Locho Loccisano ou otra vez nominé en El Hotel de los Famosos u su madre stalló: “Porque te respectet no te voy a buscar”

The psychologist and sexologist allied and continued their stay at El Famosos Hotel

The fines of April Locho Loccisano ingresó a The Hotel of the Famous after the fall of Rodrigo Noya. From a principle the relation with your computers is not good, y semana tras semana enfrenta la nominaci caran cara a cara, donde sus compañeros lo votan una y otra vez. The moment the family of the animator has been picked up by holding the silence on the social networks, except for the green ones the mother of the participant expresses her indignation on Instagram. Justo comandaba comenzaba un nuevo All against all in the reality of El Trece, Mónica Meroni le brindó apoyo a su hijo.

Passages once and night media El Chino Leunis develó que Lissa Vera reprinting Monica Farro to get rid of her unlucky lesion taking one of the games. Recieén llegada, la artista se suma i la votación, y nuevamente replicate the trend: in total Locho gets all the votes, and is convinced in the duel that he would like Militta Bora in the H. “Van por el chivo expiratorio, se comeyron sus palabras por antes de saber quién era eluevo todos decian que iban a votar al que ingrese, pero no, otra vez a mí”, reclaims Loccisano, entre el enojo y la resignation.

All of this sucede, from the official account of the program on Instagram, shared various video shorts of the tense moments. In one of the publications that promote Loccisano, its mother is present. “Hijo, because I respect your business card. É Sé fuerte! I love you”, Describing the psychologist junta the cozones emojis, shaking the impotence that he knows and all that he ossifies in the shows. Your comment is not unresponsive to the fanatics of the participant, who celebrates the message of sexually active. Otra de las que se percató de su mensaje fue Majo Martinoquien le contestó: “Monii”, y un corazón rojo.

Commenting on Locho's mother in one of The Famous Hotel's posts
Commenting on Locho’s mother in one of The Famous Hotel’s posts

Record box that Martino fired the Unico Loincon incandescent computer running on the stage in the hotel. “May be established and we will work 24 hours a day; eso me ayudaba un montón porque no me sentía tan excluido, and now that it is an enormous vacancy, because it does not affect me at all, it does not include me ”, Loccisano a Militta account during the repeating session. A similar comment was made when he said that the duel of elimination of the series was going on in H: I toca ir de vuelta y me da bronca porye hoy gané en mi quinto labyrinto además, pero está claro que lo manejan com si si fueran los ojo ojo todo peru nunca fueron a una H ni na un maze; y si alguna vez lo hubieran hecho no me votarían porque sabrían lo que se siente ”.

See this image in your Instagram account description, Loading the cargo from its social networks at its Belén sister mimetras permanence en la competence. Young people want to publish content for the sake of it, and deliberately try to get enough energy at different times. “Nunca vas a estar solo, acá te bancamos siempre bro”sign up for the Instagram account of the animated confessor who feels more like a nun.

Lissa Vera flies to El Hotel from the famous: the reactions

This is because the sequence of Todos against Todos is repeated without delay. It is as if the prophecy that the consultant has passed: “Qu Por qué me votan? ¿Soy mala persona? Are they different for convection? ”. Found by the activity of your computers, the advertisement: “Me ponen a mí en la nominación y después me ponen a cantar, de payaso me usan, tocando la guitarrita ”. The crucifixion brought you to Melody Luz carrying one of the nominations in May, saying: y la bailarina le contestó: “A nosotros nos aburrís vos, por eso te votamos tanto”. From the word LOcho the cat and all those that integrate the autodonym “family”: “Tendr quen que venir a la H as los dos anterior y ver que pasa, postulate por favor, y lo mismo al resto, vengan a la H”. Even if you do not succumb, because you do not know how to count.

But as a result of ganador in every body, it is ascending green that the conscience that accumulates por the physical descent of the games or their attempt to pass invoice, and which is evidenced in the advances of the lunar episode, when it violates the air gap and receiving medical assistance. It is hoped that as soon as they reach the elimination level, they will be part of the spectators, as if they were moving on the social network in order to reach the distance.


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