Racing win 2-0 at Huracán in Avellaneda in the backyard jungle

With various continuous matches in the professional Premier League
With various continuous matches in the professional Premier League

Tras a peceño parate, the fleece to fly in Argentine football with the initiation of the Professional League. Si bien varias miradas se las llevó el classic between San Lorenzo and the Independentotros cinco partidos le dieron color a la jornada del sábado.


The cell phone levandaron the teams with different realities. El Decano save a point of agonic form gracias al cabezazo salvador de Cristian Menéndezdespués de que el Sabalero to occur multiple times with the minimum difference consistent with a penalty of Facundo Farías at the first time (the VAR states the alert and alert to Nicolás Lamolina). Fue parda en el Monumental José Fierro.

This point is not limited to the following files, which the Tucuman continents have compromised with the declining zone (at the end of the day, the Primera Nacional’s ultimate podiums). In a nutshell, the santafesinos do not pudding to fill the gap in the 2022 Accumulated Tablet to arrive at the classification points for international copies.


Stadium: Monumental José Fierro

Referee: Nicolás Lamolina


La Leprosy pisó fuerte in the stadium Florencio Sola y se llevó a Rosario una justificada victoria. Gracias a un estelar Juan Manuel Garcíase impuso 2-0 a un Taladro which now controls the flight to the party. The tantos fueron del 9 rojinegro y Ramiro Sordo, along the delantero habilitation. Dirigió Fernando Echenique.

The team of Javier Sanguinetti shows initiative and good intentions from the arrangement of the first time, when generating situations of goals and shots of graces and a robe of Francisco González, who arms a phenomenal south and sends a free telegraphic search Juanchón, which prints and plays with the options of Enrique Bologna. About the final of the initial stage, Ramiro Sordo can be visited by the visiting goal scorer: not defined as the first goal for the 2-0.

In addition, Claudio Vivas moves the bench as it turns out that Banfield jamás pudo hallar the walkways to secure the safe of Ramiro Macagno. Newell’s offensive empire hizo that no powder to liquidate the full plate, or that untested various contraceptive mal ejecutados. In the last game of the match, Echenique picked up a double penalty at instances of VAR (Macagno to Enrique infusion) and Giuliano Galoppo the cambium by the descending ante of the final pit.


Stadium: Florencio Sola

Referee: Fernando Echenique


Mientras piensa en la Copa Libertadores, Vélez prime well in the Professional League with an incommodo empate ante Patronate, the team more complicated with the promos. In Paraná, the directions by Alexander Medina arrange neatly on the marker, but at the front of the first timer the local space is closed and well where seria el 1-1 definitorio.

Lucas Janson, in the 25 minutes, impulse to the Liniers team that comes from the final stage of the League Cup Final stage to finalize in the group sexting sexta. Four minutes from the end of this initial stage, Jonathan Herrera exchange for a penalty kick and a handful of final figures.

Vélezwhich is finalized in the second grouping of Group C in the Libertadores Cup by the students of La Plata, tends to be one of the finals of the final octaves more complete: recycle to River Plate on Wednesday, June 29th for ida and place south of Monumental on July 6.

On the local tour, serit anfitrión el próximo domingo 12 junio de Platense from 18.00 on the second day.

El PatronLast on the Godoy Cruz’s blackboard, travel to the near future June 10 has La Plata to top with Gymnasium from 16.30.


Stadium: Presbítero Bartolomé Grella

Referee: Jorge Baliño


Platense live a day full of emotions at this aperture of the Professional League: venció 2-1 to Godoy Cruz en el Vicente López City Stadium with the gills of the goalkeepers that are on the plant, Gonzalo Bergessio and Mauro Zárate.

The eleman que dirige Omar De Felippe arrastraba 12 presentations with triumphs accounting the League Cup and the Argentina Cup. Last celebration was given in the 3rd round of the League Cup against Sarmiento de Junín as local, per game acumuló 9 derrotas y 3 empates. One of the main teams, against the Belgians of Córdoba, was born after the Copa Argentina and went through the penalties.

This is the first part of the certificate, el Calamar this bath is 25 minutes away from Gonzalo Abrego’s tent, pero dos penales le permitieron revertir las cosas. A los 41, Bergessio lo cambium por gol ya los 84, Zarate – Ingresó by Héctor Canteros– hizo lo mismo.

El Tomba y el Calamar are the protagonists of the promo table in the day zone. Currently, Mendoza is in the off-road zone with Patronato and Vicente López kills apenas of places by encima.

Godoy Cruz also played 2ª before Ante Racing the donging of june 12 from 15.30 as local y Platense to visit this mismo day, from 18, a Vélez and Liniers.


Stadium: City of Vicente López

Referee: Mauro Vigliano


Tras las duros golpes sobre el final del pasado semestre, Racing renovated all illusions al ganarle is cheap at Huracán 2-0 at el Cylinders of Avellaneda with goals by Chancalay and Jonathan Gómez. El árbitro fue Pablo Echavarría.

In the first time there are no differentials in the marker. La Academia contact with the most common actions about all of them Edwin Cardonaque hizo sonar el palo, y de Tomás Chancalay, the most delicately offensive with its armatures per equation. Without embargo, the square Fernando Gago do not synthesize fashion in the can.

Es que el Globo salió a pressionarlo arriba y le complicó las salidas. Además, ganó varios duelos en la mitadë de la cancha y por momentos controlle rhythm de juego, pese a no tener demasiado la pelota y carecer de situasë claras. The little news for the team of Diego Dabove fire at Ibañez’s pulse, recover the second amarilla in up to 40 minutes.

In addition, the local salió quickly searches for ventilation and insurance. In a flea parade from the equator, Chancalay ejecutó el centro e effecte hacia adentro y mucha rosca que nadie tocó y se terminó metiendo por el segundo palo. During the sale, the local does not liquidate the shares and the bet is constantly in the background because its rival is only one man.

Without embargo, about the final apparatus Enzo Copetti to fight an arriba pelota and soltan a fantastic assistance of emboquillada tras juntar three rivals para dejar a Jonathan Gómez cara a cara con Lucas Chaves. El joven delantero no perdió tiempo y, de cabeza, selló el 2-0.

In the near future, Racing to visit a Godoy Cruz en Mendoza, pero antes, el miércoles, se medirá en Jujuy ante Agropecuario por la Copa Argentina. For your part, Huracán será local contra Rosario Central.


Stadium: Cylinders

Referee: Pablo Echavarría

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