Reggaetón, mates y caballos: Bryan Petaccio, Tik Tok’s gaucho who walks around and does not shoot

Bryan Petaccio is famous for his nightgown and car like Tik Tok
Bryan Petaccio is famous for his nightgown and car like Tik Tok

Apenas comenzaba la pandemia, bajo el azelo perul az Pergamino, rodeado de caballos, el gaucho Bryan Petaccio grabó a video que marcaraja an antes u un después en su vida. “Stand alone, tranquil in the field, scooping up one of the mats on the truck stopper and bearing the wine in the cupboard that just left the Tik Tok app. As I arranged a plant in the well and pushed it to a theme of El Dipy. Partu-sa. A theme. The Haggai Plant of Women ”which can be transformed into Tik Tok gauze.

Bryan Petaccio is 32 years old. You live in the center of Pergamon and the campground life from nowhere. “Born in one of the pampa húmeda areas where you are the best land. Simper me gustó de chiquito. Tanto that leads me to one of my penitentiaries not to accompany me to my field ”. Play or not at the computer daba lo mismo. What follows is that Bryan is in the cabins of swimmers, burners. Always be in the medium and when not, with the flywheel in the manos. His grandson leaned on his sister’s car, a car with its folds and rules that engage the tractor. Vivían grandes adventuras.

Bryan Petaccio hare del buen humor su sello.  Someone who makes a good sense of humor by having a pair of mattresses and combing with hair
Bryan Petaccio hare del buen humor su sello. Someone who makes a good sense of humor by having a pair of mattresses and combing with hair

The 10 year olds have their first traversal, but the one that follows a good retouch. He rode a tractor. “Mi abuelo ya no lo usaba. My grandfather was paradoxical about it. En ese interin, me subí, puse primera y salí sembrando solo ”, said with the joy that characterizes it. Bryan assures that he always leans with a sonrisa. Se toma unos mates, o un yogur pero nunca le puede faltar el queso y membrillo. Some videos like this are not posted. Muchas vecos los seguidores le dicen: “Hoy me levanté mal y vi un video tuyo y me cambiaste el día”. Or “I want a video that is abusive and shared with you”.

Si su pasón es el campo. The love for the little one counts. Dressed in a gaucho bomber jacket, camouflage shirt and boila type bath basil reggaetón and perrea like a bailarín, only that é no fue a ninguna academia de baile. “Yo hago lo que me genera el tema. Me descadero y me encanta bailar. Nadie me enseñó bachata. Aprendí por mirar. Me sale solo. Menos tango, que nunca probé, bailo todo: cuarteto, cumbia, reggaetón, salsa, bachata, melódico, folklore, chacarera, samba ”, detail.

El Gaucho de Pergamino, Bryan Petaccio baila mientras cosecha soya.

Count that the first few of your screws run in the case of your friends. “Eran fiesteros y bailaban todos. Bailaba solo. O con mi mamá. Después, llegó the stage of ir to the boliches de Pergamino. Perreaba hasta abajo. Era el que ponían en el media de la ronda ”, relata este gaucho que no tiene miedo al astrellato.

At the beginning of the pandemic, or in the midst of the constant current, when Bryan tries to track the hacker or the video, uniting his passions. Había balilado junto a la planta perdot noa no había subido el video por ten noa tenfica adequate señal en media del camo ni sabía cómo hacerlo. “It simply came to our notice then. There is a moment when there is no way to go. Nosotros teníamos permiso para poder hacerlo. We are full of cousins. We do not know. We attacked the trucks that landed in Buenos Aires. “We will not be counted,” he said.

The first video in the field of Bryan Petaccio, chamamed with a Mayz plant, at the beginning of the current, March 2020

The video was sent virally to the May plant, as it was set up by phone. Your friend Marina explicitly cómo subirlo. Print and retrieve notifications and advertisements as established. Marina le dijo: “Te hiciste viral”.

Cinverted into a Tik Tok figure from the night to the machine, subject to the content, as if it had been unmasked.Hago all natural from that arranged. “At a moment when I was establishing a cessation, I was forced to leave the couscous and start a revolution,” he said. In your @bryanpetaccio domain the green color of the pastures. Each video has more than 100 miles. Their choreographies are invisible. Hay videos en los que baila debajo de un caballo, o parado sobre su lomo cual artista circense. It can be made from a molino, with hacer passing it in front of a nocturnal fogata. And with the May plant, which’s “the best computer running the current, hizo varios videos musicales. An excitement on the other side.

Bryan Petaccio reprinted “hasta abajo” at a glamorous post. In these videos, the choreographies are as background to the Pergamon field

Después empezó a sonar el telefono. Eran the announcements. The purpose of the Internet service provider is to provide access to the field and to prevent cobras. In a brand of capillary products, the offer hacks a sort, being or is not. In spite of the rarity, acceptance and fire all the excitement between the followers.

I do not want to show the camp to the gentleman who knows it. Query what is seen from another point of view and explained with my words before you can enter all the world. How to arm a silo bolsa. Cómo se pone el cereal ”, explica. Bryan is a guy who lives in the traditions of the Argentine camp and his many video clips and followers, Argentines and other worldly, curious people, not even in the pissada. Now, having a significant audience (619,000 in Tik Tok and 279,000 in IG) receives invitations and celebrity treats to sample the popular parties that take place in the Bonaire camp.

Bryan le gusta mantener vivas las tradiciones y las lleva a sus videos
Bryan le gusta mantener vivas las tradiciones y las lleva a sus videos

Walking to the city of Buenos Aires, Bryan says that the porch over the calves with its gaucho robe, but more like the miren as a raccoon. It is what tastes and what does not feel fashionable. Because of their popularity on social networks, many people reconcile and pidieron hacerse photos with el. Now you are watching haggling videos with some great locals. How to get to Obelisco. One of your hashtags that always use us is #amomilocura. And many of them are locked with electricity.


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