Marcelo Longobardi led the presentation of the new CNN Radio grid: what its program will be like

On the morning of this Wednesday, the presentation -o in advance– from CNN in Argentina, where, in addition to detailing the complete programming of his AM radio, welcomed Marcelo Longobardiwho he will lead the first radio morning there again after his commented departure from radio Miter.

How LA NACION had advancedLongobardi’s return to the ether will take place next Monday, April 11, no less than in his old schedule from 6 to 10 in the morning and with the premiere of his new program Lombards by CNNand CNN Radio AM 950.

This was confirmed today Cinzia Hudsonsenior vice president and general manager of CNN in Spanish and Hispanic strategy for CNN; Filippo de Stefanigeneral manager of Warner Media Argentina and director of advertising sales of WarnerMedia Latin America, e Marcelo Gonzalezdirector general of CNN Radio Argentina, during the brunch at the Palacio Duhau in Buenos Aires.

Journalists Marcelo Longobardi, María Laura Santillán, María O´Donnell, Ernesto Tenembaum and the Mexican Carmen Aristegui
Journalists Marcelo Longobardi, María Laura Santillán, María O´Donnell, Ernesto Tenembaum and the Mexican Carmen AristeguiGerardo Viercovich – THE NATION

“Getting to CNN Radio is a great challenge, perhaps the most complex I’ve ever had. It is inspiring, inspiring and I would also like to tell you that it is mandatory, as all of us who have the opportunity to change must do so. I forced myself to do it. On the other hand, another huge challenge is, in addition to creating a new program, building a brand new radio, which is very difficultso I hope to be up to what I have to do “, Longobardi commented today, in dialogue with LA NACION.

“A segment of the program it will be broadcast by CNN in Spanish for the entire regionan idea by Cynthia Hudson, director of CNN, which, perhaps, is one of the most significant changes the whole process will have, “he then advanced.

Lombards in full conversation with their new radio partners, María Laura Santillán and María O'Donnell
Lombards in full conversation with their new radio partners, María Laura Santillán and María O’DonnellGerardo Viercovich – THE NATION

In the new Longobardi cycle he will be accompanied by his friend and economic journalist Guillermo “Willy” Kohanthe international analyst Juan DillonJournalist Nicola Singer, head of the sports column, e Romina Aldana in the phrase

In addition, the program will see the participation of CNN correspondents around the worldincluding the main international correspondent José Levy. They will offer special reports with world news of particular relevance to Argentina and the region.

About his remembered and resigned resignation to Miter, Longobardi expressed: “I could not have a more comfortable comfort zone. We have reached over forty percent of the quota, with a very high level team, on a radio as big as Miter y no short-term inconvenience or threatsbut I am convinced that changes must be made before they inevitably occur “, he assured before concluding:” Making a change when nothing and no one requires it takes on another relevance, because do it when circumstances ask, it’s child’s play“. She also revealed that when he left Miter him it rained “proposals from all sides, including the world of cinema”.

“The changes must be made before they happen in an inevitable way”, said Longobardi in a conversation with LA NACIONRodrigo Néspolo – THE NATION

Finally, the driver left a few words on the news in the media and politics: “Governments of much of the world they brought the media into the political debatesomething that we clearly perceive in Argentina, but which also happened in The United States with Donald Trump and in Brazil it happened with Jair Bolsonaro. From that, people have begun to behave around what is termed ‘confirmation bias’, the search in the media to find what you think. It is somewhat complex, since maintaining independence from this has become hostile. This has led us to survive in a jungle, where even listeners or readers have become radicalized.

“Social media – he added – have generated a substantial change in communication. Today, a speech of mine uploaded to Instagram is seen by 400,000 people, half of the people who previously listened to me on the radio. Like this, we are on a journey that we do not know very well where it is goingbut what you have to climb in order not to be left behind “.

As the reporter said, Lombards by CNN It will be broadcast simultaneously for the entire region on CNN in Spanish from May. Powered by the multiple digital platforms of the news network, the program will have a reach of over 60 million homes in the United States, Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

The launch event, which was directed by Juan Pablo Varskyanother of the CNN figures in Argentina on both television and radio, saw the participation of other prominent figures of CNN in Spanish, such as the Mexican journalist Carmen AristeguiArgentine editor and columnist Andrew Oppenheimer and CNN presenters in Argentina, Ernesto Tenembaum, María O’Donnell, Nacho Girón, Ignacio Grimaldi and Iván Pérez Sarmenti.

Juan Pablo Varsky was the host of the event
Juan Pablo Varsky was the host of the eventGerardo Viercovich – THE NATION

In recent years, CNN en Español has strengthened its local programming offering with a significant investment, and now it has. six spaces produced by CNN Argentina for all of Latin America: In dialogue with the LombardsLongobardi’s Sunday talk show; Connect 2with María O’Donnell and Ernesto Tenembaum; Perspectives from Buenos Aireswith Juan Pablo Varsky; CNN writes in Buenos Aireswith Nacho Girón; first morningwith Nuria Am e Southern Marketwith Jesica Bossi and Iván Pérez Sarmenti.

The same Monday 11, CNN Radio AM 950 will present a preview of the new programming from Monday to Fridaywhere in addition to Lombards there will be María Laura Santillán, Juan Pablo Varsky, José “Pepe” Gil Vidal Julieta Tarrés, Pía Shaw, Federico Seeber, Adrián Puente, Pablo Giralt, Matías García, Ernesto Tenembaum, María O’Donnell and Mercedes Mendoza. About weekend, participation by Nacho Girón, Francisco Olivera, Fernando González, Bobby Flores, Mariana Mactas, Bárbara Arroyo, Ricardo Braginski, Martín Leopoldo Díaz, Martín Melo, Guillermo Panizza, Francisco Salmain, Federico Clarat, Víctor Russo and Gustavo Noriega.

Among the novelties of this year that stands out Warner Media’s sports signal, TNT Sports, will have two sports cycles on CNN Radio. From 10pm to 11pm, Mattia Garcia will be in charge of making an informative summary in TNT data sportswhile, as closing of the day and in duplex with TNT Sports, from 11pm to 1am Paolo Giralt will be in front TNT Sport and CNN Radiowith the participation of the professionals Nicolás Fassi, Nicolás Latini, Antonella Valderrey and Matías Bustos Milla.

Recall that the station, formerly Radio Belgrano AM 950, was launched on 11 March 2019 as CNN Radio AM 950, and is characterized by make facts your informative backbone. News, politics, economy, sport, culture and entertainment reach the whole country in the voice of the most prestigious journalists through its more than 35 repeaters and multiplatforms.

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