Paola Krum habló sobre las denuncias contra Facundo Arana: “Es muy difícil”

Paola Krum habló de su vínculo con Facundo Arana luego de que Romina Gaetani accuses the actor of having violent acts and that Maju Lozano assured that el exPadre Coraje fue aggressive with ella. Even though there are variations on the figure of the spectacle, Krum fue contundante y toma un clara postura anti polemica.

“No tengo idea. I do not know what to do. You can not think algo algo algo about what you do not tengo idea “, comment and decide Krum in dialogue with Miter Live al ser consultada sobre el tema. Luego, explicitly what about sabia the accusations made against the actor: “Me entere obvio de lo que pasó, pero no sé”.

Paola Krum habló de la denuncias contra Facundo Arana: “Es muy difícil”

If you fall on the principle of distance from the situation, Krum quiso dejar en claro cuál fue su experience kundo le toóó estar dec de Arana: “Work with Facundo and this place to fall”. A su vez, detail: “My best experience, pero eso no quiere decir que otra persona no pueda tener otra opinión y la pueda express. “But I do not want to comment, but I do not know what happened.”

Finally, sentence: “Nunca viví nada malo con él”. In the meantime, report that “for the general” does not live experiences of violence with computer companies. Sin embargo, admitó: “Sí (lo viví) is commanding the girl, who is looking for another way. In the manner of the work and the authority of the work, and in which place the actors act. “It’s a kind of destiny and era that can be normalized and thought to be right.”

Además, the actress is animated to count as “la pasó mal” with algae compañero or en algae elenco. “It’s only a matter of time before …, it’s very different. And you can see that the volumes we find and find and all else. We can also say that evolution is different from that of the sea and that we are not in a different way. “But you can only go through it, but it has to take an antigua form and obsoleta de ver el trabajo”.

El 21 de mayo pasado, Romina Gaetani fue invitada a LAM (America TV), in which you can tell everyone who lives a little experience grabbing the junta in Facundo Arana. “Live situations for free with a dent of the novel. Find me with a bit of violence from your part that is not good. It is not intended to go into detail, but your violent actions are always: griterío, words that are not good that you dig, golpes en la mesa .. hay testigos, de hecho, que lo han visto en el motorhome in these discussions ”.

Luego, added: “Que alguien te diga ‘si fueras hombre te cag … a trumpadas’ es un montón “.

Gaetani dichos generate strong repercussions and part of the spectacular world divide who rejoice in the actress, as Alejandro “Huevo” Müller, y quienes hicieron lo mismo con Arana, como Karina Mazzoco, Connie Ansaldi, Mariana Genesio Peña, Sabrina Garciarena, Cristina Pérez, Natalia Oreiro, Mercedes Funes,

The actors fight for the controversy
The actors fight for the controversyCaptura LAM

If you do not, Arana will decide to take legal action against the company, finally, the past tense of the actors being found in a hotel in Puerto Madero, accomplished by their respective abogados, with the objective of selling the problem and traversing the dialogue, and mediating major instances of the judiciary.

Tras el incuentro, que se dio en buenos termin, diffuse the current connected to the traverses of a communication.

The agreement between Romina Gaetani and Facundo Arana
The agreement between Romina Gaetani and Facundo AranaArchive

“The parts exposing the parts respecting the cells are considered aggravated, manteniendo ambas parte su postura, aclarando en esta ocasion o contextë en el cual se vertieron dichas manifestationsbut in virtue of human caliber and honesty of water, lograron arribar a un acuerdo, sin necesidad de recurrir al ámbito judicial, avoiding a jurisdictional dissent ”, se puede leer en el escrito.

If you have ever been in a relationship between Gaetani and Arana, Maju Lozano enjoys echoing through the actors and in dialogue with LAMtambién make sure Arana has an “extremely aggressive” activity with her. Lozano relató, que in 2014, cuando trabajaba in the radial cycle Lalo por hecho un día, the actor is invited to the program. “When Romina’s boyfriend hit me because his phrases were so obvious. Entonces vos decis: ‘Ah bueno’ ”, comment and write.

Maju Lozano bancó a Gaetani

Lozano’s safe haven, at this point, is the Lozano record actor an antigua interviewed by Isabel Macedo -su exmujer- en 2009. In the interview, the actress hizo reference to the separation that attracted her. “Because they are desperate, they are trying to aggravate the barbaric act, to get it right. With them, but all the lakes and one advance, but at the moment I do not answer. The verdict is that a type that fails to receive a note that has been given to it, that we do not want to have, come to my place of work and get a note with Lalo and try the grits with a photocopy of a magazine Gente. Vino a eso, preguntó dónde me sentaba, y se sentó a lado. Me impactó. Yo la pasé horrible ”, detailed.

The conductor affirm that the situation of the child is tempting and complete: Because of the discography, I was surprised by any malpractice that surprised me with its image. You do not have the capacity of the defense, it is the program conductor, but it does not have any output, which does not pass through. Tampoco with importó ”.

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