“My mum came mostly from Misiones because she will take care of my son” – Revista Para Ti

A few days after being a mother for the first time, Fabiola Yanez He received Para Ti and showed himself like never before. There she told how she is experiencing the pregnancy and what expectations she has about the arrival of her baby. She also talked about her about the role of First Lady, highlighted her goodness and also reflected on the moments when there were mistakes, making sure she “learns from mistakes”. She also revealed that she is pursuing a commitment to enhance Argentine talent, working women and indigenous peoples linked to the textile and leather industry.

-How are you experiencing this moment of pregnancy? Do you have a lot of anxiety about the arrival of the baby?

-This new experience for me has taught me to be more patient, but I admit that I had and still have a lot of anxiety, especially in this last phase, due to the arrival of my first child. To be honest, I’m a very practical and often impatient person, who thinks actions need to be effective and quick.

Fabiola Yanez

Are you afraid of giving birth? Do you prefer caesarean section or normal delivery?

-It scares me a little, but I feel very content and grateful to the medical team who have accompanied me all this time. I completely trust them, in Dr. Hernán Jensen, in my obstetrician, Antonio Cattaneo, specialist in fertility and obstetrics, and in Sergio Liendo. They have given me a lot of confidence and support throughout the whole process of my pregnancy. We discussed the turnaround time and clarified all my concerns, so I feel I was well prepared to get to that day

I prefer a normal delivery, but my priority is that it is done in the best way, taking into account the circumstances and what is necessary or urgent for your well-being.

-Have you attended the antenatal course? Did Alberto Fernández accompany you?

-Yes, I have had a series of interviews with a midwife and pediatrician, and an antenatal interview, which was very helpful, and I have also scheduled consultations with a child care provider, as I want to breastfeed because I know the benefits breastfeeding on the development of children in the first years of life. The neurological and nutritional development for which I fight so much in the program of the First 1000 days (a program that accompanies and contains the mother from conception, attached to the law of the same name). In addition to being aware of that bond that unites the mother to her baby and which is strengthened by breastfeeding. It’s an unparalleled connection

Unfortunately Alberto was unable to accompany me due to the known fact that his agenda and the challenges he has faced and faces every day do not give him respite, but we discuss the talks I am having between the two of us.

-Do you already know how you will leave the sanatorium after the birth?

-Not yet, I haven’t thought about it yet, I don’t know what my body will be like at that moment, the only thing I can say is that it will be something in one of my favorite colors like white or chalk.

-How do you imagine yourself as a mother? Do you think you are becoming obsessive or do you imagine yourself to be quite relaxed? Will you become an overprotective mother with fears?

-I imagine myself as a protective mother, but not obsessive, but practical and present. And trying to involve my son in all aspects of my life, my activities, projects, ideas; I want him to be formed as a complete human being, aware of the different realities that coexist in our society and in this world, our common home that we must take care of and respect.

-Were you inspired by a designer to decorate the baby’s room? Have you taken care of yourself?

-I am just picking a few things, bought very little and was recycling the Fifth Presidential furniture for his room. I am very lucky because I have received many gifts. I am a little behind with the organization of kindergarten. I also do it calmly, knowing that at first she will sleep in his crib next to me.

When will you resume activities? Are you planning to take the baby with you or have you already thought about who will take care of the baby when you work on yours?

-As far as possible, I intend to resume my activities immediately by working from home in principle, then I will do it in person and yes, I will take it with me at the appropriate times. The person who will help me with Francisco’s care in the first few months will be my mother. She is with me, she is originally from Misiones and accompanied me in this last phase of pregnancy.

Fabiola Yanez

What do you think the arrival of the baby will change in your life?

-I imagine everything, from my daily routine to my personal growth as a woman who has already become a mother. But I know that what I imagine will be nothing compared to reality.

-What do you like about your role as First Lady?

-What I like most about this role that I had to fill is having within my reach the people and entities that help me when I manage the way to bring solutions and everything that is necessary to improve people’s lives. I can do it in different areas even with those who belong to the private world.

Being able to create links with organizations such as UN, FAO, Unicef, PAHO and the programs and ideas we implement from the ALMA alliance. Realizing the coordination of the Alliance of Spouses and Heads of State of Latin America has been a great satisfaction for me because together as women we have been able to carry out different programs for the benefit of each of our countries.

If I didn’t have this role, nothing I have done, promoted, managed would have been possible. As I always say, this place has given me the great opportunity and satisfaction of creating works for children and for many Argentines.

-And what part would you like to forget about your management as First Lady?

-I would not forget anything, every day is an opportunity for growth and learning. We learn from both successes and mistakes and this nourishes us, enriches us in what we do well and gives us lessons from mistakes.

Fabiola Yanez

-What do you think is your biggest contribution to the country with your Social Development activity?

-I know that my contribution is only a grain of sand compared to the enormous debt that exists with a large part of Argentine society, but it is what I can do and I do it with great enthusiasm and perseverance. I don’t have a ministry, much less a budget, but every day I am negotiating with the different sectors. Also in all my travels following Alberto, I have had a parallel agenda in every country with international organizations that have helped us to realize many of my proposals, from the importance of access to drinking water to training in different professions for those women who are in a place of vulnerability and need knowledge, tools to have a real job opportunity that makes them feel useful, appreciated and important. We have generated a program that seeks to position our country’s brand using high quality raw materials from different provinces of the country, from textiles to gemology.

We have already provided training with the support of the Gemological Institute of Spain. An example of this is a wallet made entirely of the highest quality leather, alpaca and stones that we gave to the First Lady of the Dominican Republic during her visit to our country. The aim is to bring these products to the world and, of course, to showcase and support Argentine talent in this sector.

On the other hand, from my role as honorary president of the Banco Nación Argentina Foundation, we specify and work in solidarity with the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation (MDS) and with the Garrahan Foundation (FG), in order to put into practice a program of construction of twenty-four “Garrahan House Model” houses, managing to create a house per province, with the aim of guaranteeing temporary residence spaces throughout the national territory, to girls, boys, adolescents and their families awaiting a diagnosis or undergoing prolonged medical treatment and are in a situation of critical social vulnerability.

Fabiola Yanez

We live in a very large country and many times obtaining treatment and diagnosis in the highest technology centers of the provincial capitals represents for a family that travels up to 300 kilometers, this dream that I want to see realized is something that will remain and will remain great. help and support for many families who do not have the necessary means or support. Also this 2022 we have proposed to work in solidarity with the National Disability Agency (ANDIS), participating in the already existing Protected Laboratories to help create a different culture in relation to the labor inclusion of people with disabilities.

Another of the actions we are carrying out is related to the detection of cervical cancer with artificial intelligence. Support the development team that will generate a computer tool (software) for the early diagnosis of cervical cancer, as it is a problem that affects a significant number of women every year in our country. 3000 new cases are diagnosed each year in Argentina according to the Nation’s Ministry of Health.

-Do you miss the job of a journalist? Are you planning to go back in the future?

I don’t know what fate will bring me. It is a profession that has given me great satisfaction, I have many projects to carry out. I intend to continue to prepare, to train to be able to face each of them. In the future we will see which path I will take.

I am also working on a new project. Under the name of Popular Haute Couture, she works with women in a state of vulnerability who have experienced gender-based violence and in collaboration with women and leaders who are part of the native peoples communities within the country. We do it with the support of the Ministry of Social Development and with each of the provinces involved.

They are bags and covered with vicuña wool, alpaca, stones and gems, native materials of our provinces. A project that provides quality training in the sector and a real job opportunity, which also encourages national development to bring the Argentine seal to the world.

The earnings go back to those people who are the creators of each garment or product so that it is for them a means of true sustenance and pride, valuing their ancestral skills.

Fabiola Yanez

-Any anecdote about what you experienced as First Lady that will remain forever in your heart?

-The affection of boys and girls. How gratifying it is to bring a smile and well-being to those who need it. To be able to convey to them that dreams are possible, open their minds and their spectrum so that they can develop as whole people and, of course, provide them with the tools and opportunities to make it happen.

-How has your life changed since your role as First Lady? Would you ever have imagined this could happen?

-I never imagined being in this place and I take it as a great opportunity.

-How are you indoors at home? Do you like cooking?

-I am very simple inside, I spend a lot of time on the upper floor of the residence as I feel warmer and more familiar, I enjoy my moments in solitude writing and reading and also preparing myself for every activity I do. I study the issues that concern me in order to manage them later. I also really like documentaries and time series from which I can continue to learn about the history of Argentina and the world. I love to cook, I’ve always done it, but it’s one of the things I usually don’t do anymore, only on a few occasions.

– Let’s talk about the pets they have in the Presidential Palace. How is your relationship with them?

-Dylan, Prócer and Blue (both sons of Dylan) are the ones who accompany us at all times, they are always present both when Alberto works and when someone arrives. The three are very different: Dylan is very serious and territorial and loves to pose for photos, Prócer is very intelligent and bolder and Blue is introverted, he lives in her world. I have been closer to Blue since I had him with me since I was very young and he is beautiful, although as I said before he is very distracted and always connected with himself.

Production: Marita Rizzo

Photos: Gabriel Machado.

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