Paulo Dybala and his plan for the Qatar World Cup 2022

Paulo Dybala any of the World and New Year from November to November sample your best version to finally add it to your list of 23 convocations for Qatar 2022. But at Wembley, one of the most important things to do: write in the last few minutes. the final with Italy and in the unique opportunity that is present metió muy lindo gol.

It’s more clear that Lionel Scaloni have a team titled at the moment and that of the media for fun, while Joya travels to a place, all of which are busy: these are the last ones Leandro Paredes, Gio Lo Celso, Rodrigo De Paul, Lionel Messi, Ángel and Lautaro Martínez. Por dy que Dybala sería suplente y lo sabe.

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DYBALA. Le hizo un gran gol in Italy (Photo: AFP)

The problem for the football player is that tuvo varias lesiones en las Ultimas temporadas y perdió protagonisma en la Juventus, club of the quality of the contract which is the term of the contract and does not enter into an agreement for the renovation. There are so many types it’s hard to say.

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Finally, Al Inter made a series of notices to all of them. More for the Scaloni-Lautaro-Dybala trio. They all form a double with potential for the World Cup as a final and a degree of football fanaticism. The first thing to recover cordless is the titularity, confusion and urgent physical state.

Paulo Dybala’s goal in Italy: desahogo y esperanza

The ex Instituto y Palermo Italia ingresó en los lattimos minutos de la Finalísima y con un hermoso zurdazo stampi el 3-0 final en Wembley. The duel is definitely defined, but the amount of joy and the increasing activation of the Argentine Selection against a rival level primer.

Dybala lo gritó con todas sus fuerzas. Fue a form of fire to create in the mass. Playing the game, when given a note in the game field, many compasses pass around the water and the felicitaron. “Dale Joya”, “Linda Paulo”, algunas de las phras que gritaron algunos futbolistas. Confianza.

DYBALA.  The best place to walk in the World Cup (Photo: REUTERS / Andrew Couldridge)
DYBALA. The best place to walk in the World Cup (Photo: REUTERS / Andrew Couldridge)By: REUTERS
DYBALA.  The best place to walk in the World Cup (Photo: REUTERS / Andrew Couldridge)
DYBALA. The best place to walk in the World Cup (Photo: REUTERS / Andrew Couldridge)By: REUTERS
DYBALA.  The best place to walk in the World Cup (Photo: REUTERS / Andrew Couldridge)
DYBALA. The best place to walk in the World Cup (Photo: REUTERS / Andrew Couldridge)By: REUTERS

Scaloni’s statement: “Technically we do not discuss”

It seems that the DT of the Selection has nothing to do with Dybala’s game. The two minutes in the America’s Cup 2019, which included a goal against Chile in the match for the third time. Less than a month ago, at the press conference, DT recalled that Joya had not been physically injured.

Technically we do not discuss. We do not need to be. Convocandolo do not hacemos a favor si lo llamamos y no esten bien fisicamente. But one thing and another, in the latest convocations do not exist due to physical problems. You are repelled in the team and in the team. It is a value valued at the level of technical body and of its computers “, says Scaloni.

Where else can you play Dybala?

Joya always lives in Messi’s squares because he plays in similar positions. When it comes to 10 you move freely through the game field, the cordobés definitely have the role of organizing the game, from launching to running and running, in this case, to Lautaro Martínez. The idea of ​​ambos is the case with misma.

It is probable that Dybala is a replica of Di Maria which for the trainer who is trying to find Nicolás González, with more trajectory due to the costs and much sacrifice to add the team to the brand. Dybala does not have the velocity or the video certificate; do not block Gonzalez’s physical capacity to shrink its compartments.

All parece indicate that Joya is a very special piece, for point moments. In the event of Messi’s departure, Lutaro Martínez’s team will play south and back. The following 9 supplements are not clear: Scale used mostly by Joaquín Correa and small by Julián vlvarez. The results are not destructive fueron.

Dybala in Juventus south of the media point and with the chip can be pissed the most possible área, from the area of ​​definition. Included in the America’s Copa 2019, Messi’s enthusiasm is compounded by the many trames of the two departments, among which there is still a long way to go against Chile.

Estonia, an opportunity

Select Argentina argue a amistoso ante Estonia is domingo in Spain and it is very probable that Scaloni the minutes as titular. Sin dudas, a chance clave para seguir sumando puntos.

The list of conv 26 convocados?

Oscar Ruggeri, ex-footballer of the Selection and current panelist of ESPN, Scaloni’s question is the victory over Italy if you think about how to communicate with the southerners who finally did not go to the World Cup. El DT fue cauto y no dijo demasiado, pero casi imploró: “Ojalá la FIFA Confirme 26 para la lista”.

Due to the pandemic and the cases of coronavirus, FIFA introduces various variables in football and one of the best reasons why the list for Qatar has more than three footballers out of the ordinary. Without hesitation, one factor that contributes to Dybala is ultimately between the convocados.


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