“Lightyear”: cinco datos key antes de su streno

“Lightyear”: the exiled character from the “Toy Story” story tends to the movie. (Disney / Pixar)

“Inf Al infinito y más allá!”is one of the most iconic phrases in the movie of the last years that is expressed by one of the most emblematic characters of the animated film Toy Story of 1995. We refer to Buzz Lightyear, which now has its own compact computer, the Woody vacuum cleaner, and is preferred by Andy. The movies of francia fueron all exitos and have the moment contamos con quatro de ellas.

Now join the Buzz tournament, which presents its individual manner movie. Your story will be published in China on June 16, but we will find all the details in this new solid film of the factor. Disney / Pixar.

“Lightyear” will be released in June 16th. (Disney / Pixar)

The person who inspires the south

The film contours the hero’s life in which it inspires to harass the boy. We are looking for the legendary special guard junta and a group of ambitious recluses who are accompanying you in this new adventure.

“Lightyear” exploits the life of the astronaut verdadero. (Disney / Pixar)

In 1995 I started driving Buzz Lightyear Toy Storythe director Angus MacLane ask yourself: ¿Which Andy film do you want to play with this fantastic action machine with laser beams, karate moves and special aerodynamic alas? “Lightyear is a movie that makes Andy look like his friends and probably all the way to the rest of the world. “I want to know that honor cells are basically diverted from presumptuous and enormous entertaining cell films.”said the director.

The planet T’Kani Prime

T'Kani Prime is the planet in which to download Lightyear and its team.  (Disney / Pixar)
T’Kani Prime is the planet in which to download Lightyear and its team. (Disney / Pixar)

The action of Lightyear do not land on the Tierra sinus in a glorious imaginary planet T’Kani Prime, an open field of 4.2 million years from the nest of the planet, pantheon and large number of trepodora plants and enormous insects. This planet was created by our friend Buzz when he was on a mission to decide to change the rhombus of his traverse. However, when it comes to where to place it, its name is shot and it does not matter how much it’s been tripled inside this hostel. “Buzz is the guy who hacks time las nunca parecen salirle mal. In this movie we see it first by looking at a small rack. Algo que nunca experimenta antes ”contact the producer ejecutivo Andrew Stantonwhich forms part of the four films of the franchise of Toy Story.

Time: central element of history

Llegan lasueva adventuras de Lightyear al cine.  (Disney / Pixar)
Llegan lasueva adventuras de Lightyear al cine. (Disney / Pixar)

To help with T’Kani Prime, Buzz must perform the flight before calibrating its ultimate fuel hyper velocity ratio. To play this, Lightyear must generate a dilation in time. Things to do in the first flight for 4 minutes, on the planet T’Kani Prime ¡after four minutes!

The new Lightyear pandilla

An inexperienced patrol serial the team that reunites Lightyear.  (Disney / Pixar)
An inexperienced patrol serial the team that reunites Lightyear. (Disney / Pixar)

“It simply came to our notice then. You are not trained, you do not know what to do, and Buzz concludes: ‘We can not adjust. No los necesito. Lo haré solo ‘. “I have no idea of ​​the effect it tends to have,” said Jason Headley. We also talk to Izzy, Mo and Darby, who conform to Patrol Zap Junior, a group of recruits who, with Lightyear, have a great deal of inexperience in special flights.

Michael Giacchino, detrás de la música del film

Michael Giacchino is the composer of the music
Michael Giacchino is the composer of the “Lightyear” music. (Disney / Pixar)

In the trailer you can listen to the chords of “Starman”, the celestial theme of English music David Bowie inclusive in the Album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. And then, with the sonora band on the cargo of the first composer Michael Giacchinowhich won an Oscar, a Globe of Oro and a Grammy for the film Up. También creó la música de Los increables, Ratatouille, Cars 2, Intensamente, Coco y The increments 2, between other ficcions of Disney / Pixar. The sonic band of this movie is now available from June 17 on music platforms.


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