Lenda a Mendoza the most important rock photo of the country

The music and the musicians the theme of your work and your value is not radically enacted in the present moment, but of the fact that it is decided to be in the present moment. Yes, this artist is convinced one of the most commonly photographed genres in the country.

Acompaña “Pogo”, A collective sample of mendocino rock photographers, integrated by artists Marcos García, Laura Musere, Pablo Donna, Tati Faingold, Pachy Reynoso and Facundo Serio.

Your jobs will be open to the public from June 17 until August 6, with free shipping. Podrán visitarse on Saturdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., at the Art Space opened on July 9 in Gutierrez, in the city of Mendoza.

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This is not the only name of a master, it is the main artistic operation of Lezano, which create your own image of admiration. It’s your manifesto and it’s demonstrated that it’s a point of view not obnubila in mirda, it does not go straight to the person who retorts it, but on the contrary, it’s carrying an unstoppable force that does not diminish the reality in the coffin of authenticity , sino recrear aquello que la motiva, imagina y ve.

Convive in this selection picturestheir personal projects, their social life, their workloads, and a combination of all of them.

Who is Nora Lezano

Es photography and visual artist. Born in Buenos Aires in 1970. Comes and went to work in the decade of the 90’s, destined for the rock band.

Retracted from reconocidos artists of music such as Charly García, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Gustavo Cerati, León Gieco, Liliana Herrero, Andrés Calamaro, Vicentico, Illya Kuryaki and Fito Páez, among many others, constitute the most representative of their work.

Realize, además, the cork photos of number discs, a lot of rock performers as well as other genres of music.

In the theatrical camp, labor abarca diverse roles and interests. Conducting various spectacles and the illumination design of numerical works. For “58 hints on the body”, performance directed by Emilio García Wehbi, realized an exhaustive photographic documentation from the end of the year 2014. Result of the experience of the book of images and texts published by Wehbi “Communitas” (Editorial Planeta , 2015).

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De sus numerosas colaboraciones with cine directors, destacan the projects of Gustavo Postiglione, “Brisas heladas” (2015); Luis Ortega, “Los santos sucios” (2009) and “Luz y Fer” (2006); and Ra filml Perrone’s film, “Zapada, una comedy beat” (1999), para los cuales tuvo a su cargo la realization of photo thread and photo of posters and graphic pieces.

Conduct video clips “Parte por Parte” by Iván Noble (2012), “La vuelta entera” by Francisco Bochatón (2012) and “A lo mejor” by Acorazado Potemkin (2014).

Fue, junto with the photographers Andrea Castaño, Mauro López and Alejandro Pihué, fundraiser and credora de Project Espinosa, project that artifactively intervening window and public space of a spaceship located on the San Telmo barrier. The Espinosa project is described as a collective art that exerts activities with social, cultural and political implications.

Edit in independent form su first book of texts “Sin sueño se duerme también” (2012). Present work in a variety of individual and collective disciplines throughout the country, as in Brazil, Spain and Colombia, among others.

Su photographic work has been published in important graphic media all over Argentina as exterior. From year 1996 illustrates the cultural supplement RADAR of the diary Page / 12.

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Pogo, a collective master

The sample is integrated by Marcos García, Laura Musere, Pablo Donna, Tati Faingold, Pachy Reynoso and Facundo Serio; Recognize the camouflage that a photograph with music, the disciplines that are always alive in a permanent connection.

The visual artist and curator of the show, Vivian Levinson, synthesized that “We reunite with all the photographers who visualize the vitality of rock and its social impact, but also reveals moments that the music lovers do not really see, because of the study, temperamental actuations or small scenarios from the periphery, music of great impact that suffocates influence in other styles ”.


  • Tati Faingold, a native of Mendoza, has 22 years of experience and is currently traveling to the direction of the Cinematographic Direction at the University of China in the City of Buenos Aires. Studios at the University of New York Film Academy, based in Los Angeles. It can be used as art director, digital and analytical photography, scenography, aesthetics, clothing, production and travel in various projects in Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Uruguay and Barcelona.
  • Facundo Serio, is a photographer and filmmaker. Studying cinematography at ERCCyV and completing the 2 year course of director of photography at the School of Cinematography Argentina, in the city of Buenos Aires. View as photo in Daniel Serio Mendoza’s studio’s, starting in 2008, working on mendocina audiovisual production.
  • Laura Musere, es fotógrafa. I started my activity in 2013 by including all kinds of photography: social events, documentary works, periodicals, art and commercials. Currently, the faculty participates in the organization of films and cinematographic productions and specializes in the photoperiodism of private events. Since 2020 is the product of content on Prendete online, independent periodic media that objectively diffuses local music and general culture.
  • Marcos Ernesto García empezó with the photo hace muchos años. Study at the School of Photography Argentina, embroidered with white and black prints, revealing and manual copy. Coming to the Los Andes diary, photoperiodic careers are running out of time for the international agency AP and other Mendoza privates. You are currently part of a digital content generating agency.
  • Pachy Reynoso, is mendocino by adoption. Generator of audiovisual content with more than 20 years of trajectory published in national and international media. A lover of rock.
  • Pablo Donna, is an independent photographer. Since 2010 he has been involved in music, collaborating with various media outlets, audiovisual products and working on the image of bands.

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