‘Jurassic World’: 20 details referenced in ‘Jurassic Park’

The first entry in the new trilogy is the plague of references to her sister mayor, which Spielberg directed in 1993.

An abandoned Jeep, a statue with the image of John Hammond, the regression of Sr. DNA, a book by Ian Malcolm or including a demonstration of the famous theory of chaos … Here are all the references to the first Jurassic Park que se incuentran escondido en Jurassic Worldthe first part of the new trilogy of the famous adventure saga.

Now that the strain of Jurassic World: Dominion is on the waterfront – it is off-board in Chinese on June 9th – there is no better way to do this than to explore and explore the corners with these detailed details that the director Colin Trevorrow decidiously incorporated into your rangefinder to render tributary to the film that the empezó all.

How the fans do not know that they like it more than a guinea pig is inserted, here are 20 references to Jurassic Park which can be found in Jurassic World: Dominion si abres bien los ojos.

“God created dinosaurs”

The Jurassic World comedian, led by Zach and Gray, landed in Isla Nublar and climbed the monorail to stay in the park. Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park).

¿The title of the book? God created dinosaurs, in reference to a famous phrase pronounced by the catechist in the film.

“¡Welcome to Jurassic … World!”

As the colors of the logo change and the jeeps are either repositioned by a monorail, the double glazed door rests in the park so that it is identical to what is on the original film, attached to its anthers.

Dr. Henry Wu

The Ingen genetist who allowed John Hammond to clone the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park has been in ascension since 1993.

All interpreted by BD Wong at Jurassic World, it is now the front of a responsive team to create new hybrid specs to renovate public interest. A project designed to support the birthplace of Indominus Rex.


In the park there is a restaurant called Winston’s, a direct reference to one of the titles of the original movie: the gran Stan Winston, master of special effects that have overseen Jurassic Park. Tragically, in 2008, no one can participate in the new entree, but what reserves is a good homework.

Passage by helicopter

For the movie, under Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Masrani (Irrfan Khan) a helicopter to access the remote range while cultivating the new dinosaur specimens, the general plan being identical to the original film (excised), following John Hammond’s invitations to the island.


“Our work has ended”, lamented Alan Grant (Sam Neill) contemplar la obra de John Hammond. This is the secret that in Jurassic World the young visitors visited all the paleontologists to find out more.

Señor DNA

There was a bit of an animated character, exploring Jurassic Park visitors as much as John Hammond was surprised to see the dinosaurs live in the desert. In Jurassic World we can easily see a hologram of an interactive game that brings young Gray.

Camiseta vintage

It is performed by Jurassic World, interpreted by Jake Johnson, is a fanatical verdadero of the original park. Prueba de ello son la figuritas que rodean su puesto de trabajo y especial su kamiseta: a vintage object that shows with the orchestra of Jurassic Park weapons.

“Where else is the cabra?”

More than 20 years have passed since Spielberg’s film, even though T-Rex did not actually change his diet. How can we see Zach and Gray falling in the park and visiting the ‘Reino of the Tyrannosaurus Rex’, making sure there is something that can be done to help the monster.

“A This is the theory of chaos!”

Just before the seam group is embodied by Indominus Rex, the droplets of the cauldron fall on one side of one of the soldiers and fly in the opposite directions.

It’s a treatise on the theory of chaos defended by Ian Malcolm in the first work: a thesis that the scientist’s intentionally intended to explicitly explain to Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) haciendo rodar gotas de agua en su mano.


The fossilized mosquito is all the emblem of Jurassic Park. John Hammond preserves the organ in his cane and allows it to grow its genetic material. Apparatus tampered with in Jurassic World, where we see in the escort of Dr. Henry Wu.

The trachea of ​​the crystal

In Jurassic Park, Lex and Tim look at the terrifying T-Rex bullets fired from the Jeep crystal tech in a memorable scene. Algo similarly after the new entree, when the solo crystal of the gyrosphere in which Zach and Gray find themselves escaping Indominus Rex.

“When the dinosaurs dominated the land”

After escaping through the pits of Indominus Rex, Zach and Gray dumped through the park in a busload of solids. Take a look at what Jurassic Park fans know: the original park layout. After deliberately throwing away an improvised ant, Zach also uses a skeleton jar that the T-Rex has demolished to the end of the film and the pancake that has been pushed out of the way by the dinosaur rugs.

“¡Genial! ¡Vision nocturna!”

In the mismatch scene, Gray looks very interested in some of the nocturnal vision gaps that are concentrated in one state. Jurassic Park fans obliviously reconciled the object, although it was manipulated by Tim more than 20 years ago in the original movie, just before the T-Rex landed.

Jeep # 029

In the Jeep that Zach’s pounding on the bench, it’s the vehicle that Donald Gennaro and John Hammond record for the Spielberg movie. As soon as the label is affixed to the retrospective spell, the number 029 is left.


In addition to the vegetation that has been created about it and the design that the light -identically on the first film- is, it is written (in the door) the data of the John Hammond era.


With no apparatus in the Jurassic World, it is a dinosaur with flywheels that celebrates a holiday with Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park with a small camera in Colin Trevorrow’s film. Hologram-shaped hack that is activated by the young Gray in the main park complex.


Si te fijas in the mismo scenario (and in the misma habitation) is impossible to detenerse in this gran bronze statue, hecha and multimillion-dollar semen that ends Jurassic Park, all teamed with its eternal fossilized pre-mosquito shell.


Exactly as in the legendary sequence of Jurassic Park by Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm intentionally allying themselves with T-Rex from their Benghazi-infested men, Claire Dearing adopted the technical paradigm for cracking down on dinosaurs by launching and launching attacks against Indominus Rex.

22 years old, and all of them

If the Jurassic World T-Rex does not bounce off the clumsy comics and feel attracted by the fluffy mimicry that Jurassic Park is like … ¡It’s a dinosaur mismatch! Demonstrating the types of garlands that can be seen on the bottom of the ladder, which are caused by one of them falling to the end of the first film.

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