Lola del Carril, the speaker who wears bars and ponytail and poetry in football

Arrancan 90 minutes of vertigo

Lola del Carril lives in one of the most beautiful places in the world. In the department totally white find the pearl fund of the official Qatar fleet 2022. It is embedded in its original tea. Lola tiene el pelo mojado, un pantalón sartrero y una remera básica. When you come to the photo, you can change your habitat and flight into a more formal way, but without makeup. Close the vent to amortize the flow of collectibles and other parts. Su voz gana espacio. Lola habla como relata. A passionate style, potency in the train. Cierta jerga de la tribuna mezclada con citas cultas. A cocktail.

Lola, 23 years old, is a social worker, former CUBA hockey player and professional female soccer player. En el futuro será cantante. There are some great international football, women’s soccer and hockey matches. But the medal in the Octave fecundity of the Professional League Cup is controlled by the first female player in relation to a television match of the first division of the Male Football Division. Empathy 2 to 2 between Central Córdoba-Huracán. For those who like the faeces: fue the misma in which the VAR debuts in Primera.

—¿What is the significance of occupying a place in the history of sports periodism?

—With some identifiers like the Primera Division’s first reporter and it costs me a lot more time to identify yourself as a football reporter, because it can be formed part of history, from a high point of football and deportation period in general, but se trata después de abrir caminos y de sentar precedentes. All this pressure was condensed. I feel like I want to get an example character or to form part of a hit. The inside handle is that my number only symbolically symbolizes a much larger and more rigid exchange rate that is straightforward. If you want to poner poner el kuerpo para ejemplificarlo, bienvenido sea, pero lo important e que cada vez mjes mujeres empecemos a ocupar espaci prediamente masculinizados.

We have seen many commentators, in game field, during programming or in panels, per it relates to a space that is empty, is what counts the party, the most important role in the transmission, and is that empathize with the acoustics of society or the world: this novel can be counted by a woman. That’s, dudas, va arrir caminos porque le permite soñar a las que vienen, porque lo pueden ver, lo pueden materializar, que es lo que no me pasaba a mí hace dos agos. Do not cut the wire and cut it with a saw, with a speaker, but do not put anything that does not surprise your imagination.

Lola del Carril agarra a cat in crochet by Diego Armando Maradona.  Photo by Mart Bonn Bonetto.

Lola del Carril agarra a cat in crochet by Diego Armando Maradona. Photo by Mart Bonn Bonetto.

—¿Is there a historical place where you live to live with pressure?

—Sensing for a sense of responsibility. Hace poco una chica me dijo: “Quiero ser como vos cuando sea grande”. Es a montón, ¿qué está pasando? This query is related to what it is. Ayer lloré of the emotion because with this of those interviewees who are haciendo pude mirar from front the las cosas that are me pasando. Do not look at an example because you see that a medium-sized bald eagle and the example are on it. Pero sí me encanta poder ser parje de quienes estamos abriendo nuevos naminos y continuar con el legado de otras kollegas pussieron el lepero en moments much more incommodos, moments in los que astrée abrir caminos a las piñas, que se que la pasaron com Ángela Lerena, Viviana Vila. Please help improve this article or section by expanding it.

Todo pasó en un día

Hace dos agos, commanding the pandemic, Lola del Carril is feeling frustrated. With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games posted by coronavirus, ESPN flashes for Las Leonas notes. Without competencies, tampoco had a lot of training. “No tengo plata, no tengo trabajo, no tengo nada, ¿qué hago?”. Arrangement: printing a store, marketing for a commodity chain, rebusque.

Every time you turn the page on the sheet metal to try it out as a program panelist High Pressure by TyC Sports. Sabia que para quedar tenía que imponerse (o gritar más fuerte). If imputed and what. This article does not cite its references or sources. Working in the media to get inside the Public TV launches the first competition to compete with the best Argentine speaker.

“It simply came to our notice then. Simempre me tuve mucha confianza. I am competing. “I do not know what to do with it.”


September 2021 and Lola del Carril is one of the three finalists of the Argentine TV Reporters program on Public TV. To define the competence that relates the second goal of Diego Maradona to the English. Lola se mete en la cabina. The conductor, Mariano Peluffo, offered a vase of water, but he said no. Lola does not live in the final of Mexico 86 – of the semifinal of Italy 90 in the World Cup of the United States 94, tampoco of France 98 – but it is all in the cupboard, and with the good thread in the trouser arm Cosmic Barrilete:

Arranca Maradona, empieza a dibujar, mancha por la banda derecha y les pinta la cara a tres ingleses. Now be sure to check the potency and corazón field rival. Si hace este gol me muero. Queda mano a mano. Oo Goooooooool! Me muero. Goal from Argentina, by Diego Armando Maradona, floating as if invisible fire from the metal of the can, swinging with the woman, with her hair falling…

Fold over a piece and cover the paper with the name of ganadora. Dice “Lola” in black fiber. Lola dobla un poco las rodillas, se tapa la cara y llora. Slow down the lanes to get their hand on the trophy trophy. You must sign a contract first as a speaker.

—¿Did you ask a woman who is tense who relies on the medium of reality, of a competence?

—The last time a woman rested on the sports scene in a central role. Intended for sonar mediocre sonar, per much many speakers account for this way: competencies or competitions. Considering that generating controversy the idea of ​​exposing and competing among women to be able to relate to a medium, through the program sent precedents but required other media to ponder ojo, listen to female voices, and which of the various national channels are opportunistic. Argentine Realtors puso un tema en agenda porque fue novedoso, disruptivo y pionero. Hoy creo que Speakers … not a reality, not a school. Fue todo real, todas en igualdad de conditionition, y el venculo con el jurado también fue real.

—C¿mo manejás las críticas machistas?

—Pienso that is more profound and more cultural, as if it were not treated personally, only that it is more like the first male speaker. At this point, I like Pierre Bourdieu’s theory: vanguardias incomodan to the hegemonic camp and when they try to build a plot in this camp, there is resistance. It’s all about acoustic society to listen to masculine vocals related to football, as obviamently as it sounds like it’s rarely the voice of a woman. A mí, de hecho, me sonaba raro: cuando quería ser relatora decía “yo no me escucharía”. But it is a custom cost. At the moment it is about the novel, the “unnatural”.

Between poetry and poetry

How el “Ta-t ,n, ta-tán” by Walter Nelson, el “We live, we live, we live” by Rodolfo De Paoli o el “Tengo miedo, nene” de Alejandro Apo, Lola del Carril también tiene sus latiguillos. The trademark registers the idea of ​​the vortex, which by definition is an intense activity that breaks down into a velocity or a very fast pace. Vertigo or the art of relating.

Lola says that before starting the event in Olivos, he was not surprised by the speaker, who communicates. Daba igual si wind on a radio, in a song or in a poem.

—¿How do you prepare to report parties?

—Practical in case. I am armed with a document with all the phases of the game. For example: pongo pelota circulation, dos points, and all the words that can be used. The corner, the points, and all the metaphors for numbering such as “Lazio airbag flight”, “magic wand”, “center of the resting zone”. Tengo muy buena memory, pero es una questión de studio. I mean, I see parts of each team that relates to me, I mean the context in which I live, the other points and the odds; if you have one that hits the goalpost, marking the middle of the jug, the stats corre o se mueve el jugador, todo lo que achique ese margen porque en el relatto todo sucede en dos segundos. I was armed with a number of possible phrases, poeticized or not, and then I scored the goal well. I prepare a lot.

—¿Ya podrías definir tu estilo de relato?

—Siempre me cargan porque trato de hablar con propiedad, tener respect per la pababra. Creo that what tastes best to me is the most poetic or metaphorical sentiment of words, for it is in form. As much as I like to make a fuss about football, the fact that it haunts the surface of the sill, and the fact that it is based on literary constructions that are not connected to the world of football, like firing a 90 minute novel. I am very passionate, I am interested in realizing, temperament, lrogr that el otro se levante y lo viva con nosotros. Creo que lo mío is a poetic football. Pero también senento that is very pronto for defining or encasillarme. Each part is a pilot and his flight time is that of dandome with more confusion and more style.


The speaker Lola del Carril with the official Qatar fleet 2022. Photo by Mart Bonn Bonetto.

The speaker Lola del Carril with the official Qatar fleet 2022. Photo by Mart Bonn Bonetto.

Lola treats the pelvis with effect. Simper la tuvo cerca. Hinchas del mismo equipo, empezó a ir a los stadiumi desde chica con su mama. There is no need for a mother to take the opportunity to enter the south side of a cane. La gestión la hizo su papá, por entonces producer in deportive canals.

Lola saca qatar pelota de su caja original. It says that the road is faster in the air than any other balloon. Pero ella parece dominar al viento. Amaga con sacarse las botas, pero no. Encadena dos, cuatro, diez jueguitos. Hace una vuelta al mundo. The lavender and the dormant deja sobre su nuca.

—¿Y ahora cuáles son tus sueños de relatora?

—Ir a Qatar! I have a very strong heart: I want to talk about it. Por ahí no a Selección Argentina, pero sí otros partidos. Ojo, también me gustaría relatar una Champions League. Imagine tener the auricular parts that sound like the anthem of the Champions. Y ya está, yo me muero. Además me encantaría relatar la Libertadores. If you have been trying to make ends meet, you need to renovate it to get more aspiring and more engine power on your car. The verdict is always good.

Será hasta that los 90 minutes of vertigo us vuelvan to find.


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