Javier Castrilli was expelled from the Chilean Football Referees Commission after scandalous audios were released: “They called us from Santiago, you had to charge a penalty”

Former Argentine referee Javier Castrilli he was fired Chile from his office as president of Referee Commission from National professional football association (ANFP) and the owner of that body, Pablo Miladexplained that the dismissal was due to “Not to respect a decision of the board of directors” between the appearance of scandalous audio after a promotion match for a first-rate seat.

The Sheriff was involved after transcending the referee’s statements Francisco Gilbertwhat He said he received “pressure” from the VAR during the meeting between Huachipato and Copiapó on January 27th. Huachipato won 1-0 with a controversial return penalty and managed to stay in the top category, after also winning the first leg, 3-2.

In the audio published by the chain Radio DNA, Gilabert recreated the dialogue he had with the VAR after charging Copiapó for a foul in the area. From the booth they called him because they had warned that there was no such infringement and that, therefore, the mistake had to be corrected. But when the judge walked over to the monitor and recognized his mistake, the disaster began.

The criminal of the scandal

“I played it to collect it because I saw it touched his ankle and [si estaba equivocado] The VAR was about to call me. He calls me, I go to see, I see that it is not a penalty, I go out with a corner kick and they tell me: “Francesco! Please, a moment. Analyze the shirt”. I see the shirt and I see that he is taking it, but I said: “It seems like a game action, I go with a corner kick”. But from the VAR they insisted: “Francisco, please, analyze the shirt”and there I realized that something had happened. There was … I don’t know … something strange. And I left with the feeling that I was about to load something that was not “, said the referee. Permeable, and despite what he considered, Gilabert ratified the penalty, converted by Cris Martínez, who defined the game and condemned the series.

“The game is over and from the VAR they tell me: “Fortunately you charged the penalty, fortunately you understood” “the judge expanded, before unveiling the cause that still generates emotion in Chilean football: “” They called us from Santiago, [y nos dijeron] that you had to charge a fine “”. In his audios of him, Gilabert makes it clear what happened and acknowledges that he doesn’t know exactly who gave the order to charge that foul, but he maintains a particular suspicion: “I thought [Osvaldo] Talamilla or Castrilli play with the eggs … of Huachipato. I think it’s the closest. “.

The testimony of referee Gilabert

Gilabert extended his judgment on the situation: “They took me for a reason, they know I’m one of the newest in FIFA and they will believe it because they chose me … I don’t know … I thought That. And that those of the VAR already knew what was going to happen and they had already talked about it halfway. I thought about many things … I didn’t have autonomy, I was forced to load something and see what happened “.

Furthermore, the referee ensured that he received a phone call from Castrilli: “He told me he was a brave, courageous guy who felt represented by me on the pitch. pure verses “.

Javier Castrilli had the support of the president of the Chilean Football Association until a few days ago, when 11 judges were dismissed
Javier Castrilli had the support of the president of the Chilean Football Association until a few days ago, when 11 judges were dismissedRodrigo Néspolo – THE NATION

According to Milad, Castrilli did not agree to be “removed from office while the investigation lasts” and that is why he was expelled from the role he held last September with this message: “We cannot allow football to continue to transmit impunity; We want football to have maximum transparency and reduce the possibility of any errors “. However, Castrilli’s figure was down after a few days ago they were rejected 11 refereesalso international Julio Bascuñán and Piero Maza, And the union declared the strike which cast doubt on the next championship date. Until then, Milad supported the layoffs and did not rule out the hiring of foreign judges.

“I feel frustration. They took me for a task that I was carrying out, but the situation and the situation force them to make this decision “, said the Argentine in an interview with the newspaper. Third. He claimed that he did not accept the suspension as he was the one who initiated and promoted the investigation into what happened in that game.

THE NATION He tried to contact the Argentine referee of the France ’98 World Cup to find out more about his version of the event, but so far he has not succeeded.

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