Juanse, a complete party in Luna Park, to celebrate 60 years of rock and roll and theology

Hay gente que no le gusta festejar sus cumpleaños. Se esconden, evitan los llamados y prefieren no reunirse con mucha gente. Others plan the event with a variety of anticipation semantics and play the juvenile heck with family and friends of different moments of the screw.

Juanse assurance that pertenece al segundo grupo, y lo puede demostrar mejor que nadie: is coming June 3, 60 years old and celebrating at Lunas Park Stadium, with all his fans and many friends following the script.

Not much detail, salvo la mención a Fabi Cantilo y Nito Mestre, pero says that a long show that recovers the hits of Ratones Paranoicos and his solo stage. Join the current band, with Pablo Memi in drums, Ponch on guitars and Juan Colonna on drums.

Juanse, pocos d antas antes de cumplir 60 años.  Photo German Garcia Adrasti

Juanse, pocos d antas antes de cumplir 60 años. Photo German Garcia Adrasti

Dos regalos anticipados

As an anticipated rule, the last 16 days may be reconciled as Personality Destacada de la Culturea district of Buenos Aires Autonomous City Legislature.

And as soon as possible before the feces, in the middle of the incubator recite the notification that the show has been totally agitated.

Acerca del Luna Park, Juanse recounts as the first to be published: “I recited a recital of Los Gatos in 1970, in a spectacle of rope-shells weighing a band of various bands. tal vez mi primo o mis viejos. De esa noche me acuerdo del tema Rock de la mujer perdidawhich is first extracted in a compilation of Satan Beat with the vinyl of colors, and I simply bought it in a simple way. In 1975 the Sui Generis landed on the Luna.

-¿Y cuál fue tu primer Luna con Ratones Paranoicos?

– I do not agree with the first Luna Park that we went to, but quizzes since 2001. Our habíamos launched The girls want more In 2000, Luna Park and our ships were built in Spain. I agree that the lamp is on the phone and not in the right place: no sender is allowed inside, but the goal arrangement does not allow you to download the new songs: Perrita, Confundido y The diaboliteswhich goes with Scornik.

-Aquella vez hicieron dos Luna.

-Sí. When we arrived we had 11 miles of anticipated entries, as if we were hunting for faeces. Fue a Luna Park that surprises me a lot and I always go to a disco live, that shines Vivo paranoico, which has been issued. In these shows we volvimos to see with Pappo, that apparatus of nada and subió to tocar the ultimate four themes.

Juanse en su sala de ensayos.  Photo German Garcia Adrasti

Juanse en su sala de ensayos. Photo German Garcia Adrasti

“Me edanta la edad que tengo”

-Normally do you celebrate, or how do you do all this cool stuff?

-Siempre festejé. Me edanta la edad que tengo y me encanta festejar y recorrer el camino abiertamente. Se amalgamando todo lo que tiene sentido. The greater the value of the one that follows me, the more it rescues the positive of all their experiences, negatives or good ones. y eso me queda.

-¿Siempre fuiste así?

-Sí. Mostly the mystical aspect of the conversion series and so on. Nunca tuve rencores ni resentimientos. Obviously I have a specific coat: when I see that a coat is unmatched in Texas, with the weight of the mismatch, the door of the apartment. In general, it always has a positive effect. Hay que observar lo bueno. The most important thing is to value the instant, the moment. The present is fundamental.

-Sos of the team Mitad Del Vaso Lleno.

-Sí, totally. I am a compulsive optimist. Even though it is a whole lot, it is a form of order of things. Después are the imposing, clear, which are in the musical, in the technical and in the creative tambien.

-Which of the little experiences, do you tend to olvidarlas or convert to a great anecdote?

-The experiences are very small as part of an anecdote, but because of the distance from the time, an egg that fuels superadas, can be recorded with a sense of humor, while at the moment you do not have any divertidas. I have only been waiting for a while in the hotel room at the hotel and I am counting on it to be solo, even though I have a mountain of people around me. Y eso también hay que disfrutarlo. Volvemos a lo mismo. sacar lo positivo.

Juanse, the exit with Ratones is presented as solo.  Photo German Garcia Adrasti

Juanse, the exit with Ratones is presented as solo. Photo German Garcia Adrasti

-Have you heard that venous cranes are a festival?

-Salimos the can because we are in a very good moment to try and record decisions. Sino, est sis siempre con un pie en el agua y el otro no. Ratones have completed the function that is complete and has not been discarded completely, but does not require anything special with it. Yo ya tengo esta banda, more all of the solo number but thanks to Dios tengo a public presence that does not allow access to a mountain mount.

-¿Y which te produce is this Luna agotado notification?

-That entrails are agotadas dos semanas antes is algo that I mentally support acceptance with Ratones, pero ahora as solo me sorprende. This is not the game that’s most popular with and what it is.

-From all forms, hacer a Luna Park era a subsequent legal passage, despair of llenar dos Gran Rex as soloist and hacer buenas giras.

-Sí. Apart from the fact that it wants to unbalance more than Andrew Oldham’s production in the new disco. Indirectly, there is a lot of elemental detail in this Luna, and not only the participation in Masterchef. También salió el disco que contronret del ’92 con Pappo (Juanito y el Carposaurio), the edition of MTV Unplugged en vinilo, y las dos películas: la de Diego Levy y Rocanrol cowboys on Netflix. All this suma.

-Do you want the script to be used to celebrate the complete ones? Á Do you have many invitations?

-Do you want to show a show that is extensible, and with the basics of participation with a guy who actually does it, like dogmas of amistad. Así que sí, va a haber invitados. All of the first part of the show is very dynamic and spectacular in terms of content, but it is not the era of being in a state of euphoria. Eso ya no. It is a concert and it is all complete. And most of the invitations, the list.

Juanse junto a Charly, en los festivale de año pasado de los 70 años de García.  Photo: Martin Bonetto

Juanse junto a Charly, en los festivale de año pasado de los 70 años de García. Photo: Martin Bonetto

-A list that should conform to your fans’ videos or the most new ones.

-Sí. Because of the motive that the sea, the public is amplified, and there are many girls who pretend to be the wind that is on the television, and the father to listen to the disco. You are involved in game factors that do not have an idea. Bueno, an adjudica todo a Dios. Choose the number you want, but it is inevitable, but there is no other explanation.

“All Ratones themes that can be”

-At this stage it follows with the original bajat of Ratones, Pablo Memi.

-Sí. If you like me llena, from the point of view of the repertoire, is with Pablo Memi. U Fuimos los que tomábamos las’s decisions on the principle of todo, kuando eramos dos, antes de Ratones! And now I am commanding the sound. What is present is espiritu and is present at a frequency. Surely there are other epochs, but every now and then we are so excited that we are alone in Devoto.

-Nunca fuiste de los artistsa se se hacen solistas y casi no tocan themes de su groupo anterior.

-No, for nada. All Ratones themes that can be found. Me encantan los Ratones; is the band I like the most. All in the current band just want to have a list of topics. For this show there are 53 themes per group whatsapp of the band, and each one has its own semaphore to offer its ideal list. This weapon contains a list of 31 songs, which can not be downloaded Girando, Rock del gato, Rock del pedazo, Destruida, Sucia estrella, Enlace y Carolque no se pueden no tocar.

-¿What is the obsession that you have to learn from every detail in the rock band car that you want to arm?

–La ​​carrera es el camino. Of course, there are many things that can be done to help the protagonist and not the protagonist. The time and place can be reached, because you are in a place that in general does not occupy, and when the template is placed, the term is transformed into a place, but it is here.

Juanse, en

Juanse, in “MasterChef Celebrity”. Captura TV.

-¿Where do you think you owe money to Luna?

-Hey algunos compromises de acá, y en septemembre hay una gira española. We have no plans to show that we need a pandemic, and we do not have to turn a blind eye to the agenda. Lo demis es es question de tener salud.

-Con tanta musical activity, ¿volverías a hacer algo en television?

-No lo deskarto. It presents a variety of opportunities of this type, but it is hoped that it will be hacked, but not hacked. When you realize something that works and works, you can only think about it before you insist on it. Even if I have news or anecdotes, I have the intention to make a coffee-concert. Pero me adapto; be prepared for subsistence of the sea.

-Complete tu stududios de Theología?

– Complete licenses, including catechisms, which do not apply to materials that have special potential in both as colleges and colleges. You can not be like a monitor in a school because the guys are out of rock or out of a recipe. I do not know the titles for me, because the part that did not complete it. Hice all the material from the historical and theological part, with monographs and reflections.

-¿You enriched?

-Te enriquece muchísimo, bah, yo mentally vivo de eso ahora. All the free time that was given to the child, because his lectures that nunca terminan. San Anselmo says that theology is the thing that compresses. Interpreting the Gospel in these moments is essential to comprising a set of cosmos that you have. Á Está todo escrito ya, hace miles de años!



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