Rename the title of Aprevide: the circuit breaker with Berni and the recruitment of interns in bars

Gustavo Gómez dejó el cargo tras sus constantes roces con Sergio Berni
Gustavo Gómez dejó el cargo tras sus constantes roces con Sergio Berni

The venous tension situation varies semantically and finally, con the suspension of the match between Los Andes and Tigerexplotó. Sergio Berni, Minister of Seguridad Bonaerense, appointed Gustavo Gómez as the head of the Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sport (Aprevide) and lo hizo a horas del comjenzo de unuevo torneo de argentino útbolno, lo que generó cierta zozobra en el ámbito polisik, aunque fuentes de Ministerio asguran que esto too bajo control e que no hay ninguna differia en los operatosn se se lle de semana.

Gomez, in reality, is not a Bernie man. The nun minister is still watching football, not just as a spectator (his head is in rugby), but when his team is at work, he is one of the most popular players in the governorate. At the moment, Carlos Bianco, under the tutelage of Governor Axel Kicillof, has been licensed to communicate with policy orientation proven by the Airport Security Police. Outsider of world football, Gómez llegaba con logically distant from his opponent, Juan Manuel Lugones, cuya politics era mano dura against los bars and multiplicity of judicial denunciations. Su mirada, express en Infobae apenas asumió el cargo, tenia que ver con un m factors sociológico. “The police must not allow the animal to reach the animal and prevent it,” Gómez said at the moment.

This is because you can not ponder your ideas in motion because apenas asumió la pandemia dejó al útbol de lado and después el regreso fue sin público. Problems empezaron to apparatus with the flight of the hinchas and the needlessness of the burdens of recovering the bargain negotiation and hastening the internal cara cara al World Cup 2022.

Entonces, empezaron in the Province of Buenos Aires will encounter a conflicting view of the other. First drop the mandible in the racing bar, donde there is an obvious political and police convergence to the fact Racing Pibes suplantaran a The Imperial Guard. Expand story Independent with three rounds of ammunition and incandescent white weapons. Hubo serious problems in the south summer stadium in the stadium of the Students and hubo a point of quiebre deprived of a part of the March 2 of the Copa Argentina in the can of Quilmes between Banfield and Dock Sud, when the operative police police insulated hizo pasar los micros of the hinges of the Taladro through the donde area falling part of the Quilmes bar and losing a magnitude gain. De hecho, a partu aquel suceso to decide that no hubiera more than this part of the competence, the one with the partiality, in the binary territory.

Ah, the empire minister to see his subordinate with other ojos. The achacaba that mintras no hubo public no pasaba nada pero with gente tenia that salir a dar la cara todos los días por algún incident. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also stated that it has lost control over the tropics and that some departments or operatives have been involved in solitary confinement and obtaining benefits. The tension is subdued by the correlation of the semaphores and Bernie achacaba to Gómez poca presence to follow the rhythm and its hyperactivity. Hubo discrepancies about Boca-Racing in Lanús by the League Cup that finally south with their partiality and perfect salience, with incidents and retention of a dissident Boca face that only intends to generate problems.

Sergio Berni fue clave para la salida de Gómez
Sergio Berni fue clave para la salida de Gómez

Gómez sighs at this operative, Berni también se lo adjudici i dio a entender que todo salió bien él y aíí parecía que’s suerte de Gómez podía estar echada. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to the minister. Y lo que siguió fue the embarkation of the Racing bar on the hulls of the Deportivo Cali where the herdsmen of the white gun are playing at the Gerli train station Roca y sobre todo el no operative security for the part between Los Andes and Tigre, que primero iba a jugarse en Lanús y después en Morón. Thras ese fracaso, Berni le sacó a Gómez’s all effective police officers of Aprevide and mandó a trabajar a La Matanza. Así, vacaydo de poder, al titular del Aprevide no le quedó otra que presenting renuncija, that Berni the accepted acceptance.

P Who can pass now in a hurry as sensitive as the security in football and with the heavy loads of land? Gómez’s second, Patricio Castro, who wants to be at the end of the week, even though he is present at the reunion, is no longer accepted. The name you want to send to the abbot Mariano Lizardo, proposed at the moment by Chiqui Tapia, because the governor’s veto’s veto does not have to deal with either of the epochs that share accountability in Velez.

Lizardo’s character, Paula Ojeda, is the director of the AFA genre. Pero, según averiguó Infobaeveto desde las más altas esferas no se ha disipado. Alguno también pensó en algún ex ffcionalario del área, as Alejandro Rodríguez, ex secretario de Deportes en la era Scioli o Luis Morales, que trabajó en el Aprevide en esa epoca. The second is not possible because inside the security of Frente de Todos, which is the oil of ex-minister Sabina Frederic. The first is a number that has no skin on the minister.

Es m ,s, in Bernie’s case, the apparatus of deja vu in Aprevide appears to be a highly administrative function, arguing that the operatives resume police and intelligence over the hare of Bonaerense in conjunction with the specific fiscals of violence in football that inaugurate in Lanis and Avellaneda mesres atris. On the other hand, the Province is very large and there are many more municipalities and parts that the Prime Minister and I are the ones who take care of the Minister at the time of insisting that he wants to name a civil function that is the cargo of the agency and as a result of the uncertainty in one semester that has been complicated in the stands of Argentine football.


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