May the draw be the injection of emotions for Atlético

The nearly dying goal of Ramirò Carrera it was there gong who “saved” Juan Manuel Azconzabal, which gave him another life – at least – at the helm of Atlético. And “Vasco” certainly deserves it, for all that he has given to “Dean” as a player and manager.

The 1-1 draw with San Lorenzo, saved from the rain at the Nuovo Gasometro, was very fortuitous due to the deviation in Nestor Ortigozabut he also responded to a virtue: the visit was never delivered.

Beaten on ball possession and scoring chances, Atlético were as strong as Azconzábal intended: they scored in his only net complementary arrival. On the contrary, the guest paid dearly for his inefficiency, especially that of the Paraguayan Adam Bareiroa machine to make mistakes and to whom Nicola Campisi He won the personal duel decisively.

It is difficult to determine what justice is in football. If it exists, the “Dean” probably took too much prize from Bajo Flores.

In front of those of Pietro Troglio, Tucuman’s team ended up “connecting”. Maybe it was time, after situations like the “penalty” on William Acosta not collected before the center of Córdoba.

“In general terms, in terms of commitment and order, the team respected, on the football level we had more marked strokes with the ball after the opponent’s goal, with a great effort by the midfielders”, argued the “Vasco “in front of the press.

In the first half, Atlético managed to block the trajectories of their rivals, but lost volume of play when they recovered the ball.

the goal of Centurion Ricardo At the dawn of the complement (the VAR confirmed that Bareiro was enabled in the previous one) he threatened to be the coup de grace to the cycle of Azconzábal. Especially since Atlético did not react for ten minutes and seemed to have a fragile jaw, available to the “Ciclón”.

But instead of defining the dispute, San Lorenzo honored its founding origins and forgave. “Ricky” also collaborated: canchero, he played a useless game with the ball. His provocation angered “Bebe” Acosta and coincided with that final outburst of Atlético which bore the fruits of him, already with Franco Coman And Martin Garay in court

A fourth consecutive defeat would probably have been too much. With an aggravating circumstance: the San Lorenzo arrived as urgent as Atlético. And with a perhaps even narrower squad.

The tie brought relief to hosts Atlético, who finished with ten for red Bruno Bianchi. Of course, you have to measure it correctly: the team is still the last of the 28 competing in the League Cup.

So much so that its stats are almost as unbalanced (1 win, 2 draws, 5 losses) as the growing denomination that the city adjacent to the New Gasometer receives, 1-11-14. Like that deal, everything remains precarious for the “Dean”.

Of course, as the protagonist of the lyrics of the famous theme song of the Electric Light Orchestra (“Last Train to London”), for “Vasco” also the alleged “last train” passed at the beginning of April, and he managed to go on, pushed from Carrera’s goal.

It is hoped that he can stay in the lead of the formation, with points and good performances.


Nicola Campisi (7)

He was fundamental in the development of the game and in the result. He has had three or four key surgeries. It was his best match.

Renzo Tesuri (4)

He played a sacrificial game, sometimes playing as a right-back. Due to his inexperience of him in his position, he enabled Bareiro in the play which ended in the local goal.

Marcelo Ortiz (6)

He was safe in the mark, he had almost no projection when he was stopped from the side.

Bruno Bianchi (5)

Safe in the mark, as almost always. But the unusual double yellow he received in less than five minutes is unforgivable.

Nicholas Thaller (6)

It assumes its secondary role in defense, always firm from above, its strength.

Captain Gabriel Risso (5)

He completed his lane, in the first half he practically canceled Centurion.

Ramiro Carrera (7)

It’s back to the level that fans had been missing. He is the leader that Atlético have from midfield onwards. The goal was a well-deserved prize.

William Acosta (6)

Adequate in the middle of the field, he stood out for several games.

Gaston Gil Romero (5)

Better than in other games. He is a player who can give a lot to the team if he is doing well.

Ramiro Ruiz Rodríguez (4)

He needed to cheer up more. She felt like she was playing with the handbrake on. Either way, he had a great performance and walked away with a nuisance.

Augusto Lotti (5)

Lonely on the attack. In the first half he was very active, in the second he cost him a little more. He played a role in the goal.

Nicholas Laméndola (-)

Little came into play, it seemed that with his freshness and dribbling, if he had more minutes, he could have hurt the local defense.

Martin Garay (-)

It was the key to the goal. It can be an interesting variation in the middle if you gain confidence.

Franco Coman (-)

He had no participation.

Leonardo Heredia (-)

It didn’t come into play.

Cristian Menendez (-)

He played a few minutes.

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