Pepe Cibrián reveals that it comes with its new

Pepe Cibrián (74) conoció a Nahuel Nicolás Lodi (32) in the energy of this year. In March, formalize your romance in red with a picture of juntos in the sill of your house. And, now, the theater director announced the big news: se casan a fin de mes.

Pepe Cibrián detail to Infobae that the celebration is about to fall on the 24th of June in the restaurant La olla de Felix, donde tuvieron la primera cita. “Será an intimate event for 30 people between friends, family, and my brother Roberto. The pagan ceremony that we plan, does not tend to be a legal brand, but for the moment “, said the artist. He continued: “But against a written public we sign the Deber of Mutua Assistance”. As Indobae points out, “it is a matter of legal obligation that consists of material or moral content between the tenants. Guarantee that you will be able to fly by the other (being reconciled by your entrants) respecting honor, dignity and emotional balance “.

Pepe Cibrian presents his new favorite:
Pepe Cibrián and Nahuel Nicolás Lodi.

La fiesta será el 27 de junio. Pepe Cibrián account that the organization is integrated into Nahuel’s manos and a planner. Parece que habrá mucha gente … ¡Juro que yo no tengo idea de nada! “I do not know what to do with what I’m doing.”

Respecting the millennium, the shadow of Ana María Campoy reveals that it is green in October. “Originally imagined in Europe, it was a waste of time due to the threat of a conflict between Russia and Urania,” Infobae said. He continued: “I saw a ton that was burning, but the gentleman was very sad. Muy sad. Things to do in Mexico and staying in one of my favorite hotels Puerto Morelosan aldea pesquera that I love Yucatán Peninsulabetween Cancún y Playa del Carmen”.

Pepe Cibrian
The invasion of Pepe Cibrián and Nahuel Nicolás Lodi.

The love story of Pepe Cibrián and Nahuel Nicolás Lodi

Pepe Cibrián detailed details in the interview about how it works: fue a red line of quotes. “The repetition was found in the algae that interest me, four times, five times charlando with el. Me entusiasmaba. Me fascinaba. Imagination separates and repents, ¡pum!, depopulation. And this in red parece a gran falta de vocation. With Nahuel on the contrary, your contact is free. Me contë que hacía un año me había escrito por Instagram. In the media we watch the video. “Me encantó su sonrisa”.

About his future, Pepe Cibrián commented that “he is a Berazategui man, attractive and of a metro 89. He has a strong character and great determination, do not like the sums that are destined solo to follow. Even if we initiate the convalescence only one point in the cafeteria area of ​​a service station that works to coordinate in the coordination of variants of my projects. Además es buen amigo, buen hijo y buen padre. Estl estuvo casado algún tiempo y tuvo mellizos, a nena and a nene de siete años a quienes conozco solo por fotos y por sus relatos”.

Pepe Cibrián in his house.

On the other hand, to publish the first image with its novelty, Pepe Cibrián le hizo la casuimento na casamiento. The actor told Infobae that he was the first to visit his superiors. “We are commending y Daniel’s father (Nahuel’s father) said: ´¿You will not be able to see me like that with you? ´. Me respondió: ´How do you use hare felices, ¿but who do not? ´. Ahí quedó el tema. La segunda vez que vinieron, a las dos o tres semanas, me dijo: ´Bueno Pepe, entonces … ¿cuándo se casan? ´. Nahuel’s son died and asked: ahNahuel, ¿cuándo? ´. Sel se puso muy colorado. ´No sé, en junio´, sugirió. KeyOkey. ¿Qué día? ´, pensamos. `¡El 24! ´. Y ahí se definifó la fecha de los esponsales ”, relató Cibrián. “Así que result in a hand pedid … Yes, I have a handgun. Qué lindo, ¿no? ¡A pedido de mano! ”.

Pepe Cibrian presents his new favorite:
Nahuel Nicolás Lodi.

Also mentioned is the relationship with the family of your future futuro. “I love my sukros, who will be around 60 years old, a su hermana, a sus dos hermanos ya una tía muy magica. Solemos pass the hours of charles in every incentive that we have only semantically, alternating between this house and the water in Berazategui, when it is always cariously recycled “, said Pepe Cibrián.

Lastly, the theater director was consulted about his sexual life with more than 70 years. He answered: Pero no es tan grave, eh ”. In 2016, I intervened to remove a prostate cancer that regressed as soon as possible before the abortion took place on the day of birth. “It simply came to our notice then sigo experimenting sex with the mass generosity with the fact that the hice all the screw. I have a very active person in this aspect. Me gusta jugar, pero in terms of exploitation, not in questions of diffraction. It’s all that’s more abusive to me, because my theatrical plays are just before the script … geisho en la cama.

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