principle of agreement with Benfica for 18ME

Benfica to get ganas by capturing a new set of things that can be detected with frequency in the football world and Enzo Fernández is totally convenient since the Portuguese club is the best platform to enter Europe and the trampoline is more secure for jumping to a large continental view with a super adaptation. This is a football matrimonial with detailed details: the conductors of River and igguilas’s sporting director, Rui Pedro Braz, establishes an agreed-upon principle with all Portuguese players paying 18 million euros for up to 75% of the talent promotion fee.

Y in the final tram of a negotiation that left more than one month, the good news for the millionaire hincas is that the current account that flies to the Copa Libertadores with Gallardo’s team. Rest assured that it is important that you go to the European summer market or, as the River eliminates the Copa in octaves or quarters, welded in: it is not a detail except that the book of passages in Portugal are reclaimed on the 31st of august, a culmination of the three stages of the tour with the illusion of Gallardo and the hinchas of the River.

With a sense of well-being at the altar of the best in local’s, Enzo Jr. is transformed into a priority objective by Benfica, which may be inserted into all media in action to not touch the diamond of 21 years who has the future of Selection and who with more than 100 games in his career (apenas has 82, with 13 goals and 11 assists) is supported by the way he is in the center of the stage in the European market.

Wolverhampton y Milan, de hecho, amagaron con lvare a los papelles su ve interested per EF, aunque no avanzaron porkíban sa corrín en desventaja respectu de Portuguese tiburón de acaba de vender a Darwin Núñez al Liverpool en 75 milones (100 sumand los bonus), tripling the price of the purchase and slamming an egg more than the desired revenge capacity that it has.

Is the capacity of the club to compare to multiply the value of your footballers when trying to get rid of River’s men by posting?. Britain and the company, in effect, project hager ingresar to the most diner tea if they are located in Fernández according to the rescue clause (20 million euros / 25 in the last few days of each year) to share the property that has been transformed into the most joyful search of the plant by concreting the passage of Julián vlvarez al City.

With the guide of the todocampista who saves four Olympic times in one of the countries, which is loaded with weight on the accelerator in the ultimate time to prop the Braz, which flies to Argentina as if it were all right mayo, commanding empezó to hacer los deberes to provoke is disenlace. At this moment, the lusitania envied the astonishment of the first president and vice-president Matthias Patanian and the technical secretary Enzo Francescoli for controlling the intentions of his flying club by flying and playing with the footballer and his agent (Uriel Paura Costanera to present the institution’s portfolio and contracts on a contract for a short period of time, until June 30, 2027.

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The approximate time series cruise before committing the car to the other side of the top of the Gallardo cycle, which is the defining term for the women who make the announcement in Lisbon (10 million euro cash prize and 8 euros in quotas lasting about 12 months) convert potential in the MG era.

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That is, preferably, as Benfica siga with Enzo Jr. the route that convincing the football club that the greatest economic results were obtained in the last decade, with superior savings of up to 700 million euros with the best of Ederson al City, David Luiz al Chelsea, Di María al Real or the citation of Núñez to Liverpool as emblematic cases of the excitement of its model, which consists in the precision of terraces of pearls of the second line and places of fortune but fortunes of the giants of Europe.

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If you are in the river try to drive to Enzo, Florencio Varela frotan las manos: Defending the 10% of the loss due to the window sill that River’s cedar is up to 1 ° from September when it was sent to Enzowhich is for export.


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