Lali Espósito and an implicable “defense” to China Suárez: “I like that my friends are happy”

Actriz, cantante e incondicional. The difference of many other figures that are separated from it China Suárez at the latest time, Lali Espósito demonstrates that at the time of approving her friends, she is present. Asi, apoyó la carrera de cantante de su excompañera de Casi gengelesminimize the criticism that comes from your romances and your life his romance with Rusherking. “I like that my friends are happy,” he said.

Whenever possible you should have all of these components in place for launch by Rafa Juli. Intrusos, play Marley’s Complete’s friend. When asked by L-Gante’s opinion, the contestant artist: “L-Gante is a crack, algún d mea me gustaría hacer algo con él. As an embargo, I record the critics who trample the hizo on your friend but on the new musical theme, secretly: “Tiene razón la China”.

Place of comment that Suarez “school in Uruguay with a theme” through reality I Quién es la máscara?, Lali reconcile that no pudo see the presentation, pero that is vio algo in red. “It’s for God and for friends in a way that can be done,” he explained. “Do you want a scenario?”, Insisted Rafa. “Ó C nomo no la voy a ver? The console from which we have only 10 years. And ambassadors we sang and danced. I do not know what to do with it. Quizá a la gente le sorprende, pero a mí no me sorprende nada. Ella siempre cantó muy bonito ”, respondió, entre dulce y tajante.

“Do you criticize the critics that the hack porcelain is with a young man?” “No. Surprise the nuns critics. Están siempre ahí ”, arrojó, y si bien Juli le Response to the argument of the deconstruction, ella fue continuum también en ese sentid:“ Eso nos gusta creer, pero bueno, hay gente que no, y esos son los que critican ”.

Explain that Rusherking is part of a divinity and that he además the one who falls because he is a saint and his family in this province, the singer of the goddess who lived in the flame of the goddess:I like that my friends are happy, and China is happy…”. By the way, Juli le preguntó a Lali si era amiga de Suárez y la astrella, a diferanja muchas otras figuras se despegaron de la actriz luego del Wandagate, se sample ondonditional: “Sí, claro. Ó C nomo no? Your friend is all screwed ”.

Game of critics who want to get acquainted with María Becerra, revealing her current novelty, the protagonist of El hilo rojo apuntó contra L-Gante, who has an opinion on ella in a mobile. There are a number of holiday vacations in Spain, the beautiful one flying to Argentina and the princess with the princess about the various themes that are installed on the agenda of the media and the latest. As it is costly, it offers one of the most natural and cheap products, but one of the most popular in China Suarez.

“China Suárez is launched as a soloist, so what are the chances of a collaboration?”, Consulted the chronicler of Socios of the spectacular (eltrece) in reference to the song that launched the ex Casi gengeles, “The game of love”. “¡Uh! And La China Suárez! Where? ¿Está cantando? ”, Respondsó sorprendido ante la nueva faceta de la actriz, y pese a que no indicó si ese dúo serija posible, no dudó en opinar sobre el nuevo romance de ella. “Los re engancharon. Hay que hacerla bien, pero portarse mal ”, launched the young man with reference to that of the couple, when he was not surprised by the relation, he captured the hotel room.

These are the seconds that L-Gante dedicated to the actress, enough for her to react on Twitter. “Querido ‘L-Gante’ cuando vos no habías nacido, yo ya cantaba. Creo que hablaste al pedo, igual re bailo tus temas. Cordial salutations”, The artist’s young contestant, cultivated his own by his colleague’s words.

In this sense, Suárez extends his artistic career, which he did in 2003 (after his first protagonist advertised) on part of the ring Chiquititas, where there are only chambers of bailes and cantabas. Without embargo, fire with its protagonist in Casi gengeles, in 2007, who commented on an important musical career, integrating the juvenile group Teen Angels, who accounted for an array of people who devote themselves to worldly giraffes. In 2015, I grabbed a version of “Third Treatments” that was included in the final credits of the movie Abzurdah (who is the only one as the protagonist) and, more recently, the public “The game of love”, accompanied by the singer Santiago Celli.

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