‘Morbius’ ha sido un fracaso. The path of freezing vampire movies, not superheroes

We have one semantics it seems that the ‘Morbius’ function has been tapped: 84 million dollars of resuscitation dollars in the whole world, 39.1 out of all in the United States, recovering all the presuppositions. Pero eso fue en su primera semana. His next post, ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’, is a replica of this Spider-Man spin-off release, with a 71 million dollar download. Consecuencia: ‘Morbius’ is descalable at the very end of the week, down 73.9%: 10.2 million dollars.

Sonic’s solo cup. This is due to the absolute imbalance between the monstrosity of the first reading of the semantics and the unanimous negative reception of the princess. During the second half of the week, the balance is balanced to increase the balance, possibly adjusting the flow rate from bottle to bottle, which corrects the volume of the air flow to pull cohesive. It’s a resounding success at the very end of the solo week’s precedent: the terrible ‘Steel’, the DC superhero film by Shaquille O’Neal.

The end of the semaphore phase is definite, with the film still in the middle of the ranking with a 54% reduction rate. The result, with about 150 million recuperations ranging from 83 to presupposed, could not be considered exactly a fraction of what Sony’s imagined, but which had a very precursor to its superhero movies. ¿Has the genre that implicitly paired with the Aquilean ounce finally been found?

The vampires pagan el pato. The curiosity of the situation is that it is a relative phrase not to be replicated in the torrent of superhero movies that are scattered around the adjacent meshes. ‘Morbius’ would like an ice cream cone that, to a large extent, would require Sony to replace it movies from Kraven el Cazador o de los Seis Siniestros valen la pena si se hacen con tanta desgana as esta. The case of Jared Leto’s car (mainly the white of the darts that the crotch has launched against the film) is influenced by the verse resulting from ‘Morbius’. Pero no. Esta vez, les ha tocado a los vampiros.

First victim: Karyn Kusama. The inclusive author of interesting pieces such as’ Jennifer’s Body ‘,’ The Invitation ‘or’ Destroyer ‘can be found in advance of a version of’ Dracula ‘by Blumhouse, with the product claiming to be out of control’The invisible man‘, decentralizing the classics of Universal’s gothic horror. Title it, follow this latest stat, go to ‘Mina Harker’ and go to the story from the perspective of the victim of the vampire. Miramax, the project co-producer, has distanced itself from the film surprise, and Blumhouse has canceled several start-up semen sessions.

Second victim: Robert Eggers. Su eternamente pospuesto remake of the classic ‘Nosferatu’ parece arrastrar el gafe, y has declared en an IndieWire interview that the production of any particular detail, the ultimate of the most recent form. Eggers iba to count on the new movie with the protagonist of their debut ‘La bruja’, Anya Taylor-Joy, through their words that the project has already been discovered, and this is the repetitive vampire phobia of the industry. tener que ver.

Apuntando al objetivo incorrecto. Tal y como contaba el tuitero Brainchild129in fact the asombroso of the situation is that of a film in which there are many questions that criticize -the main of all the news injected into a francia at the forearm-, the conclusion that majors is that of vampires. And by the way, hay to cut film productions with vampires on board.

It is a matter of precipitation and absurdity that, on the contrary, it is easy to get along with the subgenre. Add to cart the catchy ‘The Last Voyage of Demeter’, centered on a very specific episode of Bram Stoker’s novel that stars Javier Botet in the ward. And, by the way, ‘Renfield’, with some people like Nicolas Cage as well as Dracula. Pero claro: a project of Nic not lo nira tira is one of the most deprived of Hollywood executives.

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