La Voz Argentina: chicanas, retos and reentuentros in other night auditions and places with very elegant seats

In the middle of auditions at night, the five coaches uncovered new aspirants who searched to find a place in La Voz Argentina. Sabrina Carbonel, of President Derqui, Buenos Aires, for his first trial. The 18-year-old declares himself a fanatic of the format from the first edition and account that Fede Gómez, the finalist of the latest tempo, is a very important player in his life: hoy en día es mi profesor y mi padrino musical. “I adore it with all my heart, in part, thanks and I do not play music and I am in a very different moment”.

At this time the presentation will be legally a version of “Episodes”, by María Becerra, and soledad Soledad Pastorutti, Ricardo Montaner y Mau y Ricky giraran sus butacas. In the embargo, the participant directs to Lali, which is the only one that does not fly. “Te perdono todo. “Because they sit in front of me”, le dijo entre risas.

Luego, se puso seria y contë que esta era la segunda vez que se subject i a scenario despair of having a panic attack in a full show. “It simply came to our notice then. Fue in August of the past and fue very fuerte, because this is what I am. I was treated like Rusherking, and the situation was great “, express.

Estaba pensando, mientras la escuchaba, hacerlo m globals global, más allá de lo que le pasó a ella, particularly. Ella is very girl and I know that it’s very habitual in many girls of her age who dedicate themselves to music or have the hazerlo language: the ensemble. It’s algo that the hemos dado la espalda. I do not create with this concept and do not explicitly explain what the membership is. Up to 30, trying to reconcile with each other”, Express Lali.

And he continued: Y eso es mentira. These are news from the ensemble. It’s good that the theme has been translated. “It does not matter, because all the people who are out there are listening and all the people who have been beaten to death, who have been beaten and who are going to have this horrible sensation,” the coach said.

“I feel like we’s going to get rid of the horrors, the frustrations, that are part of the life,” Soledad said. “The most important thing is to leverage the other day and continent, which in reality is the only one that does not exist. All of them, however, are not as tight as they used to be, they always have something that they do not like, especially the goat, but it has to be leveraged and followed. “I’m glad that you’re hot, that you’re super hayas, and that ‘s what you’re looking for that grabbed you in your mind: the day of the hoy,” I said. At the time of selection, the eligible participant is Mau and Ricky.

The next participant to sample his talent Carlos D’Annibale, a 30-year-old boy who works hard for his father and brother in a pantry. Carlos is down and has three eyes. “Commented on the music of the 14 year olds. Veía a mi papá ya mi tío que se juntaban los domingos a guitarrear, y sentí esa pasón hermosa ”, contó.

In this audition the theme of Federico Marcelo Ferreyra and Onofre Paz that popularizes Soledad, “Chacarera para mi vuelta”pero no logró que ninguno girara su butaca.

Play the turn of the tournament Adrián Ocampo, a 44-year-old port of the Flores barrier. “Singing on the Costa, in Las Toninas, on the Costa del Este, in La Lucila. “Hay lugares en los que canto desde hace 16 temporadas”, se present. Tengo 1364 shows y lo se porque tengo an agenda en la que anoto ”, agregó.

Going into the studio, Marley knows what he knows. “U Estuvo en Operation Triunfo! ”, Exclamó. The theme is elegant by Ocampo fue “I Was Born To Love You”, by Queen. With only a few clicks, Soledad euphrica giro su butaca y cor el de correr de la sumaron los demás coaches.

“Í Vivís de la música?”, Quiso saber Lali. The participant’s account that s per, pero hizo the salve of which can be sung in bars and restaurants. “¡Se acabó! From now on, when all you see on the TV, you will generate something very beautiful. Nadie reniega del pasado. Creo that all empezamos in places like, that encase a mount. “But you can not listen to the song, or you can sing a song that is not in your repertoire or that you do not know”, added Soledad.

Mounts, joints, approx. The participant no lo dudó: “‘La boca’, de Mau y Ricky”, reveals. The father of the allusions to the cat that cantara, mentras that, visibly offended, the mayor of los hermanos refunfuñó: “You and more nadie, because it is very conocid”.

“Pero a mi hijo le encanta”, quiso atemperar la situation e participant, pero Ricky hijo seguía offensive. “Sing a song of your generation”, chicaneó. Ocampo recited the song “La chantón que necesito” by Montaner, which was used as a coach.

Zoe Audisio, from Río Cuarto, Córdoba, to find the next one to try. “Me anoté en La Voz Argentina I think that I did not need a Russian flight ”, I count on my preparation. At the hour of singing, eligió “Mary Poppins y el deshollinador”, by Fabiana Cantilo, pero no logró cautivar a ninguno de los coaches.

The subsequent competitor is corded. Mart Tan Taormina, of 23 years, account for his presentation that he is a student and that he likes a lot and writes poetry, además tocar el bajo and guitar. “In my life, the music is always a bit of a fundraiser, but in the most recent years, I know that I like it a lot and that it makes me want to taste it,” he explained. In your audition, find a version of “Blackbird” by the Beatlesaccompanied by its guitar, its damp body on the surface of which the coils giraran its shell.

The ultimate in pissing the scenario fue el santafesino Nicolás Robul, of 21 years. “I played the guitar on the 11-year-old, squeezing a song out of Deep Purple and intentional sacarla. From part of ahí, nunca dejé de tocar ni de cantar ”, relató. Your theme is elegance for audition and ciegas fue “Wadu Wadu”, by Virus.

Listen to the first chords of the song, Lali comenzó a bailar. To promote the theme, fire the first one in the bottle, followed by Soledad, which is shown corresponding to a variation in the participant’s train. The members of the Montaner clan, as if they’s dreaming that an aspirant would be a rock theme, would not show interest. “¡Sonríe!”, The author of “Cachita”, an order that Nicolas’s term for interpretation.

Place, place Soledad the participant hablaba, comment and play aburrido with its pulses and recite a reto of “Tifón de Arequito”. “¡No me estás prestando atención, Montaner!”, Express, mueras Mau and Ricky say in carcajadas and Lali miraba seria la situacón. Run through the coaches, the eligible participant to form part of the Espósito team.

The last of the aspirants of the night left the tango a La Voz Argentina. Mariana Merlino, de Lanús, Marley’s account that can be heard by anyone who uses razón, and who, if they are studying nunca, tien muy buen oído. Mariana worked a lot faster than the camera, even though the restaurant’s goal was to make it possible to write in the script and unwind at the right place.

The tango elegance for its front presentation to the coaches fue “What tango hay que cantar”by Rubén Juárez and Cacho Castaña, but I do not know what to do with the butchery of reality.

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