Kelly Greyson talked about Bruce Willis’ legacy and his experience in “Fortress: Sniper’s Eye”

The second part of
The second part of “Fortress” will arrive on the big screen on April 29th. Archive / IG: @kellygreysonlive

A few days ago, Bruce Willis surprised the whole world by announcing his retirement from the world of acting after be diagnosed with aphasia, a cognitive disease affecting the use of language. Fans and media figures have complained about their plight, including, Kelly Greysonwith whom he shared the credits in one of his latest films that is about to come out.

The American interpreter who shone on the big screen alongside Bruce Willis in the first episode of Fortress (2021) gave an interview to Fox Digital News to talk about his experience working alongside the famous actor who kept audiences in suspense with his action films.

To start, Kelly confessed that she was unaware of the protagonist’s diagnosis Die Hard (1988)found out when The actor’s family shared the statement through social networks, so he was grateful for the opportunity she shared with him while recording Fortress: Eye of the Sniper and shared the teachings he left her.

Bruce Willis was born on March 19, 1955, he is currently 67 years old.  (REUTERS / Henry Nicholls)
Bruce Willis was born on March 19, 1955, he is currently 67 years old. (REUTERS / Henry Nicholls)

“I had never heard of his diagnosis before, but my recollection of working with Bruce is how kind and truly talented he was in his role. He is definitely a professional. He is becoming a legend with a great career behind him […] I have had the privilege of working with him on numerous occasions over the past two years, ”he said.

Kelly Greyson took advantage of the space to make a very special request, that they start talking about Willis’s flawless career and not just his condition, because he feels it is important to reflect on his professional and personal legacy.

“The narrative about him right now should be about the amazing career he has had. […] It was a gift to know him as a person and to see how genuinely kind he is in real life. […] It is a great compliment to someone of such international standing who is also a good human being, “he added.

Bruce Willis married Emma Heming in 2009 after years of ending his marriage to Demi Moore.  (Photo: IG @emmahemingwillis)
Bruce Willis married Emma Heming in 2009 after years of ending his marriage to Demi Moore. (Photo: IG @emmahemingwillis)

During the speech, the actress acknowledged that he, in addition to being a great performer, is an excellent human being who loves to live with his peers and, despite his health problem and preventive measures against coronavirus, he remained firm. in the lever. He also commented that for her the richest thing about her performances is being able to enjoy them live.

“As for being on set and interacting with people, yes, I would go out and watch the screen, he saw some of the actors doing their parts, sat and talked to the director, I think he interacted […] The lesson for me from watching it is to be authentically yourself in the moment. “

Finally, Kelly Greyson gave a taste of what will be seen Fortress: Eye of the Sniper recounting some details of a scene she shared with Bruce Willis. According to his story, there will be a moment in the film when they are in the hospital because the character the award-winning actor develops will be recovering from a tough fight.

Among his films stand out
Among his films are “Hard to Kill”, “The Sixth Sense”, “Protected”, “Red”, “Violent Times”, “Glass”, among many others. (YK / JRE / photo file)

We talked about what would happen next. It was a great time”, He concluded.

On the other hand, after the unexpected withdrawal of the protagonist of The sixth sense It emerged that he is preparing financially to be able to cover his personal expenses, mainly those related to the aphasia he suffers from, and for this reason he has already sold some properties and, according to statements retrieved from Page six, It has already managed to raise around $ 65 million.

It should be remembered that Bruce Willis has a long career in the field and has starred in such great films as The sixth sense, Breakout, Red, Violent Times, Glass, Armageddon, The fifth element, Breakout, just to name a few, becoming a strong representative of the action genre.


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