Nodal against Balvin: the best phrases from “the innombrable” have Resident Johnny Depp and his jubilee

With the song of Christian Nodal contra J Balvin salió después de lo esperadothe video de Girasol ya alcanzó m des de 1 million 200 mil reproductions on YouTube in menos of 20 hours.

Nodal pertenece al genero de regional mexicano, pero su tempa de rap se stren en la madrugada del june juni e is a respite explodi a the strongest discussion that takes place with reggaetonero, can the critic give the title of his albums even the video where he sat with the black women “disgusted” by the pen; además, lo tundió por tener a documentary about mental health or laz, haber incitado a las burlas hacia su persona.

‘tamos en siglo veintiuno, y esclavizar-

The women like perras; pena ajena es lo que das

Always play with the fire and nunca te quieres quemar

Tienes treinta y siete años, y aún no logras madurar

Respect is something that the other can not buy, you can listen to casi al finalize the theme.

Ya salió Girasol, la
Ya salió Girasol, the “tiradera” of Nodal to Balvin (Photo: (YouTube clip captured by Christian Nodal // Instagram captured / @jbalvin)

One of the most popular ads hacia Balvin by Nodal fue el gran foro que tiene, pues señaló that debería ser responsable con los mensajes que transmit to sus fans u dejar de burlarse, también le dijo que si no artista, por lo menos debería ser congruente.

Cabe selalare that the beginning of the song is the one that has been scraped in a brewing robbery past the past 3 June; es decir “Yo quiero que llore, yo voy a hacer que llore, lo voy a hacer que wa, wa, wa”.

In the video you can find the song “Yo quiero que lore”

Pa ‘dar mensajes, m’ijo, hay que ser coherentes

Si tú no eres artista, al menos se prudente

Hoy me sabe a mierda, traigo un Balvin en los dientes

For the sake of empathy the toca is resilient

Are you consistent with your followers? can be searched in the first few minutes Girasol.

Nodal advertisement for Balvin incongruente (Photo: Instagram / @ jbalvin)
Nodal advertisement for Balvin incongruente (Photo: Instagram / @ jbalvin)

After this stanza, Nodal responds to the question that comes down to the conflict. One day, Balvin snatched a photo of a regional singer and others to compare, además escrióó “Encuentra las differences”, adding emoji de burla. In this sense, the interpretation of the interpretation of Adiós Amor fue: “Luego preguntaste, cabr * n, las diferencias entre tú y yo; Pendej *, es que yo no soy tan mierda ”.

Además, volunteering to advertise that you consider to be retrieving a photo that is not a lawless habit:

Cincuenta millones (of followers) vieron que te burlabas de mí

Cambiando de lugar, ¿eso te gustaría a ti?

All salimos bellos in the covers of the magazine

You are in the pictures that select ‘Subir al Insta’

Me tomaste foto de la prinsa

Donde salgo peor, donde me da vergüenza, señaló.

J Balvin's post initiating the drama with Christian Nodal.  Image: original tomada by @jbalvin
J Balvin’s post initiating the drama with Christian Nodal. Image: original tomada by @jbalvin

Nodal también dejó in clear that is the map of las críticas por sus tatuajes, their style changers, their dress form and all their decisions. Including insurance that ya tiene dinero surficiente para jubilarsebecause you love music because you love your public:

All treatments reprimand my personality

A mí me gustan mis tatuajes, me gusta mi flow

Si ser naco es ser feliz, pues claro que lo soy

My music is from ustedes pero mi vida no

Agradezco los consejos pero ¿Quién los pidió?

Meíor síganlos ustedes, yo tengo mi jubilación

Y si me dedico a esto es solo por su amor, mencionó en sus barras. Be sure to nail it to the pallets only on the back and two sides not the front. “If you decide to paint the hair, it is because a hue has seen me; If you want a reference, Chester Bennington series ”dijo.

Nodal dijo que ama todos sus tatuajes (Captura: @ Nodal / Instagram)
Nodal dijo que ama todos sus tatuajes (Captura: @ Nodal / Instagram)

En Girasol, Nodal hizo un pequeño homenaje aa the trader who resides in session # 49 of Bizarrapcan sing the song “Esto lo hago, pa ‘divertirme, pa’ divertirme”, además de mencionarlo directly diciendo:

Ya pa ‘acabar el tema y ponerte un fin

If you do not agree with El Resi ‘, as soon as you know

Ojalá que sea la tltima vez que alguien te parta el cul *

Por lo pronto este vakero te dio con lo puntiagudo

Cabe recordar que el mismo René Pérez (Resident) it is played out in the same way as the primer, which is clearly indicated by a temporal history in which samples are sung and the song is sung Lemon with Salcantada por Nodal.

Nodal replicates the story where Resident shows his gorillas and the sound of the jackal's audio with sal (Photo: Instagram / @ Nodal)
Nodal replicates the story where Resident shows his gorillas and the sound of the jackal’s audio with sal (Photo: Instagram / @ Nodal)

On this topic, Christian Nodal records the story of the difference between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, assuring that in case “the innombrable” is armed with a weapon, it is seen in the tribunals. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Belinda is one of the most iconic in the world.

Do you like Johnny Depp? pues bueno

If the ‘innombrable’ me arma un caso, eso verán de nuevo

I do not say that I do not have maldad in your black intention, dijo respecto la la burla que hizo J Balvin, pues reggaetonero subió a video with a filter simulated a tattoos of Belinda in the highest order of magnitude: “I do not like all of them in concert, because the feeling of the photo was that I was born, I was born (Belinda)”having a reference to the name of the ex-Nodal pair.

Nodal news to Belinda as well
Nodal news about Belinda as “innombrable”

Además, the 23-year-old singer revealed how to assimilate the process of dichotomous dichotomy of the egg, explicitly according to which the title of the topic is valid: I’m a girasol porque with música sano.

In a different way, Nodal mentions other artists to demonstrate that they are all out and about J Balvin:

Vo’a escupirte en la cara, mijo, sientate y aprende

“Botella Tras Botella” lo pegó la gente

Arriba de The Weeknd with Ariana Grande, ¿Entiendes?

Mira a Maná, y mira a Omarwhich is global

And your motivation is in humanity

Van repartiendo amor, lo reciben pa ‘atrás

Nodal explicit that Daddy Yankee is a good example of a reggaeton reference (Photo: EFE / Giorgio Viera)
Nodal explicit that Daddy Yankee is a good example of a reggaeton reference (Photo: EFE / Giorgio Viera)

Finally, Nodal spoke on the subject of how to approve reggaeton, but not what J Balvin did when he said “le dan ganas de ir al swim”:

Reggaeton music is a necessity in this life

También me hace mover el cul * y me trae alegría

Pero not the porcupine that suels you, ‘mal-vibrating’

“Arcangel”, “Yankee”, “Tego”, “Don”, last example sabrosossentenció.


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