Máximo Kirchner sent a message to the government: “It must be cut with the nonsense on TV”

The deputy and referent of La Cámpora, Massimo Kirchnersent a message to the government asking it to take more measures for vulnerable sectors when internal discussions for the IMF deal are still Grain leather in the ruling coalition. “We have to cut it with the nonsense of television and solve this complex moment”She said.

Kirchner headed off an act in Merlo as head of the PJ of Buenos Aires together with various representatives of the space. There he gave several messages to President Alberto Fernández amidst the signs of the Casa Rosada to prioritize unity for 2023. “I’m not one of those who think you have to flock for the sake of crowding”he noted. And she added: “If the leaders pile up in a unit that doesn’t try to give all the fights, it will be a simple accumulation of leaders in one place and with people in another place. That it can’t happen again in Argentina.

Kirchner referred to this way during the oath of the new authorities of the PJ de Merlo, chaired by the former mayor Gustavo Menéndez. In case there was also presence of the government of Axel Kicillof. They were the chief of staff of Buenos Aires, Martin Insaurraldeand the Minister of the Government, Cristina Alvarez Rodriguez; furthermore intendants of the first and third electoral sections of the Frente de Todos.

Máximo Kirchner during an act in Merlo.
Máximo Kirchner during an act in Merlo.

While himThe inflationary problem is getting worsethe leader of Cámpora, said that it is necessary to side with the people and “put limits on those who abuse prices and play with hunger” in an action that, he said, has “the support of the media”.

As the national government strongly reproached: “How is it possible that they do not understand that food is missing from the tables of Argentines and Argentines? You have to be more generous. we must stop complaining if they cut a road But what do you want them to do? You have to take care of management, food, work, safety “.

Máximo Kirchner recognized him the government did “did things to collect workers’ wages”, but he called for more post-pandemic action and criticized businessmen “That it is difficult for them to give anything now” once the effects of the coronavirus crisis are left behind. The legislator recalled that in 2017 the electorate “was on the side” of Cristina Kirchner, despite the fact that that year she was defeated in the general elections by Esteban Bullrich.

The former president of the ruling party in the Chamber of Deputies stressed that the Indec report on the price index will be negative. “Inflation will be known next week. it will be very difficult. The situation we have to go through is complex. We must have the intelligence and the will to defend our people. “

Kirchner attended the event with Axel Kicillof officials and mayors.
Kirchner attended the event with Axel Kicillof officials and mayors.

Kirchner, who has accentuated his differences from albertism since the pre-agreement with the IMF, criticized the way the government conducts internal conflict. “We need to have the ability to understand this when we do we pose situations We do not do it from the truth, but from our truth. We must give ourselves the opportunity not to personalize the political discussion. “

Kirchner objected to the argument of the macrista inheritance to which the Casa Rosada usually alludes to describe the current situation. “But this cannot serve as an excuse to face reality and solve the problems our country has today.. Since we have been elected to represent our people, we present ourselves in the elections so that the people elect us and we are here because we want to be there and we must be willing to do so ”.

During his speech, Máximo Kirchner objected the role of the media, and addressed a special message to officials, which he identified as “the leadership of Buenos Aires”. “You have to be able to stand up and defend your beliefs, even if the newspapers and TV tell you otherwise.because those channels and those newspapers, those reporters were the ones they brought [Mauricio] macri to the presidency by lying to the people about what he would do. While Macri smiles in the US, people can’t make ends meet. “

Economy Minister Martín Guzmán and President Alberto Fernández at the Casa Rosada.
Economy Minister Martín Guzmán and President Alberto Fernández at the Casa Rosada.Fabián Marelli – THE NATION

While inflation seems to escape official forecasts and the equals are discussed by shorter strokes, the president also of the PJ of Buenos Aires affirmed that the workers and women of the suburbs must be defended “who during the pandemic have” stopped the pot so that there is no lack of food in the houses “. And he highlighted: “The leaders of Buenos Aires do not understand this, because for them the suburbs are an unknown place in which they decide to enter through the television screens“.

The photo of Mauricio Macri with Donald Trump in the United States he was not excluded from the pitcher’s speech. “I couldn’t stop thinking about how they got our country, our Argentina in debt.” He spoke about it at the beginning with a brief comment, although much of the message was addressed to President Alberto Fernández and to the officials who are in Balcarce 54.

The pickets in the city of Buenos Aires have been at the center of controversy in recent days.
The pickets in the city of Buenos Aires have been at the center of controversy in recent days. Alessandro Guyot

In a message to the militancy, he asked them to count “if they receive threats” and to comment on “going out on the street” as was done during the governments of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner. In the middle of the criticism of the street protest and the discussion on the continuity of social plans He asked them to “have self-esteem“And that do not allow”that no one is disrespectful to them because mango is not enough for them and the state is giving them a hand “.

Kirchner closed his speech in a particular way and in which it seemed to position itself as a central act for the next few months. We accompany everyone I ask everyone to accompany me as they accompanied Néstor and Cristina, because together, hand in hand, we will come out of hell “.

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