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Coming a new mes, and streaming platforms prepares a battery of important lanyards in series material. From a fictional conductor by Olivier Assayas, following the regression of a huge group of heroes, even to an inexhaustible Marvel heroine, these are the most attractive propositions that junior have for the girl pants.

From a parenthesis of two years, the vulture is a clandestine group of vigilantes, whose objective is to denounce the Machiavellian planes that follow the most cherished heroes of the United States, The Seven. Hughie (Jack Quaid), Butcher (Kal Urban) and the rest of the wrestlers, continued their silent silence against the powerful imperial conglomerate of Homelander (Antony Starr), and his squad of heroes. A vez more, with action, desmedida violence and an enormous dose of black humor, the new episodes of The Boys retracting the occult body of superheroes and sampling which succeeds when they are being defended to be devoted to soloing in their own interests. Among the new incorporations in this fiction is the support of Jensen Ackles’s lineage as Soldier Boy, a heroic charismatic who gathers a scorpion and remixes one of the most cherished characters of Los Vengadores.

From June 3rd, Amazon Prime Video incorporates an episode of The Boys cada semana.

The prestigious director Olivier Assayas wants one of his most important reports, which adapts to the mining format. Basada en su propio film strenado en 1996, Assayas narra en Irma Vep the history of a popular actress who, in the midst of a professional and personal crisis, receives an important artistic challenge. From this model, Mira (Alicia Vikander) traveled to France to star in a remake of The Vampires, the serial mudo dirigido by Louis Feuillade. As an extravaganza or extravagant, Mira com- munity a process of ejaculation that is left to be absorbed by Irma Vep: the boundaries between fiction and reality comeback in disguise, boasting the heroine of the story and protagonist through it. Junto a Vikander también se incuentran Adria Arjona, Fala Chen y Carrie Brownstein.

Irma Vep is available on HBO Max from June 6, and is currently available on FLOW OnDemand.

The Marvel universe is one of the most original of the latest superheroes. Playing a slap in the face for his stories, Kamala Khan plays the girl in her first real action series. Ella (Imán Vellani) is a young Muslim woman from Jersey, who specializes in all the superheroes that fly through the city of New York. Kamala sighed with the obsession of the excitement of the Vengadores, a special attendance at Capitana Marvel, with great inspiration. In the middle of nowhere with a screw protruding from the planet, an inexplicable heck of the mysterious power line. Based on their principles, the teenager adopted the name Ms. Marvel, y utiliza esos dones para luchar por la justicia. Ms. Marvel is a newcomer to the myth of the superheroes, from a fresh perspective, and traces of a heroine who may have problems with her super villas being clustered with her family and school children.

Ms. Marvel is available from June 8, by Disney +.

In the course of these episodes, this Spanish production of the epoch translates the action into the media of the XVI style. The actor varlvaro Morte is part of the Spanish Marine Corps Juan Sebastián Elcano, and Rodrigo Santoro is Fernando de Magallanes, in this impulsive production by Amazon Prime Video. The tram turns into an exhausting road led by Magallanes, which transcursively cobra the screw of numbered marines that does not resist the prophecies of a periplo that terminus meaning the flight to the world. The results of this voyage, without embargo, mark a quibble in history, modifying it all the way down to the planet Tierra and its oceans.

Without limitsa part of June 10, by Amazon Prime Video.

The world of llamados esports, hurriedly passing through the distance of the last few. Video games that are practiced by diversification, now that the arena is in the midst of being destroyed by teams that are trained by first-hand metallurgists, in turnstiles that are followed by millions of displays. In the middle of the rubble essay it is inspired by comedy, which assures a group of juggers that intentionally ascends the popular ranking League of Legends. With a false documentary register, Players satirize the fascinating world of los esports and imagine that he succeeds when he leads the southern experts, one more veteran and the other more young, to accept his misfortunes, to separate his egos and to cooperate with the objective of winning an important championship.

Players: from June 17, a chapter by week, drawn by Paramount +.

This is a series of science fiction films produced by Starzplay for the Latin American and Spanish market, based on the history of a family that is the victim of an invasion. Working out of your pants, a pad and their shadows on which the tracks are mounted on a positive or alien-type type of sobrenatural phenomenon. As an embargo, these solo episodes reproduce the traces of the trousers, either externally, a priori, but only at the same time as the atypical one. In this form, a serene Mexican camp is located at the epicenter of an invisible battle, in which all the characters in question ask if the trousers go green or all are the product of their minds. Cuban actor Alberto Guerra is the protagonist of this fiction, junta of Mexican actresses Ana Claudia Talancón and Zuria Vega.

The refugio is available from dingo 23, starring Starzplay.

Basada in the first part of the homonymous trilogy by Alexei Tolstoy, The Road to Calvary is a series of several episodes, which comics in the initials of the initial XX. Here are the trauma around Katya (Yulia Snigir) and Dasha (Anna Chipovskaya), the hermeneutics of the Russian aristocracy who, as soon as they see each other, turn to the style of life, in the midst of convincing the political agenda of the era. With the Russian revolution as a fundraiser, the protagonists deberán sorted all types of obstetricians, in the middle of a context that amenase with all the guitars. De esa forma, ambas conocerán romances que lo cambiarán todo, pero también peligros que podrían significarija la muerte. The Road to Calvary is an ambitious Russian fiction that, due to its variety of finishes, finally sticks to the pants of Argentina.

The Road To Calvary: a part of the game June 23, in FLOW OnDemand.

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