New Monumental, the project that a Bilbao with Núñez

“We started the work and infrastructure more than the last 40 years”. For Jorge Brito y para todo Riverthe transformation of Monumental is organ motivation and satisfaction. The largest stadium in South America in June 2024 is on the market thanks to a project that is designed in Bilbao and that in other countries is fun in Núñez.

Stefano Di Carlo (secretariat) and Jorge Brito (president of River) together with the representatives of the IDOM constructor in the Monumental (Prensa River).

Stefano Di Carlo (secretariat) and Jorge Brito (president of River) together with the representatives of the IDOM constructor in the Monumental (Prensa River).

IDOM is the ex-liberty renovation firm, which has been tendered a capacity of 81,000 spectators in a ratio of 25% popular / 75% plates and with a total remodeling of the shells. Launched from the feasibility studies of the work and the anti-project, the CD and the Assembly of Representatives of the Societies running the OK and the company that reformed the New Camp Nou, San Mamés and the City of Valencia (Spain) and San Carlos de Apoquindo ( Chile) encara a different project.

“This is an unprecedented transformation in South America. Working on a historical scenario with a lot of emotional cargo is like an enormous and illusory retouch.”express César Azcárate, responsive to the debauchery architecture of the bilbaína firm that works in a clear space that is facing a large scale: modernize and update the Monumental to the world standard, but without its essence.

The Monumental River River (Info: Luciano Canet)

The Monumental River River (Info: Luciano Canet)

Charle with EFE, admit that it is a project “import import” for IDOM to offer the possibility of trabajar “with one of the historic world football clubs”with the extra accountability of changing the physiognomy of a “play hard and strong for the hinchas of River” y también para la Selección Argentina.

“Working from the club’s direction to our conductors, our project is always in line with the history of the stadium, with the hincha and with the City of Buenos Aires. It’s historical and emotional cargo that some aspects of the design have to be analyzed by now much more than where and at the local convenience store“, recalcó el arquitecto.

To ensure this, Azcárate reveals that it deals with the assortment of River and the local firms of architecture and engineering “that we can interpret and compose these detailed details in different ways with the most cost-effective and technical themes “. For other purposes, there is a reconciliation that “from the point of view of the design”, a remodeling implies a complexity that a project that is part of the whole.

“Hay tener at the moment much more aspects, the props of the existing and some of the new parts that hay that project. “I will search for the value of the poner in the valley of the existing one and the keys for the better and poner on the one who is projecting much more atres, tracing the sugar to the better of the constructor”cerró.

Ó C amo avanzan las obras?

The club of Núñez diffusion images with the trays and excavations that are carried out in the sector of the Sívori tribune, which forms part of the initial stage that extends until February 2023. The mass requires an inversion of up to $ 25 million and contemplates the construction of the new aniline in the sector that is currently being lubricated by grease.

The new floors of the Monumental.  Prensa River.

The new floors of the Monumental. Prensa River.

This phase is approached by the stands on the playing field: se harán las plateas inferior in La Martín y la populares bajas e inferiores en las cabeceras Sívori y Centenario. Asimismo, habrá 76 new brains in Sívori and Centenario media and a restaurant of 700 square meters.

Add a new parking lot for 240 vehicles, renovate distreas districts (orbiter vestibule, anti-doping department, medical department) and build camp access tunnel to allow campers to own .

New Monumental: arrangement of plates and flakes

After announcing the incorporation of the naming right of the stadium, which has the shining Mas Monumental, and in the middle of the arrangement of the second stage of the works, River hizo another important announcement: to prevent the 2,434 plates that lie in the inferior aniline near the tribune of San Martín and the new marrow that is constructed in the Centenariowith stamped ingres in $ 1,400 million. “In the mountains, decide the 88% of the marrow and the 70% of the plates”insurance British on Radio 10.

The prevention of the new plateaus of San Martín.

The prevention of the new plateaus of San Martín.


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