River Plate is selling the first seats of the future Monumental: what are the prices

Animated rendering of the new Monumental

River Plate continues to make strides to complete the impressive work proposed at the beginning of the pandemic: renovate, expand and modernize the Monumental. After phase 1, which had as its main reform the grass of the playing field (the Irish company SIS Grass was commissioned to improve the drainage and switched to a hybrid grass -95 percent natural and 5 percent artificial-) , a few days ago the works for the enlargement began of the Antonio Vespucci Libertiwhich will make it the largest in South America (from 72,054 to a total of 81,000 spectators).

One of the main legs for addressing these changes was the just to name. the House of Millionaire It just happened to be called more monumental for the next 7 years. The GDN Group, which has Francisco De Narváez as its main head and has Changomas and Punto Mayorista, among other companies, under its orbit, will invest some $ 20 million for 7 years to rename the River Plate home.

This involves 50 percent of the work. There are no long-term loans in Argentina. We also don’t have a subsidy from the state. Work will be lung, like the social club we are “, warned Jorge Brito. Most of the remainder of the revenue for the renovations will come from the presale of future seats the stadium will have. From the club they acknowledge that the collection expectation for this phase is $ 1,400 million pesos.

More Monumental, the new name of Antonio Vespucio Liberti (Nicolás Stulberg)
More Monumental, the new name of Antonio Vespucio Liberti (Nicolás Stulberg)

The rest will come the return of the recitalsas to take care of the new hybrid grass, the club will need companies that want to bring an international artist in Antonio Vespucci Liberti who use a special cover, which is imported and minimizes the damage on the playing field. This year he will receive around 5 million dollars in this way.

In place MONUMENTAL TUFUTURE.CARIVERPLATE.COM.AR, the Millionaire This afternoon the presale of 2,434 stalls of the future San Martín Baja Inferior will begin (in the area where advertising banners appear today). They have three different location options and three additional variants: without parking, with parking in the Equestrian Club or internal parking. 10 of the future Centennial boxes will also be on sale (for a duration of 10 years)

It is worth noting that people who purchase these stalls will be able to enter the stadium for a period of five years at that location. It will all start in early 2023, when the grandstand is scheduled to open.

Another interesting fact is that the sale will be open to the public. In the case of the San Martín stalls, there will be packs of four and five seats. They can be transferable, without prior registration procedure. In this way, any person or company can enter the site and make a reservation with a deposit of 50,000 pesos.

The forms of payment are by bank transfer, completing the entire payment in a single transfer or three monthly installments (equal and consecutive by check).


Individual payment (does not include the parking option):

Sectors 101 and 106 (located at the ends): $ 750,000 + VAT for 5 years.

Sectors 102 and 105: (located adjacent to the ends) $ 950,000 + VAT for 5 years.

Sectors 103 and 104 (central): $ 1,150,000 + VAT for 5 years.

Dishes packs of four dishes:

– Sectors 101 and 106 (located at the ends): $ 2,000,000 + VAT for 5 years.

With parking included in the Equestrian Club: $ 2,500,000 + VAT for 5 years.

With indoor parking included: $ 3,500,000 + VAT for 5 years.

– Sectors 102 and 105 (located adjacent to the ends): $ 2,500,000 + VAT for 5 years.

With parking included in the Equestrian Club: $ 3,000,000 + VAT for 5 years.

With indoor parking included: $ 4,000,000 + VAT for 5 years.

– Sectors 104 and 104 (central): $ 3,000,000 + VAT for 5 years.

With parking included in the Equestrian Club: $ 3,500,000 + VAT for 5 years.

With indoor parking included: $ 4,500,000 + VAT for 5 years.


Rendering of the future boxes of the Monumental
Rendering of the future boxes of the Monumental

They will cost 52 million pesos for a 10-year use and will have a capacity of 12 people.

People who access this benefit will have free extra tickets to attend the Monumentale during this year’s matches.

Although there will be a total of 30 new boxes on the Centennial average, due to the existing waiting list, only 10 units will go on sale.


The club shared a video with the details

Phase 1:

– New lower lower stands in the Sívori, San Martín and Centenario sectors.

-Seat change: removal of existing seats, waterproofing, new circulation and placement of new first-class retractable seats, quality according to FIFA standards, in the lower, upper, middle and hospitality stands of San Martín; Belgrano low top, middle, hospitality and box; Centenary of the media and boxes. A total of 17,157 new posts will be completed for this phase.

-The Press sector will have new desks in the central Belgrano grandstand (247 seats).

-30 boxes in Centenario media and a 700 m2 restaurant overlooking the River district and the playing field, with new circulations and covers.

-New edition and covers in boxes in the Belgrano stand.

-New garages: new parking level and covered pedestrian access on the ground floor to the Stadium. 227 garages will be added.

-Enlargement of the San Martín Paddock, as it will increase from 200 to 500 square meters.

– New referees dressing room.

-New sector of doping control.

-Expansion of the gastronomic sector in San Martín media

-New audio system in the Stadium.

-New Department of Medicine on the ground floor of the Centenary tribune.

Phase 2:

-New Lower Lower Belgrano Grandstand.

– Seat change and waterproofing of the Belgrano lower stands; Sivori supports and boxes; San Martín, Belgrano, Centenario and Sívori alto. A total of 40,565 seats will be changed, completing the entire stadium.

-Creation of 46 boxes in the Sívori grandstand.

-Execution of two other parking levels. In this way, 402 new garages will be built, to complete the five parking levels, and a new pedestrian bridge on the upper level, with connection at the garage level. It will have a final capacity of 1,141 cars.

-New mixed area on the ground floor of the Belgrano grandstand.

– New River Institute.


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