Paris falsely constructed to engage German bombers from the Primera Guerra Mundial

On October 4, 1920, a short story appeared with an intriguing title in the British periodical The Globe: “A Paris simulated: French plan to engage German invaders”.

La artimaña, explicaba el diario, acababa de salir a la luz y era casi demasiado fántica para ser verdad.

“Callas, factories, living quarters, ferro-carriages, with complete stations and trains, from one capital to the other camouflaged, were the giant tarea that established the French engineers who led the Armistice to finish its military operations,” he said.

It was created by Ferdinand Jacopozzi, an electric engineer; a form of crashing into German planes of capital and fleet and a false conurbation when the bombs explode to cause death or destruction.

Paris was first bombed by German aircraft on August 30, 1914. the first see that a capital city has been attacked in this way.

Las bajas fueron mínimas, pero el daño psicológico fue profundo.

The sky is now a battleground, and women and their children have not yet established the salvation of the fire.

Muerte desde arriba

Hubo otkes ataques esporidicos in the last 18 months, including Zeppelins’s primer (aided by its inventor, by Ferdinand von Zeppelin) in March 1915.

The aircraft operated from its bases in Belgium, but did not cause heavy rain.

With the embargo, on January 29, 1916, the zeppelins appeared in the inverted gray sky of the French capital. Their bombs cause extensions, ranging from 24 to 30.

Paris falsely constructed to engage German bombers from the Primera Guerra Mundial
Paris falsely constructed to engage German bombers from the Primera Guerra MundialGetty Images

The funerals of the dead are celebrated on February 7, 1916 in a service that paralyzes Paris.

Thousands of milestones are set aside in the beautiful fields where the cargoes fly from the church of Notre-Dame to Croix, and the politicians and other dignitaries walk by.

The service was carried by Cardinal Leon Adolphe Amette, Archbishop of Paris, who pronounced what a British periodical described as a “conveyor belt”.

Ante ti yacen las vítimas de la barbarie alemana, que no cayeron en ningún campo de batalla”, Proclamó.

“To increase the cause of humanity and to strengthen the vigorous determination of conquistar, reduce enema and impotence and impedance that is repeated in crime.”

Because of the impotence all the French mean that the air bubbles flow in the following mediums.

In 1917, the Germans intercepted the focus of their air force in London, using their new bomber, the Gotha. A total of 162 British were killed in June.

Women and their loved ones from the air bombardment.  1915 illustration by French artist Andre Helle
Women and their loved ones from the air bombardment. 1915 illustration by French artist Andre HelleGetty Images

The French sabín que lgegaría the turn. Ó C podmo podrían defenderse?

The other Paris

Jacopozzi thinks he only needs a solution.

Florentino de nacimiento, había trabajado anteriorerathe in the International Exposition of Paris in 1900, a world fair that celebrates the passing of the initials and anticipation that has preserved the following 100 years.

Consistent with a series of signs of progress, which result in lucrative results for an electrical engineer such as electricity, staying in Paris and having a periodic contemplation, “I want a special study on electrical lighting.”

However, there are no clear reasons why Jacopozzi is involved in this secret project, algae in 1917, DCA (Defense against Avionsthe department of the Guerrero Office sent to France protections from the airborne airstrikes) the encampment that made up a false Paris to engage the German bombers.

Extravagant to modern day minds, the plan is only felt at the moment.

The body
The “Illustrated Interesting Revelations” from The Illustrated London News diary, November 6, 1920BBC

The airplanes are flown in the capital by night but not by technological aids with topography.

Sencilamente, seguían el río Sena y luego lanzaban sus bomas.

Pero el Sena is a serpentine river that, when it attracts the courage of Paris, passing through the mouth of its famous points and historical places like the Eiffel Tower, it is better to be alone than one, as many as camello.

In the second part of the “jorobas”, in the suburb of Maisons-Laffitte, the era of Jacopozzi was built in a false city.

The news of the “false objective zones” is clear: a false industrial zone is created in Vaires-sur-Marne, located 16 kilometers from the capital, with the suburb of Saint-Denis moving to Villepinte in the north.

Light games

Jacopozzi commented on his work in Villepinte in 1918, creating a replica of the train station Gare de Est, one of the most concurrent parishes in Paris, including making a moving train.

Standing in the corners of the electric lighting studio, the Italian utilizes tables made for train wagons and installed a injected light system in a carrier conveyor. From the air the train moves.

The industrial zone fue la siguiente. Jacopozzi chooses to use fabric tables for the fabric assembly and for the technicians to use motorized license plates with different tones of painting.

With a combination of lamps of different colors – white, amarillos and rosettes – find the fibers and vapors that emit a fabric. La clave era la sutileza; not to mention the suspicions of the Germans illuminating their false creations like a Navidad Orb.

A fire broke out, but Jacopozzi flew shortly after the German airliner Gotha flew over the capital on September 16, landing 22,000 kilos of bombs that killed at least 15 people.

The proxies that the bombers retaliate against are considered to be subterfuge.

Effects of the last incursion of Zeppelin in Paris
Effects of the last incursion of Zeppelin in ParisGetty Images

Pero no hubo una próxima vez.

Dos meses después, la guerra terminó y Jacopozzi nunca supo si su ingenio había burlado a los pilots alemanes.

Not to be outdone, the French franchise created an important form of defense in the event that apparatus was set up to bomb Paris in a futuristic war.

Se arrojó un veil of secret about Jacopozzi’s creation, which dates back to 1920 when the British princess made history.

The Globe quotes the October Principles, as reported by The Illustrated London News in its November 6, 1920 edition, which in fact shows Jacopozzi’s inventory in a photo frame entitled: “A False Paris to Paris: a ‘ ciudad ‘creada ser bombardeada ”.

Habasa photographs, maps and explanations, all of which are equivalent to the periodically illuminated “remarkably interesting revelations”.

The illuminator

He who does not reveal, without embargo, the name of the man detracts from the false city.

Jacopozzi was honored by the French government for his presentation of the Legion of Honor, and for his dedication to a great excitement in the 1920s.

Light the Eiffel Tower, install reflectors in the Concorde Place and illuminate various other popular places in the city. The empirical world and the potential of Jacopozzi and Citroën’s talent contract to create a luminous announcement of one of their cars in the Eiffel Tower.

Jacopozzi murió in Paris in 1932.

“The world interest in the enlightenment of the Eiffel Tower and contributed much to hacer de Paris la Ciudad de la Luz”, Commented the periodical The People in a rough approximation on bankruptcy.

Do not think that contributing to the French nuclear war will not happen in Paris.

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