Retro TV: Los Roldán, the tira that bats the rating records in the trunk with a love story sin besos

With 410 chapters, the most seen in the history of Argentine television, with a promo of 43 points of diary rating. Los Roldán It was broadcast in 2004 on Telefe, and then on Channel 9, consisting of the same rating rating. In the story, a rico hombre and a chika trans se enamoran locament y se casan aunque jamás se dan un belo, tal era el prejuicio en ese entonces. Fue una realization of Ideas del Sur, with Marcelo Tinelli and the cabeza, produced by the double Sebastián Ortega and Pablo Cullell. Starring Miguel Rodngel Rodríguez, Puma Goity and Flor de la V, with a number: Claribel Medina, Andrea Frigerio, Jimena Barón, Luciano Castro, Facundo Espinosa, Lola Berthet, Andrea Bonelli, Tom Fs Fonzi, Jean Pierre Noher, C Silly, Mariana Prommel, Campi, Barbara Lombardo, Alberto Fernández de Rosa, Facundo Aguilar.

China Zorrilla is one of the most fundamental and important figures in the history of Adriana Lorenzón and Mario Schajris. Gradually, the child who stays with his family, mansion, and cargo of his company, can be one of the richest people in the world. Like the Roldán family, they travel from La Paternal to Barrio Norte, coding with the high society, making new friends and giving them other experiences. Los Uriarte son vecinos que detestan a los Roldán porque no tardan en darse cuenta que ne pertenecen a la misma social class, y su stil de vida no encajaba en el barrio. The comedy ahonda in the difference of classes and in the identity of the genre y, but first, a girl trans protagonism a comedy diaria in the first time of a leader channel.

Palito Ortega, one of those invited to shoot
Palito Ortega, one of those invited to shootideas del sur

Antonio Gasalla, Ingrid Grudke, Sofia Gala, Luciana Salazar, Silvina Luna, Julieta Ortega, Juana Viale, Araceli González, Enrique Pinti, Mónica Cahen D’Anvers, Moria Casan, Cucho Parisi and hasta el propio Tinelli hicieron participations espe. Sebastián Ortega’s sucking on his grandfather, Palito Ortega, who sings the theme of his opening Los Roldán, “Gente buena”, and además Claribel Medina cantaba “Corazón valiente”, “A mí me está pasando lo mismo que a usted” y “Quedarme sin tí”. Pero the most popular theme was the one performed by Flor de la V, “La gata”. Directed by Jorge Montero, Eduardo Rípari and Diego Suárez.

The love story of Laisa (La Isabel) and Emilio Uriarte is established in a book of words and as protagonists of the recollection of a special way. “I do not have a nostalgic person. Cero. I do not have any fresh recourses, but I wish you had a chance to find a success and you will make a mark and despair – Puma Goity-. I have a historical diary rating, and the story we have with Flor de la Vera is a novelty story. In my personal light the intention of my success. It is a great thing that I have learned that there are political programs and news outlets Los Roldánwhich means that it is a terrible exit”.

Florencia de la V, in Los Roldán
Florencia de la V, in Los RoldánIDEAS DEL SUR

Flor de la V have been persuaded by Ortega and Cullel to be a part of Roldán “before the negotiations advance and the term is sent to the sister of one of the protagonists, forming part of the family”, detail Flor a LA NACION. “Así y todo, no pensaba que iba a tener la repercusion que tuvo. The first view that at this time counts the history of a trans person. At the moment there is no dimension to what matters, despite the fact that there are different diaries in the world and a lot of people are interested in how much success there is in a country like a machinist as well. Laisa se convirtió in a social phenomenon because it transcends any characteristic that they hear about. The exterior director wants a scene with Puma in that he establishes me a coma and he does not establish a libretto, as he surges and marches a member and despises the history of our characters, but explores”.

“It simply came to our notice then. When a contract is established to compromise the summer weather in Mar del Plata with Gerardo Sofovich and to make an egg for the week, the months, to grab the scene. Terminos travel all the days and then nunca llegué tarde, jamás se atrasó un avión. Fue una locura, pero era chica en ese momento y pude hacer las dos cosas. The creation is a relation that sparks a success in the history of the emblematic pairs of Argentine fiction. And think that nunca nos besamos. Creo that an egg we do not say a little, fue lo maxime por se podía; no había ley of gender identity at this moment ”, asegura.

“With them, I know what matters to the trans team, because when a comedy wind blows, it samples the story of a trans girl. Interestingly, it saves the Argentine families, but the works of art can be used to naturalize cosmos. Quizá si había unka çica trans en la esquina la juzgaban, la criticaban y en esto caso’s character de Laisa se metió en los hogares argentinos. Recognize that many creations are created by Laisa, who además pegó tanto with the essence of ‘La gata’ and finds a way of expressing themselves to the guys who wind a trans girl. Ortega fue a visionary in convocarme y hacer is the story that ellos vieron antes que qualquiera, y attravesó to all the society tamed with the social prejudices, of class, of gender, of sexuality. Tenía all the condiments for discrimination and without embargo the love is more than enough. Hasta nos casamos, pero nunca nos dimos un beso en pantalla, tal era el prejuicio. “The value of this person’s value to a society is as great as the number one person who transferes invisibles during decadence and without even knowing it is part of a social exchange, thanks to which the person is so tangible and amorous that it’s too late.”

The author Adriana Lorenzón también indaga sobre el tema: “Cuando proposusimos e persona ë Laisa obviamente no había ningún otro programa me un transvesti as protagonist, por lo tanto in a principle lo pensamos as a marginal persona. The production claims that Flor fired a barricade hair, a friend of Claribel’s character, that the night was transvestite and cantaba in a bar. But with Mario we decided to go straight and straightforwardly to get Roldán’s sister. The character is much more numerous, but he does not like the villa and his family. When it comes to importing, when Roldán’s and Laisa’s mom is apparently on the lookout for ombre money that’s mom’s never seen her husband’s vest. “And we all know that you have a character, that you’s maravilloso”.

China Zorrila tuvo una celebrada participation en la tira
China Zorrila tuvo una celebrada participation en la tiraMart Lun Lucesole – Archive

Miguel Rodngel Rodríguez guarded many times, especially rescued the moments that live with China Zorrilla. “It’s very important to me personally, and the diarrhea is more vista in the history of television. And most of all what is in the history as a statistic, all that is contained in the story. A popular story, in comedy tone, with a fabulous coral reef. And a lot of work takes place with China Zorrilla: one of the many things that regulate my program and profession. We divert a lot and every time there is a party. I agree that the busbar trataba is basically the opportunity to dump with it and charge it on the screw. Contaba cosias geniuses, splendidas, a gran persona, hermosa que me dejado enseñanzas a montones”, Rememora.

“I like it a lot, I’m glad that a shot was fired at the target because the person felt it badly and evenly, that we hit the juniper scenes, so that the sun was shining fast, but only the letter of the one with the other era muy divertido. When more than one person wants to grab, China agarraba las hojitas with the letter y se las guardaba en el pecho para que no se vean. The child, ‘China ha qué haces?’, And the response ‘Dejá que la letra me protege’. And when we terminated, in picaresco tone, we said ‘Bueno, ¿la pasaste bien?’ (r )e). ‘Sí, genial’, le decía yo. Y ella: ‘No digas nada de todo esto, ¿eh? Es nuestro ‘. A genius of China. Significant amount for the program, fue an emblem for Los Roldan“a rotating exit that plays an important part of my personal and professional life”, Rodríguez concludes.

Rodríguez y De la V, protagonists de la tira de Telefe
Rodríguez y De la V, protagonists de la tira de TelefeIDEAS DEL SUR

Fue la tira diaria m vs vista en la history of Argentine television. “Anecdotes have a montage, because most of us do not want to be provoked Los Roldán in the public eye, since it’s traditional tradition of the familiar comedy of the newcomer to the night, it touches on many topics that only make it clear that social differences can be a bit of a crude pastime. For example, the fact that Roldán is made up of people who weigh the exchange rate when they fly millions. A very interesting program from the point of view of social vista -asegura Lorenzón-. You will be impressed by the excitement in our country and in the world: Los Roldán se vendeti a 28 países, hay versions de Los Roldán for all countries including Russia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia and all places where it works. You are then running a program that has a strong DNA. “It’s all very discreet, with a hermit crab, with China Zorrilla, and a team with a wave.”

Part of Los Roldán's hoop, with one of the first Mart Fn Fierro that recreates the arrow
Part of Los Roldán’s hoop, with one of the first Mart Fn Fierro that recreates the arrow

Junto a los mós jóvenes, Jean Pierre Noher was the most graceful of the elenco. “Participate during the year Los Roldán fue una fiesta; fue an impressive tank. No matter how high the telenovela is with the rating it is, all about it being the first to be aired in Telefe at the moment it is broadcast on Channel 9. Forming a family with an incremental team, maravilo computers, Miguel and energy, Flor de la V y todo lo que sucedió con ella, y el Puma, Andrea Bonelli, Andrea Frigerio, Claribel. We are an infernal family ”, he said in a dialogue with LA NACION.

Y agrega: “I share the camera with Luciano Castro, Tomás Fonzi and Facundo Espinosa, and I like him as mayor. An epoch has turned into me. Además fue un lujo porque tenía firma increíble, icanica, maravillosa de dos authoreme Lorenzón y Schajris, que manejan el costumbrismo com nadie en est país. It’s impressive that he succeeds with the public and he wants to live when he works in Brazil: he sees the actor and he treats you as you love the person. Tuve la suerte de estar dos veces nominata para el Martín Fierro per el mismo personaje; no me los gané, pero por lo menos me nominaron (ríe). In Argentina nunca gané ningún premio pero soy a gran nominated. Fue el gran exito de Marcelo Tinelli, Sebastián Ortega y Pablo Cullel, gente with much office and pasin. Ojalá la vuelvan a dar en alguna platforma porque is a program ”.

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