Máximo Kirchner: “We have to stop complaining if they block a road and put an end to the bullshit on television”

It was during an act of PJ Bonaerense

In the middle within the Front of All, the deputy and former head of that block in the lower house, Massimo Kirchnersent a harsh message to the president Alberto Fernandezhe asked “take over”while claiming “Stop complaining if they block a road” Y ending “with the nonsense of television”.

“I want our government to do well because that means our people will do well. I don’t want to play divisions, but I’m not one of those who think you need to accumulate to accumulate, because if leaders accumulate in a unit that does not try to fight all the struggles, work what needs to be worked for for our society to move forward, it will be a simple accumulation of leaders in one place and with people in another place . That it can never happen again in Argentina, ”she condemned.

Militants of various social movements camped on 9 de Julio Avenue and stopped traffic for a few days (Maximiliano Luna)
Militants of various social movements camped on 9 de Julio Avenue and stopped traffic for a few days (Maximiliano Luna)

It was during a speech he gave in his role as president of the PJ of the province of Buenos Aires, during an act in which the new authorities of the space have settled in the party of Buenos Aires of Merlo, which will again be led by the former local mayor , Gustavo Menendez.

“We must have the freedom and understand that there was nothing wrong with our criticism. We recognize that we have defended everything that convinced us and they also called us to raise our voices when we felt we were wrong. I want our government to do well because our people do well. We have to get back on track and if sometimes there is a conflict and if sometimes someone threatens you, you have to tell your people, ask them to accompany you, let’s go out on the street, as we did with Néstor and Cristina, and we will give the fight “harangued the son of the vice president.

Máximo Kirchner was accompanied by several Peronist leaders in Merlo
Máximo Kirchner was accompanied by several Peronist leaders in Merlo

In this sense, e After several days of protests and encampments in the middle of 9 de Julio Avenue On the part of the social movements, the deputy defended this type of demonstration and aimed at businessmen: “How is it possible that they do not understand that food is lacking on the Argentine table? You have to be more generous, you have to stop complaining if they block a road. But what do you want them to do? You have to take care of management, food, work, safety. You have to cut it with the nonsense of television and solve this complex moment”, He thought about it.

In another section of his presentation, the deputy of the Frente de Todos recalled that “next week we will know the inflation” of March and predicted that the index “will be very hard”, for which he advised in power executive “to have sufficient intelligence and will to defend our people” and “put limits on those who abuse prices and play with the hunger of the people thanks to the protection of the media”.

“The harsh context we live in today began to arise when Macri took over the presidency and I said it and I will continue to say it everywhere but, which cannot serve as a pretext for facing reality and solving the problems our country has today. Since we have been chosen to represent our people, we present ourselves in the elections so that the people elect us and we are here because we want to be and we must be willing to do so ”.he warned.

The national deputy gave his vision of the current situation in the country
The national deputy gave his vision of the current situation in the country

Likewise, he criticized the vice president’s son Maurizio Macri for the picture who was released along with the former North American president Donald Trumpand held them responsible for the current situation in Argentina: “I couldn’t stop thinking about what is happening today to our people, to our citizens, to Merlo’s neighbors. I couldn’t stop thinking about how they got our country in debt. “he pointed.

The current mayor of Merlo was also present at the event, Karina Menendez; the chief of staff of Buenos Aires, Martin Insaurralde; the president of the provincial Chamber of Deputies, Federico Otermin; and the outgoing president of the PJ club, Eduardo Alessi.

There were also, among other local and provincial bodies, the Minister of the Government, Cristina Alvarez Rodriguez; the senator Teresa Garcia; Provincial Director of Roads Hernan and Zurietaand the mayors Damiano Selci, Marisa Fassi, Mariel Fernandez, Nicolás Mantegazza, Marina Lesci Y Facundo Diaz.

During his speech, Máximo Kirchner also spoke of the “defeat of Peronism in 2015” and felt that this electoral failure “was costly for all Argentine men and women, they think as they think”, because it brought people “all “hell” of that, according to his view, the party itself “had removed it in 2003”.

“The west, Moreno, Merlo, are among the districts that know best what happens when leaders flocked to one place and people to another, it was 2001. It was from the west that many Argentines came to Plaza de Mayo because they didn’t gave more. So we must have the ability to understand that when we pose situations we do not do it from the truth, but from our truth. We must give ourselves the opportunity not to personalize the political discussion, ”she concluded.


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