Refrigerators, DT coats and gearboxes in the Professional League: what constitutes the “minute to minute” market up to Fecha 12

How the recession took place (20 teams terminated their participation in the League Cup on May 9, the final between Boca and Tiger took place on 22/5 and the clubs that play international cups play in the same seminar) and many contracts seguirán vigentes hasta el 30 de junio, no hubo demasiado tiempo para restructured plants. With the embargo, some institutions are renovating las caras pensando en la Professional League that comenzará is night with the duel between Barracas Central y Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero.

Respect the conjunctions that alternate switch, repa vale: Mart Palen Palermo renunció en Aldosivi (Favio Yagui Fern dirndez directs as internally as if he were reproducing), Diego Dabove from Banfield to Huracan (Claudio Vivas tomó las riendas del Taladroand it seems that Frank Kudelka despised it Globo), San Lorenzo contract a casbo ombre as Ruben Darío Insua and Vélez optó por cortar el internatato de Julio Vaccari para darle paso al Cacique Alexander Medina.

The uniqueness of the passage of passage that is most common in Argentina is that it was re-enacted on July 7, but that registered registers and balances are still missing from the sexta jornada. Pero además, the clubs that transfer footballers from the outside tend to have the ability to incorporate the misma candida. This means that most of the mercadas in Europe will have their book in mid-August, but in the Professional League there are chances of registering transfers until February 12. Será semana a semana, día a día, minuto a minuto …

Among the most resonant springs, se destacan Emiliano Vecchio a Racing, Mauro Zárate a Platense, Luciano Lollo to Students of La Plata, Lucas Chaves a Huracán, Carlos Lampe a Atlético Tucumán y el Russian Rodríguez a Godoy Cruz. El Calamarwith its incorporations, is the one that most often still has now.


ALDOSIVI: se fue Mart Palen Palermo. The interior of the Favio series Yagui Fernández.

ARGENTINOS JUNIORS: see Enzo Kalinski and Lucas Cháves.


ATLITICO TUCUMIN: by Carlos Lampe. Renovó Guillermo Bebe Acosta.

BANFIELD: see Luciano Lollo and return Darío Cvitanich. Play Claudio Vivas as DT. Search for defenders and a dealer. Rescindió Juan Andrada.

BARRACAS CENTRAL: see Mauro Albertengo.

BOCA JUNIORS: el Juvenil Kevin Duarte fue cedido a Ferro.

CENTRAL CURTAINS: led by Enzo Kalinski, Alan Barrionuevo and Lautaro Montoya.


DEFENSE AND JUSTICE: Fernando Pellegrino, Mauro Gerk (assistant to Beccacece a Querétaro) and Miguel Merentiel al Palmeiras.

Luciano Lollo, del Taladro al Pincha
Luciano Lollo, del Taladro al Pincha

STUDENTS: by Luciano Lollo. The club has an affair with Boca due to the continuity of Fernando Zuqui.


The Russian Diego Rodríguez firm in el Tomba
The Russian Diego Rodríguez firm in el Tomba

GODOY CRUZ: llegó el Russian Diego Rodríguez and the chord of Cristian Chávez.

DETAILS: with Diego Dabove as DT (reprinted by Frank Kudelka). Se fue Sebastián Meza. Llegó Lucas Cháves (Argentinos Juniors). Rescindió Patricio Toranzo.

Huracán tiene nuevo arquero: Lucas Cháves
Huracán tiene nuevo arquero: Lucas Cháves

INDEPENDENT: ya no se entrenan con el plantel Domingo Blanco, Andrés Roa y Carlos Benavídez.

LANÚS: see Diego Valeri.

NEWELL’S: renovate your contract Nazareno Funez.

PATRONATO: José Barreto volvoó de su prestamo en Tristán Suárez.

Mauro Zárate, new figure of Platense
Mauro Zárate, new figure of Platense

PLATENSE: llegaron Mauro Zárate, Alexis Sabella (San Lorenzo), Federico Gino, Juan Cruz Esquivel, Carlos Villalba (Talleres) and Nahuel Casasola (River). See Lamberti and Jorge De Olivera.

RACING: by Emiliano Vecchio.

RIVER PLATE: Julián vlvarez is coming to Manchester City in July.

ROSARIO CENTRAL: see Emiliano Vecchio and read Marco Ruben.

SAN LORENZO: with Rubén Darío Insúa as DT. Seeing Alejandro Donatti, Gino Peruzzi, Yeison Gordillo, Ricardo Centurión and Nicolás Uvita Fernández.

Rubén Darío Insúa, flamante DT de San Lorenzo
Rubén Darío Insúa, flamante DT de San Lorenzo

SARMIENTO: Lucas Castro, Sebastián Meza and Facundo Ferrero. See Lautaro Montoya, Julian Chicco and Gervasio Nuñez. All rights reserved. Braian Salvareschi. Facundo Castet fue cedido a Temperley. See Federico Vismara.


TIGRE: si no se van jugadores, no buscaría refuerzos.

UNION: renovated by Juan Carlos Portillo and Juan Nardoni, by Gastón González

VÉLEZ: play Cacique Alexander Medina as DT. See Carlos Lampe. Interests in Uruguay Diego Godín.


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