Oonagh Paige, the shadow of Amber Heard who starred in the junta against Depp: i who is your father?

Tras varias semanas, finally the legal battle between Ambear Heard and Johnny Depp your resolution: this is June 1st, the Virginia tribunal falls in favor of the actor in the jury by defamation that the initiation is explicit. The sentence, unánime, dictaminó que the actress paid US $ 15 million de indemnización y recibirá US $ 2 million in the concept of su contrademanda. If the notation and the figure of the transcendent ambassadors fall, there are other people who have been shown to be protagonists in the last days. Se trata de Oonagh Paige, Heard’s shadow, are sure to reclaim the amenazes of death.

On the 26th of May, before the jury result is revealed, the 36-year-old must first enter the stage and make a new statement. In this opportunity, and among the tears, affirm that you receive humiliation, acoso and amenazas from the day in which there is violence on the shooting range Pirates of the Caribbean: “La gente quiere matarme y me lo dicen todos los días”. With the figure of your little one, insurance: “Quieren meter a mi bebé en el microondas”.

The moment in which Amber denounced that she was trying to find the right amenases
The moment in which Amber denounced that she was trying to find the right amenasesNosotras13

Throwing dichos, las miradas se inffaron en Oonagh, who was born and raised on April 8, 2021. Fue la propia artista that shared the news on your Instagram account, next to your first post.

In a relation of emotion, and in the middle of the conflict with Depp, more detail is given about the fact that it attracts ante conversion to mother. “It simply came to our notice then. Every now and then I decide that queria has a shadow. Quería hacerlo bajo mis propios terminos ”, introduces junta to a photo in which it is sampled with its biceps.

Continuation, having the maternity ward and how to exchange it while respecting the time of departure. “Now it is radical that you should take care of one of the most important parts of this destiny of this form. “I hope that these systems will work until the point is normal or they do not want an anilo to have a coin”, deslizó.

Hacia the finale of your conmovedoras words, reveal the motive for the demo to share the news. We record that Heard hizo public the theme in July 2021, three months after the death of his shadow. “A part of my defense that my private screw is not the result of nadie. Pero también sé that the nature of my work hace that tenga que convivir con esto. I was born on April 8, 2021. His name is Oonagh Paige Heard. “Ella is the beginning of the rest of my life”, cerró.

The photo in the bag Amber Heard is present in your shadow
The photo in the bag Amber Heard is present in your shadowInstagram @amberheard

Seg reven revela el sitio Page Six, the search for the little comedy in 2017, due to various intentions for having a natural way of embarking. Essentially, pointing around the actress reveals the media quote that burns but is satisfied that it recurs to an alkyllar focus.

“There are many women who feel that they can not talk about fertility and are preoccupied and overwhelmed. Amber quiere que se sientan apoyadas “Because they have multiple ways of giving birth to a baby and there are fertility problems,” said Heard.

Game of Thrones on the subject, assured: “Oonagh is absolutely beautiful and Amber is enamored. Ella is always like queeria on momand their greatest hope is realism ”.

Who is the father of Oonagh Paige

Trace the birth of the pequeja, rumor varieties, and speculations dissipating in relation to its pattern figure. One of the most successful translators su podre píría ser el CEO de Tesla, Elon Musk, with whom Heard thought of a relationship divorce from Depp.

Amber Heard is looking for his shadow in one of the many postal networks that share the social network
Amber Heard is looking for his shadow in one of the many postal networks that share the social networkInstagram @

Fue Jessica Reed Klausan escalator reconnaissance, which feeds the rumen as a result of this primacy in the diary Brand. “Foentes anime cercanas indican que Elon Musk dio sperm by Amber Heard para concebir a su hija “Oonagh Paige, because the multimillion-dollar empire is the biological father of the peacock,” he said.

If the information in relation to this topic is varied, Heard, by part, nunca reveals the identity of your shadow father or sperm donor and it is natural that in reality the postal content of the petty in its social networks.

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