Netflix: the film will be released in April 2022

The great return of Richard Linklatertwo children’s films that will fascinate fans of To all the guys I’ve loved before, a shocking thriller starring a dangerous video game … This month, feature films with very different proposals and for all audiences land on Netflix.

Here are the best movies coming in April:

Apollo 10 ½: A childhood in space
Apollo 10 ½: A childhood in spaceNetflix

A Richard Linklater production for Netflix is, without a doubt, great news. The Houston, Texas director returns to animation, a world he felt more than comfortable in when he made the brilliant film. Waking up to life. In this case, the director delivers a work, unlike the deeply self-referential one, which acts as a perfect companion to childhood, one of his most extraordinary films. Apollo 10½: A Space Childhood shows how “a man shares his life as a 10-year-old boy in 1969 Houston and weaves nostalgia stories with a fantastic tale of a trip to the moon”, Reveal the Netflix trailer.

However, the feature film is much more, it is a film that Linklater returns to work on the power of memories and the change they undergo over time, invading argument the saga of Before sunrise.

Lords of metal
Lords of metalNetflix

A coming of age that celebrates music and how it is linked to the most genuine friendship. That’s all Lords of metal. According to what was communicated by the streaming platform, it is a film centered around “two misfit teenagers”, Hunter and Kevin, and the “road to glory” they start walking down when they decide it’s time to focus on composition and performance of great songs heavy metal. Therefore, friends sign up for a gang battle that won’t be free of obstacles, and they will long to be idolized by their surroundings and that fan base they are so seeking.

“The motley team faces school, parents, hormones, and teenage angst as they try to get along long enough for Skullf * cker to win the Battle of the Gangs,” adds the streaming service. Of Peter Sollett’s film, written by the co-creator of Game of Thrones, DB Weiss, and starring Jaeden Martell, Isis Hainsworth, Adrian Greensmith, Noah Urrea, Analesa Fisher, Michelle Fang, Sufe Bradshaw and Joe Manganiello.

Between life and death
Between life and deathNetflix

This month, Netflix offers several proposals aimed at a young audience, especially love stories with tragic edges. Between life and death It is one of the feature films circulating in this field. The story centers on Tessa (Joey Kingwho worked with the platform in the lucky saga the kissing booth), a teenager living her relationship with Skylar (Kyle Allen, who shone in the film The map of perfect moments), until an accident radically changes his life.

Her boyfriend’s death leaves her completely devastated, until amazement begins to assail her when she believes that Skylar is sending her signals from the underworld. The film was directed by Arie Posin with a screenplay by Marc Klein and the cast is completed by John Ortiz, Kim Dickens, Donna Biscoe and April Parker Jones.

Yaksha - merciless operations
Yaksha – merciless operationsNetflix

Yaksha – merciless operations promises high doses of action. The trouble begins when “a reputable prosecutor visiting a dangerous city examines an undercover team and their notorious leader.” The investigation unexpectedly leads him into a deadly war between spies. where everyone has a lot to hide.

The film written and directed by Na Hyeon never takes his eyes off the main character Kang-inn (played by Sol Kyung-gu), who unconsciously enters a world in which he himself must use all the tools at his disposal to come out alive and protect the defenseless. Park Hae-soo, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi and Yang Dong-geun are also at play in this spy thriller with many twists and relentless adrenaline.

choose or die
choose or dieNetflix

the actor of Sex education, like Butterfield, command this thriller with Iola Evans, directed by Toby Meakins and written by Simon Allen. Evans plays Kayla, a student who has money problems. To get out of this urgent situation as soon as possible, she decides to accept the proposal join a video game from the 80s where you will compete for $ 100,000. However, there is a big risk: it is a very famous game for presenting survival challenges that go beyond the screen.

The young woman is accompanied by her friend Isaac (Butterfield, skilled programmer) on this mission from which they will not be able to escape quickly and in which they will end up fighting to stay alive in the midst of episodes of horror that they would never have imagined to witness. The only possible solution? Don’t die in the game will guarantee you won’t die in the real world.

let yourself go
let yourself goNetflix

With screenplay and direction by Sofia Álvarez, who wrote the famous films for Netflix A todos los chicos de los que me enamoré y su secuela, A todos los chicos: P.D. Todavía te quiero” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>To all the guys I’ve loved before and its entourage, To all the guys: PS I still love you, this month comes the long-awaited adaptation of Let yourself go, the popular novel young adult by Sarah Dessen. The summer before leaving for college, the dedicated student Auden (Emma Pasarow) meet the ominous Eli (Belmont Cameli), a young man who offers her something unheard of: letting go of ties and mandates to live with as few worries as possible.

Due to the pressures the teenager faces from her college studies, it won’t be easy for her to clear her head, but her budding love for Eli will take her down unexpected roads. Kate Bosworth, Laura Kariuki, Andie MacDowelland Ricardo Hurtado, among others, make up the cast of the film set in the coastal town of Colby.

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