minute by minute for the League Cup

The Greatest visited Defense and Justice for the eighth day of Zone A of the League Cup. The Doll folks knew they had to win to re-enter the qualification zone in the group because due to the victory of Argentinos on Friday they had ceased to be in the privileged area. For this meeting the TD called the best he had available but in the end not everyone was able to play.

The eleven starters had Juanfer Quintero in place of Esequiel Barco who had muscle fatigue during the week and the Doll has decided to take care of him as one is coming great game series. Also off the bench Braian Romero, who last week suffered a trauma to his left ankle.

The game started back and forth, despite River being the ruler of the ball, the locals for their part opted to recover and play quickly with the forwards and in fact Merentiel had several chances that he could not take advantage of. The Greatest also had two clear chances in the first minutes, at the start of the game following a local defense blooper that Unsain was able to solve and already in the 21st minute Enzo Fernandez He cautioned with a great shot from outside the box that hit the crossbar.

In the last fifteen minutes the Defense has taken their foot off the accelerator and River is the master of the ball. All the midfielders and Julián who went down to look for the ball and was the driver with Juanfer were very good. At 40 ‘to break the zero was Enzo Fernández who received from the left and with a precise left pinned him to the corner, of course he apologized for his time at Halcón.

In the second half, the River starts with great intensity and demonstrating that he would have gone out in search of the second goal, in fact Simón warned in the minute. The team had the fundamental base in the middle of the field, all the midfielders stood out and with a moving Julián and decisive defense, he was the clear owner of the first minutes of the complement. At 9 ‘Juanfer showed all the quality of him and with an assist that only he can give, he gave Julián the chance to score, but Unsain blocks very well.

At 12 ‘Loaiza warns with a great shot that hits Armani’s right post, the local wants parity and goes to look for him. But in the 17th minute and after an excellent intervention by Julián Álvarez who gave the ball to Santiago Simón, the midfielder finished outside the box and scored a great goal, it was his first cry in the First Division. A minute later the locals managed to serve but Armani covered an impressive ball.

Midway through the second half, great take from Agustín Palavecino who worked hard for the game and gave air to a team that needed it, another who made a really great match was Enzo Fernández and it is important to underline what Enzo Pérez did, who with his usual deployment was fundamental to maintain the necessary order in the middle of the field and even more so against a great team like Defense and Justice.

At 26 ‘the local discount arrived, after a filtered pass from Bou that was about to end and Casco – from a great game – wanted to clean up and the ball entered, Loustau first moved to an advanced position but the VAR rectified the error and gave a valid target. Then there was some domination in Defense but it didn’t hurt and towards the end the Millionaire regained control of the game. The entries of Suárez and Paradela gave air and in fact the Millionaire could have increased the result to 49 minutes with Julián Álvarez. Finally, the match ended 2-1 in favor of the Millionaire, who was the only escort for Racing.


RIVER PLATE (4-1-4-1): 1-Franco Armani; 2-Robert Rojas, 17-Paulo Diaz, 6-David Martínez, 20-Milton Casco; 24-Enzo Pérez, 13-Enzo Fernández, 31-Santiago Simón, 11-Nicolás De La Cruz, 10-Juan Fernando Quintero; 9-Julian Alvarez. DT: Marcelo Gallardo.

Substitutes: 33-Centurión, 4-Maidana, 22-Pinola, 23-Mammana, 14-González Pirez, 15-Herrera, 24-Gómez, 5-Zuculini, 8-Palavecino, 26-Paradela, 32-Pochettino and 7-Suárez.

DEFENSE AND JUSTICE (4-5-1): 22-Unsain; 14-Tripichio, 2-Frías, 28-Rodríguez, 13-Soto; 5-Gutierrez, 15-Loaiza, 29-Pizzini, 10-Bou, 11-Rotondi; 9-Merentiel. DT: Sebastian Beccacece.

Substitutes: 1-Peano, 7-Albertengo, 8-Rodríguez, 17-Alanis, 19-Hachen, 20-Cuello, 24-Fernández, 25-Cardona, 27-Silva, 32-Fontana, 33-Galván and 34-Duarte.


Now: 19.00

Stage: Norberto Tito Tomaghello

Referee: Patrick Losutau

Assistants: Massimiliano Del Yesso and Sebastian Ranieri

Fourth referee: Bruno Bocca

WHERE IS IT: Mauro Vigliano

TV: TNT Sport


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