Red alert in Independiente: 100 prisoners, a bar manager in the tunnel and the operational base that Bebote Álvarez set up

Juani, the leader of the official bar, at the entrance to the Rojo field
Juani, the leader of the official bar, at the entrance to the Rojo field

Era a lot of noise during the previous days and the climate of tension was felt by Avellaneda. Three lines with a story of cross-threats of fear clarifying that Saturday night would be D-Day in the grandstand of the Libertadores de America Ricardo Enrique Bochini Stadium. The security forces have activated the red alert. All attention has been placed on a possible chaos in the vicinity of the Independiente camp in the preview of commitment to the tiger for the 9th round of the League Cup.

A operation of over 600 police officers to deactivate the wind of chaos that swept the streets of Avellaneda in preparation for the meeting. talkative Rodriguezone of the three leaders who wanted to take over the popular, ended up arrested for attack and resistance to authority along with more than 100 bars which constitute the hard core. On the side of the official faction, there were 10 other fans who got caught before entering the stadium.

According to police sources, Rodríguez would have escaped the checks and it also reached the turnstiles sector where those responsible for the operation approached to try to remove it. But the bar head’s violent response to the police would have led to a confrontation and would have resulted in the arrest of hundreds of people who supported him, as well as the hijacking of a truck carrying drums, flags and part of that faction’s escort. of the tribune.

The inmates of the Loquillo Rodríguez faction in the preview of the match against Tigre

Of course: the official bar has achieved its mission and its main face, Juani de Gerli –Juan Ignacio Leczniki–, passed the checks and positioned himself in one of the popular ones Red accompanied by a part of his group who went through strict checks, many of them with protocol tickets or membership cards for 2019 and 2021. Which has already launched an investigation for the security authorities to see if there is any type of collusion with someone from the club.

While the police have imposed a strict control at the entrance to dispel any possible war between bars, child Alvarez followed the whole board closely, positioning himself in proximity to a renowned hypermarket in the area flanked by 200 guys ready to lay down your wishes to return to dominate the avalanche barriers red.

Alvarez had already done that pre-released their entire threat show with a speech for about 300 bars hanging from a metal barrier. “You should have joined first! I didn’t have to go back! They don’t need me. “, he yelled at the group listening to him as if he were a speaker presenting his political platform. A few minutes later, at midnight they disturbed the streets of Avellaneda: “Barracas, dear, we’ll shoot you bloody”, they shouted, pointing to the current leaders of The owners of Avellanedathe name of the official faction of the Bar Association.

childwho commands the faction that is called The Red Devilshe made his demonstration of power through the nets and in the previous hours but he preferred not to try to enter the field. talkativethe visible face of the group We are, tried and was behind bars. Yes, three bars that compete for the central place of the stand of an Independent who in the meantime passes for a political limbo because the presidential elections that should have been held in December have been postponed by the justice system and so far there is no new date in sight. The scent of violence that was perceived in the air in the previous hours also conspired for those true fans who had to choose between risking their lives to go and find the team of their loves or decide to preserve their physique in exchange. of not being able to support the Red on the pitch against Tigre in a crucial match to try to qualify for the next phase of the League Cup.

Rodríguez was one of the most inmates featured in the Independiente-Tigre match preview
Rodríguez was one of the most inmates featured in the Independiente-Tigre match preview

The interior of the court? Absolute background after Álvarez and Juani will each report to the First Police Headquarters of Avellaneda to let the authorities know that they are the referents of the. A situation so striking as to force a special operation of the forces in charge with about 600 soldiers and the stadium doors open three hours before the game to make people’s income as fluid as possible. From Aprevide they had already made it clear that there would be an “exhaustive police check”.

It was not a maximum alert that was triggered only by threats on social networks that were crossed. Recent history in Avellaneda is a story of violence and impunity with a Dante scene when in September 2021 I know shot in the middle of the city to set up an indoor bar in broad daylight while no one could believe what was happening. Or if …


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