Murió El Noba: c fumo fueron sus últimos días

The cumbia singer Lautaro Coronel, more conocido as “El Noba”murió hoy. The young man had a car accident 10 days ago, driving a motorcycle in the Senzabello area, part of Florencio Varela.

It was found internally in the highest complex hospital El Cruce – Néstor Kirchner. Only 25 years old. The notification should be accompanied by a communication from the medical institution where it was intercepted internally.

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The communication about the death of “El Noba”

“Play the required evaluations for your certification, to communicate the bankruptcy of Lautaro Coronel, who permanently interned the Adult Intensive Care Unit from our newest institution from May 24, 2022. We accompany the family in these moments and in the dolorSays the document.

Communicated to give to know the death toll
Communicated to give the “De Noba” title (Photo: Capture).

The story of “El Noba”, the albañil that captures an idol of music

Nacido en Florencio Varela in a family of albañiles,’s elbi también worked in obras and still preserves the carnet of UOCRA. How to contact Martín Cicioli en Telenoche (eltrece)the pandemic did not happen without a trace and a motorcycle for hacking delivery, even if the police seize it and try to get to the bottom of it.

This is a situation where at least when the time comes to publicly hit: “Tamo Chelo”, a song full of felicity that makes the cobra grow like a cobra. From ahí, the exit does not tardaria in place as the apode of “El Rey de las Caravanas”, given the cherries that are realized to be presented in scenarios.

One of the latest publications
One of the latest publications of “El Noba”. (Photo: Instagram / el_noba1312)

Go for the first viral video on your “disco dance”: click on “El Noba” car

First of all, you will not be notified by a song. “El Noba” was surprised by a video that was posted on the content shared by “best friends” on Instagram. “Suban algo piola, no a photo of a chocolate … corte, no sé, un par de fierros o las guachas tomando merca. Here are some photos with your news, but … ”, advertised in the register that goes viral.

In a short interview El PlanteoCoronel contó que abandon the school to buy your first motorcycle: “Yes, I’m 17 years old to buy my first Honda CG. Era un modelo 2001 y la había dejado re turra ”.

Play from college, all sorts of things: character and banner of an object, among other things. In this epoch también “paraba” in the lock bar of Defense and Justice, although posteriorly decisively dejar atris.

El Noba has always demonstrated his fanaticism about motorcycles.  (Photo: Instagram / el_noba1312)
El Noba has always demonstrated his fanaticism about motorcycles. (Photo: Instagram / el_noba1312)

The use of social networks to allow people to live together. Your songs embedded within ten miles of the platforms and tampered with can be captured in one of a large number of your fans. “You are not in a hurry to be in a stand-up theater, with an armed guide. Soy un caradura, yo no tengo drama ”, remarcó en dialogo con el canal La Muvi.

“El Noba” assures that it is in the moonlight, because it is voluntary to allow it to grow properly. “It simply came to our notice then. You do not want to be frustrated if you can get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. (…) My country has ten houses, levantarme y llevar a mi hija a la escuela. Quiero lo mejor para ella ”, affirmó.

A post by El Noba posaba justo a
A post by El Noba posaba justo a “su dero oro” y “disco de oro”. (Photo: Instagram / el_noba1312)

One of its major carriers has the option of a “single dance” due to the output conforming to the song “Trucho”, which describes a nocturnal balance. The song “Tamo Chelo” is converted into “gold disco”.

How about the transit accident that suffers from “El Noba”

Section of the testicles, El Noba reduced to high speed, with a patent and a case, when flying against a white Peugeot 308. Police checkpoints indicate that the conductor of the car stays in place and flashes at 911. The fire is sometimes controlled by an alcoholic, who says “cero”.

This ocurrió is Tuesdays around the 18th in the intersection of the beautiful Luis Braile and Solís in the area of ​​Senzabello, part of Florencio Varela. The notification is diffused in the first instance through the social networks, where circulating videos with very sensitive images and publications where users intentionally communicate with the music family for notifications.

One of the images that circulates along the accident that suffers from El Noba.  (Photo: Instagram)
One of the images that circulates along the accident that suffers from El Noba. (Photo: Instagram)


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