Ivana Icardi revealed why she separated from Hugo Sierra: “I went to a hotel because I couldn’t take it anymore”

Ivana Icardi talked about her breakup with Hugo Sierra, the father of her daughter (Mtmad)

At the beginning of March, Ivana Icardi surprised her social networks by talking about her separation from Hugo Sierra, seven months after the birth of his daughter Giorgia. It is that Mauro’s sister had abandoned the media life to which she had consented Big Brother 2016 and prolonged in the Spanish reality survivors, where he met the former Uruguayan basketball player. After a period of great exposure, enriched by their views on their brother’s relationship with Wanda Nara, they both opted for a low profile that was heightened by the baby’s birth. until they announced their separation.

But according to this new phase of her life, Ivana announced it far from any scandal and with a statement on her Instagram account. A few days ago Hugo and I decided to separate. That’s why we didn’t show up for our anniversary”, He began by expressing in a story by Instagram. And she went on to explain: “A few months ago we had a breakup and we tried to put aside our differences and love each other like at some point we knew how to do it. Unfortunately these differences weigh more on us and for our sake and that of our child, we have decided that it is necessary for everyone to follow their own path separately in order not to hurt us or end up in conflict.“.

The influencer let the time pass and provided more details on the couple’s breakup. She did so in a dialogue with the Spanish media Mtmad, where he recorded a video with his version of events. “The problems started when Giorgia was born “began by saying Ivana. “They warned me that couples change often, women need understanding because they can’t imagine the revolution in the body, in hormones, it’s a battle of emotions,” he said, referring to his former partner: “Maybe if he had received a little more supportive than I told Hugo that I needed more support at that moment, things would have been different ”..

Ivana with her former partner, Hugo Sierra
Ivana with her former partner, Hugo Sierra

In the midst of that situation, he had to make a drastic decision. “OROnce I went with Giorgia to a hotel because I couldn’t take it anymore, I was pressured, we argued with Hugo about a thousand things and it was a silly argument, but it was one today, another in a week, it accumulates and in a moment it becomes unsustainable “listed. “You have to row all the time for something that should work at some point”He added.

Always on the verge of tears, he justified his emotion in that “a breakup is always painful, especially if there are good feelings, we have had happy moments. It saddens me because in the end we are two good people, who loved each other, “he explained, his ex recalled again:”Hugo has a character that I often can’t stand and he made us fight. It pisses me off because we should be a little more mature to deal with the situation, knowing that we have a girlfriend and that perhaps it will be resolved if we both put ourselves on our side “, lament.

Ivana's message announcing their separation
Ivana’s message announcing their separation

When you feel like you have to row all the time, struggling with your feelings and emotions against the person next to you because without knowing how she got to not stand it or you don’t even want to be near himSo it’s very difficult, “he added. In addition, he bitterly recalled Giorgia’s first Christmas, spent with her family and without talking to Hugo.”we decided to give it a try, we talked and tried to rebuild ”.

However, another trip, this time to Uruguay, did not go as planned. “She was super excited, she wanted to get to know her country and part of her family. In the end, the scars remain from those discussions and it ends up wearing down: there is no patch with which to fix it ”. And regarding her current relationship, she noted that she often sees him because of the daughter they have in common. “I try to forget the evil and what I suffered because if not, I collapse”, She assured and was hurt but satisfied with the decision they made: “You have to realize it and finish on time and continue well, until it ends fatally and bitterly”.


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