Rafael Nadal excels at history: otra vez se consagró en Roland Garros | The Spanish won the 22nd Grand Slam and the 14th Copette de los Mosqueteros

“La victoire appartient au plus opiniâtre”, can be observed in one of the side stands of the Philippe Chatrier Stadium, the most important part of the world is a lot of ladders. Enfrente, a la misma altura, se observa: “The victory belongs to the most tenacious”.

Aquellas words come as immortalized as an aphorism attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte, which emperor convincing France of its military potential more than its epoch. Después las hizo suyas Eugéne Adrien Roland Georges Garrosmítico aviador ca endo en combate durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, quien reflect the phrase on the propellers of your vehicles.

Now you can write a script in Spanish Rafael Nadal Parera ya se gani un espacio en the great story of Roland Garrosthe most valuable canvas straps: is domingo ganó nada menos que the 14th Cop of the Mosquitoes and the 22nd Grand Slam titlethe incremental numbers that are plotted by the sum of the limits of all the epochs.

The triumph 6-3, 6-3 and 6-0 against the Norwegian Casper Ruud, the number of the ATP ranking, resulted in more than 112 total victories accumulating Spanish at Roland Garros Stadium. In a Grand Slam final, on the 30th of all its trajectory, desibujujó a rival, the most destacado of your country, which now finds how to last to your idolto whom amazement visto ganar, live and direct, octava Copa de los Mosqueteros in 2013. New to Nadal atres record time, up from the 6 trophies that the legendary Björn Borg won in Paris between 1974 and 1981. This is the Spanish recipient of the Manos trophy Billie Jean KingWTA fundraiser and champion in Paris cincuenta a atos atrás.

“I think competing for the 36-year-old in the most important part of my car. Do not go for less that your full potential go to luxury to follow adelante “, express the number one with the piece in their hands. Acaso este trophy in Paris haya sido el más difícil para Nadal, who helps to find solutions to congenital lesions which suffers on its own part from 17 years.

Dolencia is an enfermedad of escafoides, due to the fact that it is more fine than the common. Since 2005, when it came to building a piece of your own, I ordered the denomination Müller-Weiss Syndrome, an anomaly in the discharge from the back of the Tarsian escalator that produce in infancy and suffer in adulthood. Countable only when all the Spanish have to brake their way through the circuit to perform treatments and, in other operations, Decide to be infiltrated as well as how the two semantics in Roland Garros last: on which dormido floor, with the blocked nerves.

Anti-cruciate ligament anti-slip handle with chain: “Prefer the curtain for the final and then a new one porque me permitiría ser más feliz en mi día a día. My discourse and the shape of the screw do not change. Ganar te llena de adrenalina momentina pero la vida is much more important than any title “. Nadal sufre, en silencio, desde hace mucho timep, aunque desafía lá mgenrgenes de la naturaleza para pelear por la historia.

The result is an impossible dimension that the Spanish will use as many numbers as possible to use it to escalate the incident. Nadal suma 14 titul en Roland Garros, la misma cantidad de Grand Slams que conquistara el estadounidense Pete Sampras between 1990 and 2002, a figure that by means of vislumbraba insuperable in male tennis.

There are also trophies among the three remaining Majors, the stories that Andre Agassi did in the four big quotes. Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, all the great rivals of the era, accumulated 20. Rafa, además, has the mark of mayor of the victorious candidacy in a Grand Slam mismatch among the men: celebrates 112 hours in Paris -apenas tres derrotas- in Wimbledon.

How do you get the history of the story to come first? a Grand Slam tournament eliminated on the sidewalk in four different places between the two of the world: the Canadian Felix Auger Aliassime (9º), the propa Novak Djokovic (1º), the German Alexander Zverev (3º) and the Norwegian Ruud (8º). H hab lo habían conseguido antes dos masculine the Swedish Mats Wilander, in Roland Garros 1982super and Ivan Lendl (3º), Vitas Gerulaitis (9º), José Luis Clerc (6º) y Guillermo Vilas (4º); mientras que Federer lo hizo en Australia 2017, traces of Thomas Berdych (10º), Kei Nishikori (5º), Stanislas Wawrinka (4º) and Nadal (9º).

“Victory pertains to the most obstructed”, leerse, from part of now, in space beyond the space of Philippe Chatrier. In the native language Rafael Nadal Parera, here’s most obstructed of the late Roland Garros campers, to which the limits of the history of the short quedaron.

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