Nicolás Maduro: “United States of America at the rate of the Exit Possibility of the Cumber of America” ​​| The Venezuelan president criticized the exclusion of his country, Cuba and Nicaragua

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, did not leave for Los Angeles to attend the seminar Cumbre of the Americas. The Venezuelan mandate assures that it is a contradiction that the United States is exclusively in Caracas considering that in the last half of the day it passes through the first passages to restart the communication. With the embargo, confirmed by Argentine Alberto Fernández, advertising is limited to Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Maduro is well-versed in how much money goes to Washington sanctions and trades in national production and importation.

“The Cubes of the Americas transform into tourist cobras”

“EE.UU. the death toll from the Cumberland of Americaaired by Venezuelan goblin on the International Dialogue radio program, co-produced by Atilio Borón and broadcast by La Radio del Sur, co-produced by Radio Madres de Plaza de Mayo and UNDAV radio.

The Bolivarian leader salute the decision of his Argentine Alberto Fernández to participate in the election for the sake of exclusion for the exclusivity of La Habana, Managua and Caracas. “We are firmly in the current train that loves President Alberto Fernández”, affirm Maduro. “I’m aware that as president of CELAC I fly from Latin America to the Caribbean and that I’m going to be represented on Alberto ‘s train,” he said. “Hay presidents say they are not protesting because of the exclusivity and others who say they are protesting in the reunion hall. All of them are valid ”precise.

Make sure that the incubator that is in it is not open to the United States has its contents. “The Americas are being transformed into tourist destinations, with no themes, no decision-making points, no action plan, no initiatives, no,” he criticized. Consulted on the possibility of traveling to Los Angeles near this week, Maduro did not leave for complete essay scenario, although no details are given in the respect. The mandate must be configured to unassemble Unasur. “America’s Sur is giving a geostrategic exchange, we are looking at the geopolitical hacienda’s the most favorable direction,” he added.

To the extent of the State of Venezuela it is contradictory that as the overcrowded stadium and the Venezuelan dieron take the lead in restoring bilateral communication, Casa Blanca also automatically excludes Caracas. On March 5, Maduro had a reunion with a commission sent by President Joe Biden. “There are a lot of passages. Algunas already have lento and otras only menos lento. Hay communication is permanent, this is important.subrayó.

Economic recovery

On the other hand, the mandate has a bearing on the economic recovery of the country deprived of the covid-19 pandemic. “El 2021 will be a year of consolidation of the economy, the first year of recovery of the real economy that produces food, well”, insurance. “For the first 80 or more of the food that goes to the Venezuelan people, it is produced in a single Venezuelan style”, subscribe to president Nicolas Maduro in dialogue with AM530 on Madres de Plaza de Mayo radio.

In this sense, Maduro remarcó que “Against the Venezuelan United States as a result of a 5-year increase in its economy”. The latest Credit Suisse inversion bank information reveals that the Venezuelan economy has grown to 20 because it is now about 15 points away from its proprietary prevalence.

The mandate records that at the time of the pandemic the country was accompanied by the continuation of the sanctions against Venezuela and against any country that intentionally traded with Caracas. Sanctions on petroleum, industry, commerce, seizure of assets and currents of more than 21 million dollars. Según Maduro the offensive has been increasing since 2018. The country has more than 14 months without a glass of oil. “Up to 120 years from a product economy and exporter of oil, from 3 million barrels diarrhea to the whole product of the persecution against those who are not counted”, reclamó.

Like Venezuela you adopt an economy of resistance to guarantee the basic needs of the population. In the wake of the pandemic, the president and accelerator venezolano pence that algo podía change. “We create the solidarity environment that creates in the first half that provides a possibility of human blockchain flexibility”, affirm. Without embargo, the Caribbean country will retaliate against the enemy. “Se recrudecieron las medidas. “International companies that treat medicine as amenazaban or antivirals or vaccines against covid-19 in Venezuela,” said the head of the State.


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