follow the igualsif you do not have the basics of protecting your hair or the body of the nail, you have to follow the thickness of it to explore“, says.

Algo de eso hay en Quequén, which with images like the piece in the script, the silence of the night and a scribbled paper “firmly, or sabés quién” inaugurated for the world the plume in the cans of Nina about a base of classic Argentine india. “Quequén’s point is a place that enchants me. For example, in my vacations, I quedaba in the house of my Necochea friends, my mom’s friends’s friends. We were first born in La Pampa and we have not been here since December, and despairing, energetic or febrile, we are in Necochea. I agree much when it’s being constructed at the moment, at the moment the apparatus is working. When running for prime time with increasing wind, it is a beautiful and visually impacting point. “I’ve been in a place of my infancy, and I’ve recovered with my mom and my best friends,” she said.

► Songs about a girl, her friends and a book

Santiago Motorized convoy to Nina Suárez to weigh your train The solid firela cumbia de Songs about a house, four friends and a penthe original music disc as sung by El Mató and a fast motorized police force to rescue the Occupations on Netflix.

“Every day, as if to see, and establish the letter in a pair of pants. And this interpretation is natural, it is very special that other people write and compose the song and your songs, but you roll in a place where you can sing more than once, so that the song can be heard. Fue muy geniel poder share with ellos, porque me encanta su música, los admiro y me divierto un montón “, cuenta.

How to sing, says Nina, también le gusta hacer karaokes. Y también se inclina por la escritura. There are poems and other poems, and the certificate that the algae will be published. “I gustaría hacer a short novel, that the main character is a sea. This is what he was looking for. At the moment, in the conversation with Cecilia Pavón, we have shared all the texts and established them. amigos “, says. As long as you do not forget it, you should also say “what time is it”.


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