Lesson 1 of the Professional League 2022: games, goals and all that hay que saber

This is a local tour arrangement that accommodates up to 28 teams against all ticks in 27 stages with the special condensate of the descent route.

Professional League 2022

La Professional League 2022 comenzó is coming with empathy between Barracas Central y Central Córdoba in the can of Huracán. The end of the week is the turn of the classics of the fecha 1: San Lorenzocon el debut by Rubén Darío Insúavs. IndependentSaturday 4 from 14, y Students vs. Gimnasiadomingo 5 a las 17.

El mismo día, Bocael campeón defensor, recibirá a Arsenal from 19.30, mientras que River to visit a Defense and Justice a las 21.30.

Friday 3 June

Barracas Central 1-1 Central Córdoba

12 ‘PT Iván Tapia (BAC)

32 ‘ST Renzo López (CCO)

Barracas Central vs. Central Córdoba, by LPF 2022: Iván Tapia’s penalty kick (1-0)


Barracas Central vs.  Central Córdoba, by LPF 2022: Iván Tapia's penalty kick (1-0)

Barracas Central vs. Central Córdoba for LPF 2022: Renzo López’s goal (1-1)


Barracas Central vs.  Central Córdoba for LPF 2022: Renzo López's goal (1-1)

Assignment 1 of the Professional League 2022

Saturday, June 4

  • 14.00 San Lorenzo vs. Independent
  • 14.00 Atlético Tucumán vs. Colón
  • 16.30 Banfield Vs. Newell’s
  • 19.00 Platense Vs. Godoy Cruz
  • 19.00 Patronato vs. Vélez
  • 21.30 Racing vs. Huracán

Domingo June 5

  • 13.00 Talleres vs. Sarmiento
  • 13.00 Union vs. Tiger
  • 17.00 Estudiantes vs. Gimnasia
  • 19.30 Boca Vs. Arsenal
  • 21.30 Defense and Justice vs. River

June 6

  • 19.00 Rosario Central vs. Lanús
  • 21.30 Argentinos Juniors vs. Aldosivi

Find the time, date and calendar of the Argentina League 2022

  • Initiation of LPF 2022: Friday 3 June
  • Final of LPF 2022: October 23rd (to confirm)

As in 2021, he is commenting on the League Cup and his place Professional Football League 2022which tends to share the second semester with the Qatar World Cup 2022. Es por eso que, si se compara con el torneo del año pasado que ganó Rivercomment before time.

As the World Cup starts on November 21st and finalizes on December 18th, it is decided that the Argentina League 2022 culminates in the middle. Habrá fechas entre semanathat the fines of the week between June 5 and October 23 will not be able to cover the total of 27 days.

La Professional League 2022 enfrentará a los 28 teams all against all en 27 fechas to know what is the new Argentine football camp, with the special condiment of the vuelta de los descensos.

The classics that make it to the Professional League 2022

  • Fecha 1: Estudiantes- Gimnasia y San Lorenzo-Independiente
  • Fecha 2: Colón-Unión
  • Fecha 7: San Lorenzo-Boca y Racing-Independiente
  • Fecha 9: Rosario Central-Newell’s
  • Fecha 10: Tigre-Platense
  • Fecha 11: Defense and Justice-Arsenal
  • Fecha 12: Independiente-River
  • Fecha 13: Racing-Boca
  • Fecha 15: Racing-San Lorenzo
  • Fecha 16: Argentinos-Platense
  • Fecha 18: Boca-River
  • Fecha 20: Banfield-Lanús y San Lorenzo-River
  • Fecha 22: San Lorenzo-Huracán
  • Fecha 27: Racing-River y Boca-Independiente

The fixture of the Professional League 2022: other details at tenure

  • Probable Part Desempate (as a result of points in the Torneo Binance 2022): Wednesday 26/10/2022.
  • Probable Desempate of the second point (if it failed in the case of Boca ganase the Torneo Binance 2022; entering the second finalist of the Champions Trophy surrender to a tiger between the Tigers, -second to the Binance Cup 2022- and the second champion to win ): miércoles 02/11/2022.
  • Champions Trophy: 06/11/2022, in a design stadium.

As definitions of the Liga Argentina 2022 season

Los dos equipos que queden Last on the promedium boardperderán la categoría y jugarán en la Primera Nacional. Hoy en día, aquellos clubs that are found in their fund Godoy Cruz y Patronate. De abajo para arriba, los siguen Platense, Atlético Tucumán y Sarmientobetween other.

The teams that the city a Primera Nacional are defined by the results of la Superliga 2019/20 -y of the initial feca that is read by the disputant of the Copa de la Superliga 2020-, de la Copa de la Liga 2021de la Professional League 2021 y de los 2022 tornadoes. Measures from the second category ascending the camp and the ganador of Reducido.

The first prize to win the 2022 Professional League camp

La Argentine Football Association premiere with a sum of $ 500,000 conjunto que gane el Torneo Binance 2022así también premió a Boca con la misma suma por haber logrado la Copa Binance 2022. Este dinero fue cedido por la CONMEBOL all the continental federations, with the final final of their champions.

The standings of the Professional League 2022

The table of the promos of the Professional League 2022

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