Messi reencontró con su su espiritu amateur

Lionel Messi wins every second in the Argentine selection (REUTERS / Andrew Couldridge)
Lionel Messi wins every second in the Argentine selection (REUTERS / Andrew Couldridge)

Messi hoy is more happy to be a nun in the Selection. Do not say what the terms are. Ni las giras. How to cook picados of sábados with friends. How to treat a wild road that takes more than one year. Leo se divierte en la cancha. One of the most professional footballers in the world can be found with your amateur spirit in Argentina. You are looking for and trying to get the shooter by air. Quería scored 5 goals in Italy, making it the classic of the other barrier at Wembley.

The large difference between the ant and now -or the account- coronar. Messi le destrabó la cabeza el triunfo en el Maracaná. Ese día, after more than 15 years, is unanimously established in Argentina. Hasta se quería quedar mís días de vacations en el país para disfrutar ese amor … El imonimo, el ego bueno, el confiar en une puede ser aún mes important ike a táctica s elaper elaborada. Li confianza libera el talento. For this Brazilian Selection for acacia but not for cracking. O de creer. You can create the rest. Argentina is a team under pressure. They have been converted to pessimism.

The mourning of Maria, who calls to recruit a psychologist. Ahora, the finals are not only the blue game that hacks goosebumps. Like Messi, who does not pass through the lap of the Copa sin levantarla. Now you can play all the domingos in the Selection.

Messi valoró “tener los pies en el suelo”. Upon selection in London you will be nominated for Qatar. At the moment it is more than just a lot of excitement. Now approve the subject matter: the European rival. It’s not easy to find the right person in the city – how to go about it on Twitter – it is part of the analysis by the team at the time. Considering that he is just three years old, Messi declares that he is not a sabbath and that he is a World Cup. Men’s picture is about 35 at this level in Argentina.

If it sounds like a word that uses Sabella, the DT has the best version. Scaloni, in exchange, declare that he sees only the great Messi. There is no logic to logic. Things that are more complete, that maneuver more facets of the game. Desde el liderazgo hasta el pase. Puede ser Messi e Iniesta, o Messi y Xavi. Or in your team, on Iniesta and Xavi because of the Messi electricity the Mbappé port. Dani Alves said that he was surprised that he had not been able to get active. Hoy hace largo time that no camina at a cost as in photos viejas. Messi is online at 90. The sea is the point where the concept is debatable. Diego tal vez era m complets completo en el 94, pero el mejor Maradona fue el del 86. Igual son tan tan genios que fue is Messi el que destrabó el partido con Italia: el 1-0 de Lautaro es casi todo de él.

Messi fue figure with other figures in Wembley. The blanket that hizo alguna jugada of more than quería su gol. It is a permit. Di Mar laa la descosió. Lautaro tal vez jugu su mejor partido en el cyclo, desde la elaboracón además del gol. Taglyfici reply as hacía rato quería u no podía. And Paul’s a duel. It’s the scaloni’s great halal, because when it comes to the 2019 Copa Nadia is not alone on the radar. We hope the game will not start at Simeone’s Athletic as De Paul is the Cholo of the 90’s.

Scales swinging from pulse to discharge, being reconciled. Weapon a group that fired Messi back and forth. El ganar destrabó la mirada sobre la convivencia. Antes, pegar pe, se le tiraba piedras al Club de Amigos, a phrase que demuestra that no hacen falta malas palabras para descalificar. Now, to be applauded, ban banita to Bandita, as Papu Gómez’s bass. Internamente lo tienen claro y lo manejaron bien. Messi in the city of the poster. Leo también asumió un liderazgo clave para Scaloni. In the first Copa, the Kun is empowered when the DT is fired. Fue Messi el que le bajó la temperatura. Messi tampoco se rebello cuando Di Mar sea se quedó afuera por poner una mala cara … And a captain cheers like a nun in the Selection.


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