Miguel Ángel Estrella, the Argentine pianist who filled the music with the “color of hope”, died.

The Argentine pianist Michelangelo’s star died in Paris at the age of 81. He had emigrated to France in 1976 after suffering political persecution, prisons and torture by two Latin American dictatorships, Argentina and Uruguay.

“The Argentine delegation to UNESCO regrets to announce the death of Miguel Ángel Estrella, who was Argentine ambassador to UNESCO and UNESCO goodwill ambassador, pianist and founder of the NGO Música Esperanza”announced via Twitter that entity directed by the Argentine pianist.

Star of Michelangelo has received numerous international awards. Era Knight of the French Legion of HonorCommander of the Order of Arts and Letters of the French government e Honorary doctorate National University of Tucumán, just to name a few awards.

Miguel Angel Estrella 20220407
Respect and international recognition saved his life when he fell into the hands of the Uruguayan dictatorship.

of Lebanese origin is strong human rights activist, on three occasions (2012, 2013 and 2014) he was called to serve on the jury of the International Tribunal for War Crimes, created by Bertrand Russell and Jean Paul Sartre. In your case, it should judge the actions of Palestine in the international council.

Miguel Ángel Estrella, “turkish shit”

His family of origin, Nashem, was Lebanese and had arrived in Argentina with more than rudimentary Spanish. When her grandfather was asked for her name at the Immigrant Hotel, she simply stared at the sky insistently (“Nasem” it means “star“in Arabic).

The Argentine authorities, however, understood and without further ado decided that Estrella would be the family surname. “Give these shitty Turks a star “he ordered his employee. So it was.

Miguel Angel He would be born on July 4, 1940 in San Miguel de Tucumán, where the family settled. However, he spent his early childhood in Vinará, a town in the Río Hondo, in Santiago del Estero.

The star that embraces the music

Miguel Angel Estrella 20220407
His daughter Paula is a singer and has inherited her love of music. They did several shows together.

Back in Tucumán, at age 12 he discovers music when his father takes him to a concert and he listens Chopin for the first time in his life. It was then that he made the decision to do it embrace the music and, at the end of the intermediate cycle, he went to Buenos Aires to enter the National Conservatory.

Once graduated, an appropriate course of improvement on Pariswith the teachers Marguerite Long and Nadia Boulanger, it would have been a decisive experience in the near future, because upon returning to Argentina, she found the The “dirty war” and the years of lead.
And he didn’t enjoy himself: threats, persecutions, suspects, black lists and little work … So he decided to leave for Uruguay. From Guatemala to Guatemala worse …

When he set foot in Montevideo, in 1978, they have taken “of the hair” in a clandestine house near the Carrasco airport. There they would hang it from a pulley on the ceiling and submit it multiple torture sessions with prod. He was then transferred to a prison where he was imprisoned for 27 months.

In that detention center called Freedomcontinued on torturebut with major sadism. “For six days they tied my hands behind my back and pretended to cut them with an electric saw”said the pianist during an interview.

Miguel Angel Star, color of hope

Miguel Angel Estrella 20220407
His defense of human rights earned him the affection and admiration of the Mothers and Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo.

Finally, one international petition led by his teachers Marguerite Long and Nadia Boulanger, with the support of UNESCO, had an effect and ultimately achieved save his life, his hands and his freedom, in 1980.

That was then Miguel Angel Estrella settled in France and his name was definitively associated with music as a cultural fact that ennobles the human condition.

The foundation of the international movement must be understood in this line hope musicon December 10, 1982, while in Buenos Aires, the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo They called the second Resistance March, during the dying military dictatorship, to ask for the appearance of their children detained and / or missing alive.

In 2003 he was appointed Argentine Ambassador to UNESCOposition he held until 2016.

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