“La Hyena” Barrios, and the pieces in the cart and a new denunciation for the appearance of your appearance: “Intentó matarme”

Detenidde febrero por amenazar a su exmujer con un arma, Rodrigo “La Hiena” Barrios volviciously aware of agarrace and trumpets through the cartilage. This car, last but not least, María Soledad Muñoz, volunteered and denounced for amenazas and insurance that live in the middle. “Hasta el día de hoy is an infinite news denunciado to this person”confesó.

You present as la sexta víctima del boxeador, Muñoz contact with the detail of the pedestal that is alive by these two. “Fui amenazada by a person very close to él. Me manda mensajes, audios, obviamente por encargo suyo. Join all of this in Justice and I have to enter that this person is working with me and you are here to ‘download’ A la Barbarossaby Telefe.

The game of relating part of this conversation, where the “descartarla” hablaban, the victim account that the semaphore passing cartels on Instagram when it announces its death. “The message of the last child: ‘vos sabes que a vos la poli te quiere, está todo bien, no pasa nada’. Apply Instagram posts as if you wanted to die. Esto apparatus la semana pasada. Whoever denounces it because it is a fiscal tampon that wants to load all the cargo that it’s like ”, assures several samples on the wall with the images of the leaflet with the caption: “Mataron a la pareja de la Hyena Barrios ya su hijo. QEPD ”.

Rodrigo “La Hiena” Barrios when sent for first time, in 2014Archive

Minutes left, Barrios’s abogado communicates by telephone with the Telefe cycle to the defender to his client: fiscalía que le tocado no le dado l respuesta que ella espera”, Says Luis Rivera, trying to get one of their own.

“Usted revisó la causa y est pidiendo cosas que no avalan todo esto. Make contact with a person who is shocked but delinquent but very delusional as he treats a minor but does not expose himself. Usted is hacking things around the corner. The person being used is intentionally defending the victim. “I make sure that he is safe and that the police protect him because they are hiding the ally of the two friends who are being tested, that I am being abused and abused before the patrolman and in the hospital”, Arremetió Muñoz.

“I stand in solidarity with all Muñoz and all the organisms for the sake of doing the necessary advertising. Ellos le van a dar una respuesta. If the justification is for the chats and not the action, as long as you have the pedal resource and the fiscal exchange. I, as an abogeneous defender, solicit the media that I consider ”, expressed the letter.

To prove that the boxer is plagued by delinquents, Rivera cried out that the only criminal causes that appear in his RENAPER next to Mar del Plata [atropelló y mató a una embarazada] delito por el que stuvo detenido y el de la señora Muñoz ”. You asked: ¿Where else are you basically denouncing it?

“In the cause, doctor. Usted sabe bien. You will not be able to sample the victim numbers. Usted is hacking space by equation. Use your direct filter with this fiscal. It is very clear that the delicacy of the hizo and now rejoices amenazas, that they hacer callar la boca ”, arremetió la víctima.

Rodrigo “La Hiena” Barrios last for the last time, in February of this year

I enseguida, relating to the amount of details as well as in the latest dias: “Appearing a black truck with polarized otters in my shadow school. Tamped a gray car. When I approached the commissariat in the area and asked if I had any custody, I did not automatically move or adjust the car or the truck. “Because there are conversations between me, I’m still and a woman who is a friend of 10 years ago who wants to start me,” said Angustiada.

“Usted la estirando doctor porque esti investigand mi vida. Yo soy la sexta víctima. Alas otras mujeres las hicieron callar, a mí ni con amenazas me van a hacer callar”, Aggregate with strong force. “Sea is a professional poke, but it does not matter. If you want to be sure, you are going to sample the precedents that you have on your client, or that you say you have a mentor. Yo me manejo con pruebas ”, indicó.

Mr. Paulo Kablan is one of the few messages that justifiably can be found in Hyena, his friend and his shadow, Muñoz hizo an exclamation: De hecho, él se hizo cargo de que borró mensajes en la audience”, Señaló la mujer.

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