“Messi is on another level, his head goes faster than any human being”

For his game and his qualities, for his sacrifices on the whole field, for his ties with Lionel Messi and his charisma Rodrigo De Paul long ago it became standard in this Selection champion of America and, above all, one of the favorites of those who have been climbing the Scaloneta for some time.

But this nice gift from De Paul is not limited to his performances with the Argentina shirt. Despite – incredibly – at the beginning there were some doubts, also linked to the team’s irregular rhythm in the first part of the season, gradually the steering wheel became stronger in the Atletico Madridwhere he arrived for 2021/2022 and today he has already become an undisputed player of the team Diego Simeone.

A preview of the start of the series against Manchester City Of Champions LeagueRodrigo talked about everything. Beyond the team’s present, he also referred to how his game has changed since his debut in Racing, He dedicated sincere praise to Messi and shared his secret to making a good barbecue.

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“First, Messi doesn’t need anything else for everything he has given to football to put him there, at the top”, De Paul began talking with Goal, when he was asked if winning a World Cup would have been the perfect end to Leo’s career. And, speaking of his presence at PSG and the boos, he explained: “I don’t have a great opinion on what’s happening to him in Paris, because I don’t live for the day, but I can tell you what he’s doing in the national team.”

“He is happy with Argentina. He is our leader, we follow him. Now he will surely speak to us, he has played five World Cups and will give us some advice, a word of encouragement,” because as you said there are already five World Championships and the experience at the moment weighs “, he assured.

And along the same lines, he added: “I hope Messi likes it and doesn’t suffer from it. I hope it goes wellWe will see if it will be his last World Cup or not, he will decide. He can really keep playing as long as he wants, because it’s on another level, the head goes faster than any human, so we will all try to make him enjoy this World Cup and if we get to the last day, even better ”.

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Furthermore, regarding a possible promise for the World Cup, he explained: “I would do a lot of crazy things, but I prefer not to say them. We As players we have to make people understand that winning a World Cup is not easy. There will be very strong teams. “

I would be wrong if I started here talking about promises of what I will do if I were champion. Yes, we can’t wait, we will give everything to reach the goal, but we must be cautious, step by step “.

De Paul, on the other hand, in another extensive interview with Cadena Ser’s Carrusel Deportivo, described what was the key to changing his game and referred to the importance that Scaloni also had in this change: “Yes, it is It is true that I have changed a lot since it all started. I spoke to Udinese with a coach, who saw me as an intern. I started doing it there. I started to like him, because he had a lot more to do with the ball. He played the ball, which is what I like. He makes me feel good. ”

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“Scaloni had a lot to do with this, for how we played in the national team, next to me in most games plays Paredes. Then I realized that I also had to recover a little more to help him. Because we in the national team are a team that recovers by cutting spaces and not so much the hound that teams have. Gradually I was incorporating things.

Along the same lines, he added: “The subject of food has changed me a lot, of working at home with a separate teacher. I realized that physically I almost always finished games well, without too much effort. Before I knew it, I was running 12 or 13 kilometers per game. But it’s also knowing how to make them work … “

And on the subject he closed: “In Italy I learned a lot tactically. To run a little less, but better. The question of covering the spaces. And I think coming to Atlético de Madrid at the age of 27 and being directed by Cholo was a bit of the icing on the cake to finish incorporating a lot of concepts that it’s very clear about. and knows how to transmit them very well. So I think I’m in a good position and I think that if I am capable and intelligent of receiving all those concepts, I think my career will continue to grow. ”

On the other hand, when asked about his good gift, he acknowledged: “I am very demanding, very self-critical. I think a lot about the plays, the matches. I always feel I can do better. And I know that sometimes you have to have some fun too. But this is what gave me the opportunity to join Atlético de Madrid and the Argentine national team, so I won’t change it either. ”

“I think I’m well advanced. Before the interruption I think I have done well in the last few games, but I feel I can give a lot more. Tuesday’s against City is a good test. I really like those games. and we hope to be able to play a great game together “.

In one of the funnest moments of the note, De Paul described his roasting technique and also told what bothers him most about the guests. “They tell me that I make very good barbecues. I like to make them. I think the key is to do it very calmly, so on the days when I do it I light the fire very early, I do it very slowly and I think that’s the secret.”

“I don’t really like it when they say ‘what time do we eat?’ It’s like they’re pressuring you. They have to come, have fun, be near the fire. Obviously don’t touch the grill. There are three or four elements they need to study. ”

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How has he changed from his time at Valencia to his current time at Atlético de Madrid:

“I have a lot more experience, I see things elsewhere, with a little more pause. Over there when you are young you get into that vortex of living everything 100×100 and now I take things much more calmly. But I think the l ‘essence and way of seeing football and life are still somewhat the same “

The present of the Aleti: “In terms of results, it is one of the best moments for Atlético de Madrid. Furthermore, the team has entered a good dynamic, we know that when we enter the field things will go well. We know when we enter the field, things will go well. good. This is also a bit of confidence, the accumulation of victories. It’s nice that we have won these six games, plus the two of the Champions League. We hope to continue like this. ” .

His arrival at Atlético de Madrid: “I’ve always said it from the board of directors and Cholo, they really wanted to count on me, we were always in touch during that month of Copa América. For me it’s a double requirement to be able to give back all that trust. I think there is still a lot to give. “.

The series against City: “Atlético de Madrid showed many signs of character, personality on very difficult fields. It is also true that every game is different. I have no doubt that we will do well, that we will show our faces and that we will be at Champions League quarter-final level. I hope he decides for our team, but it will be a very long draw. ”

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Guardiola: “He’s a great coach. Certainly one of the best today. His numbers say so, so it will also be a good duel on the bench, because I think both teams are among the two best coaches he has in football. Hopefully, above all the public enjoys this match “.

The comparison with Cholo: “They’ll weigh me down a little with the answer. Because they already told me. But yeah, I really admire him in that position and I try to do a little bit what he did. To the Level Selection and in the club. Being that spare tire, that connection between attackers and midfielders, between midfielders and defenders. Let the ball pass through me, a word of encouragement. ”

“I really like football, tactics. Many times I like to talk to my teammates on the pitch, I think I’ll take my second to see how the team is. The truth is that I watch it and if people see it, It means that I am doing something right or that I copied it well “.

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How was the bad moment of the team experienced: “It’s also a little bit of football, the dynamics that this sport has that makes it so attractive. I think we didn’t deserve it in many games where we lost points. In football, when those moments of doubt pass, not so much the club, but around me, I feel there are two paths. Either the team joins in or it opens up a bit and those cracks begin to enter which then end up hurting.

“In that case, I think in the somewhat delicate moment that Atlético experienced, it was amazing how they came together, they worked. There were weeks where we finished working and Cholo said to us’ I congratulate you for the intensity, for the data, because of how they work. ‘ Over time we started to get that dynamic of victories and we got to this moment. ”

“So I think maybe it wasn’t great at the time, the best thing we had was the bond of the group.”

Louis Suarez: “This shows why he is one of the best strikers in history. The mentality. The mentality of competing, of wanting to win. For me in football the mentality is one of the most important things. This is the difference. Mentally he does not change it, it is a lot. sure of who he is, of what he does.

“He understands that today he doesn’t have the minutes, but he doesn’t give up. Above all I think that the example he gives, in addition to having a word of experience and that the whole team accompanies him, I think that the example is the most important thing he gives to all of us and especially the little ones “.

Diego Simeone: “El Cholo is very clear in conveying ideas. He knows how, when, at what time to speak with the player in person, with the group. He knows how to touch the buttons when something doesn’t work and the team has understood it. Also if we have always understood where we are, what shirt we have … “

Press criticism: “Everyone does their job. They must have understood that Atlético was not in a good moment. The important thing for us is to know to what extent to listen, to what extent to look. To what extent it can influence on you”.

“Both in criticism and also in praise. Because sometimes even the praise is exaggerated. So for both sides a footballer or in this case the club, had to know that it was not all black as it was seen there or neither of them, when The praise begins, it’s all so white. There are always things to improve and I think we understand it very well “.

Doubts about Simeone: “Doubting Cholo Simeone is crazy. He is one of the best coaches in the world, he has things very clear. And when things don’t go well it’s everyone’s business and when they go well too. This is a club, a team. For better or for worse we all know that we have our responsibilities. “

“We know that Simeone is the head of this team, the one who manages this ship and we are all on that ship. We strongly believe in what he tells us and above all in the way in which Cholo transmits”.

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