Lab and inclusion most secure cities: Colombian candidates proposed for LGBT + community

Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernández win the elections by the Colombian electorate for disputing the Presidency in the second flight.
Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernández lead the electorate by the Colombian electorate to dispose of the Presidency in the second flight.

On June 19, Colombia went to the urns alone to pick up their destinations of more than 50 million inhabitants but the four-year-olds. You also want to be on the lookout for LGBT + people who are traveling through a lot of different countries, and who are positioned as one of the most inclusive nations in the region.

It should be noted that, at the latest time, in Colombia, historical advertisements of LGBT + activism have been concretized, as well as the legalization of matrimony between persons of the sexual mass, the exchange of the sexual component of the scheme and the homoparental adoption. Además, in February the Corte ordered in the Registry incorporated the binary category (NB) in the sex markers of the identity document, and a sentence sent by the Corte obliging the sanitary authorities not to discriminate against LGBT + blood donors .

Gustavo Petro, who has a long history of voting with 8,522,399 consecutive votes in the first round, and Rodolfo Hernandez, a representative of the era that assists in their constituencies and intentions as an “outsider” of Trump’s policy in the country o Jair Bolsonaro, fueron los candidatos pasaron a la segunda vuelta tras los comicios del pasado 29 de mayo, e los que obturenon 40% y 28% de los suffragios, respectively.

The difference of the previous camps is that the agenda for the courses of the LGBT + people is present in the programs of the candidates, reflecting the interest of society in themes of diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity, through the descent of desigual manner.

“We are in a scenario where the winds are impossible. For the first time, four of the candidates who are running for office only proposed in the course of LGBT + people ‘s speeches “, explicitly stated in an interview with Infobae Wilson Castañeda, director of ONG Caribe Affirmative, who presented information to the Prime Minister LGBT + support for aspirants in the presidency.

“Once in the second flight, if there are any plans for the LGBT + population, we can count on Petro and Hernández alone”, precisa Castañeda. “The primary level has a higher incidence level because it is not accompanied by a concurrent action sequence, such that at the moment there are no clear and specific actions.”

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

The activist is Danne Aro Belmon, from the Fundation Action Group and Apoyo Trans (GAAT).
The activist is Danne Aro Belmon, from the Fundation Action Group and Apoyo Trans (GAAT).

“We counted a difference in numbers in numbers, even in infocuses,” Danne told Infobae. Petro’s supporters and the vice-presidential formula, France Márquez, “have nothing to do with implementation, like Hernández’s, with socio-inclusive inclusion, in terms of dignified and decisive work for trans people, with generational influence”.

Match the “program of safe cities of violence and discrimination; “It does not function territorially, but because it has a national mandate, so that the alcaldas and governors can implement in a better way the existing public policies, or which they try to implement.”

Rodolfo Hernández’s goblin program, in effect, hacks effective hackers of vigilant policies and to create dialogue spaces that allow the participation and representation of LGBT + communities, differentiating between their homologous latitudes.

Sin embargo, nis profitable in aspects such as the laboratory, education and health system for LGBT + people, including the claims that protect the margins of different identities of persons or persons without binary and transgender, as in the program of Gustavo Petro .

Advertising for a Ley Integral Trans

The other concern of the LGBT + groups is the activation of the LGBT + Public Policy, directed by the late Juan Manuel Santos, the predecessor of the current Iván Duque, who is known as the order of the day. “Anyone who does not implement LGBT + Colombian Public Policy in Colombia is a person who is discriminated, violent, hostile, tortured or excluded. We are in a state of disarray, all about salvaging the dead right now in the life, especially of trans people, ”said Danne Aro.

Another of the “emergencies”, by Wilson Castañeda, is the creation of homicides and feminism against LGBT + people. It is not necessary to activate the mass of urgent cases during the first days of the strike and act with the Fiscal and the Defender to achieve results “, says.

Optionally, the importation mentality creates a special attentional plan for those trans people in the country, “who are at the same time vulnerable to the flow of their bodies, and at least to a system of differential infos that are at the center”. Only in the last year, according to the Manifestia Media portal, I have about 35 assistants and trans people, and more than 6 tortured and assaulted men in the latest months.

The GAAT Funding Director results in the lack of an Integral Trans body that protects, as well as a layer (which is the subject of debate) that aches with the conversion therapies. “Through tragic exorcisms, tortures and malformations, the processes that affect the mental, physical and emotional health of people in the LGBT + sectors. Intentan modify the sexual orientation created that the identity of the genre can be exchanged ”.

Lights and fangs in the historical places of candidates

As candidates, they have preoccupied themselves politically, with Petro en Bogotá and Hernández in Bucaramanga being able to evaluate compromises and actions on the LGBT + sectors.

Follow the Caribe Affirmative Presidential Information on the Bucaramanga Alcalde from 2016 to 2019, Hernández did not carry out any concrete action in favor of LGBT + people’s degrees in any of the northern areas of the country, in a “significant and symbolic act” defending persons from these groups of “polemical and violent comments” by departmental department.

An image of one of the most recent March of Orgullo realized in the Colombian city of Bogotá (REUTERS / John Vizcaino)
An image of one of the most recent March of Orgullo realized in the Colombian city of Bogotá (REUTERS / John Vizcaino)

Gustavo Petro, as a senator from the Republic in the period 2010-2016, supported in the mass reports that “one of the main congressmen defended the sexual and reproductive flags of LGBTIQ + people”. Like Alcalde de Bogotá, hzo the contract and vinculation of more than one person in this sector, connected with up to 100 LGBT + people in the unit.

Consolidation of the Center for the Attention to Sexual Liberty, “the greatest of Latin America”, says the document. As “contradictory data”, The petition for the election of Senator General Procurador General of the Nation Alejandro Ordóñez, “which is a person with anti-Semitic and homophobic tendencies”, who “acted against the liberties of LGBTIQ + people”.

Petro también ha any object of critiques by part of feminist groupings and posture about abortion a mantoux in rat in ambiguity, but sample in favor of depersonalization approved after the 21st of February.


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